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Day 18 - Roaccutane

Well I'm back here writing another post because I find some strange sense of comfort just being on this website. I guess it's because I know that you're the only people that can possible understand what it's like to live with soul destroying acne.

I am meant to be doing an assignment but procrastinating here is a more favourable option right now!

I'm on Day 18 and the last three have been 30mgs (up from 20), I've had no difference at all thus far.

I just thought I'd mention that I take a biotin supplement in the morning with my 10mg dose; because I read that this helps to prevent the hair loss associated with Roaccuntane. So far so good.. no hair loss or thinning etc.. I hope to dear God that I don't lose my hair. I also take fish oil capsules at night with my 20mg dose because I figure it's a multi-beneficial fat to ingest to help the pills absorb properly.

My side effects have been extremely minimal so far.. Maybe the supplements are helping, maybe it's just luck or maybe it's just too soon to tell?

I'm also thinking of getting a zinc supplement to add to the mix but I've heard it can be toxic at high levels so I'm a bit wary of that. I also take alot of medication for major depression and am popping at least 10 pills a day now. Not the greatest way to be, but, I'm healthy in every other respect. I just pray that my organs don't get damaged throughout this 'tane course.

I really need to call my doc and get my blood results tomorrow. I keep putting it off.

Hope you're all doing ok wherever you are in the world.



I forgot to mention guys that I've read quite alot through your blogs that we are meant to take Roaccutane with fatty food?

Can someone please explain this to me? I do not see a Derm, only a GP, so any info you have that your Derm has given, that you can pass onto someone like me would be greatly appreciated :D

I'm not really into fatty foods at all. My diet is quite low fat. Is this going to be a problem?

I'd be ever so grateful for some comments.



Second Entry


I enjoyed writing my introduction blog yesterday, so I'm back again today to say a few quick words.

I've been on the (self-managed) 30mg for two days now and have found no difference. So 17 days of 'Tane all up. I wonder how long it will take for me to start seeing results???

I'm quite scared about my face peeling like I've read about so many of you going through on the 'Tane.

My acne is not as severe as some of the people (I am lucky) on here that I've seen in photos. I can quite easily cover it with makeup and look flawless in photographs but it is very painful 24/7.

I have to say - I CAN NOT live without makeup. I go to the gym in full make-up, play basketball every Sunday in it, I can't leave the house without it on! I don't even show my boyfriend my face without makeup (and he lives with me!). I strategically go to bed after him no matter how tired I am and as he leaves for work before me in the morning he never sees me without any on. I am crazy I know. I just can't bare for anyone to see me, the real unpainted me, except my doctor and my best friend. Let's put it this way - if I had to make a choice between buying food or makeup after running out... I would choose makeup without a second thought... how very sad? I know!

I very much feel like this every single day >>> :D

I get my first blood test result back very soon so I will probably come back to this blog, and post about that tomorrow.

Peace to everyone. I admire each and every one of you so much :D



Hi All,

This is my first entry and I just thought I'd start writing a blog about my time on Accutane.

Just so you have an idea: I'm a 27 year old female in Australia and have had persistent moderate (painful acne) since I was 13 or so. I've tried everything under the sun but to no avail. I've decided to give Accutane a go as I'm not prepared to still be living life half heartedly anymore.

I have been on Accutane for 16 days now. 20mg for the first 15 and I have just taken it up to 30mg today. I got my script from my GP (not a dermo) as it's free to see him and the drug only costs me $5.30 a month - I'm extremely lucky in that regard.

I had my first blood test a few days ago and will find out that result this week. I decided to up the dose myself as I am tolerating the 20mg very well.

My experience for the first 16 days: Everything has been fine for me apart from the dry lips (which does not bother me) and occasionally dry eyes. I guess because my dose is low the side effects aren't so bad. I started this low dose as a precaution to see how my body reacts; as I am on quite a lot of other medication aswell for a different condition.

I'm not sure about what dose I should be taking to get a longterm/everlasting effect but I'm pretty sure it should be more than 30mg. I weigh 65kg (not sure what that is in lbs), so can anybody help to calculate my optimum dose? I pretty much need to manage it myself since I'm working with a GP and not a Dermo.

I've enjoyed reading all the blogs on here and just want to say thank you for sharing. It's not an easy thing to write down such a painful soul destroying story. I take my hat off to all of you :D

I will try to keep posting regularly.

All the best you guys.

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