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So I recently bought a .75mm Derma roller on EBAY ubder $20 includes shipping. I had been searching online for an acne scar treatment and came across this, but it scared me alittle bit!

My acne scarring is more noticable in the sun where the shadowing effect makes itnoticable, they arent cystic acne scars, but I NOTICE them mostly. Friends and others tell me they arent noticable, but it really brings me down

Anyways enough of my POOR ME stuff. I bought the EMLA (numbing cream) as well, but saw some blogs staing it can be dangerous snce it is a type of Lidocaine, can effect the heart so I havent even opened it.

Iused the roller after shower, figuring skin is softer so it shouldnt hurt as much. I clean my face w/ witch hazel ( has 14% alcochol) to help disinfect the skin first.

Rolled about 8 ttimes in diff directions over each area. The nose is hard since it isnt a flat surface. It didnt hurt too bad, I appled some presssure, but tried to do it kind of fast to get it over with.

my face was bright red after. ( I am pale) And burned a little, but not bad. I used my retin A after an hour or so (Oh ya used witch Hazel after and pour rubbign alcohol over roller to clean and air dry) My face was a little peely today, I figure the rolling made the med go in deeper. So I will try it again in a month or so. I have seen some blogs here say use more often, but I ghave searched online and for the .75mm clinics that do this service, say to wait 6-8 weeks, for skin to FULLY develop new skin...

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