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Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5

I went to the dermotologist and he increased the dose. Straight away i noticed the lips drying more so than ever before and alittle weight loss. Other than this i was feeling pretty good.

Week 6

I'm now in week 6 of my treatment, the side effects are growing in number

my lower back hurts

i have nose bleeds

my vagina is so dry my partner and i arent having sex

i'm having my third period of the month

and all my muscles and joints ache

The worst part is the acne has flared up and is as worse as ever and the symptoms are really getting me down. But i have the bigger picture in mind, ance free skin, pain free skin.


Weeks 1-4

Week 1

I felt no real changes, remembering the pills was the biggesst issue, I have enough trouble remembering my birth control pill. Talking about birth control, my partner and i had to purchase condoms for the first time in ages, the idea really didnt thrill either of us, but he understood how important being on this medication is for me, nice to have the support of a loved one throught this journey to clear skin.

Week 2

The lip conditioner came out (Bliztex is the best) and so did the acne, huge flare-up. I really did keep up the moisturising, morning and night. I also noticed that the foundation didnt sit on the skin as it use too, had to use a oil free moisturiser underneath, something i never had to before. My skin use to be so oily even though I was doing all the right things, my hair use to be so oily i needed to wash it at least twice a day. By week 2 i noticed the decreased oilon my skin and hair.

Week 3

I was starting to get use to the dryness, but the weather was starting to heat up. I went outside in the queensland sunshine to clean the car out (15mins max) and i came in, I was so very sunburnt. The rest of the week i noticed the heat of the sun like never before, i would get burnt going to uni in the car something that had never happened to me before. Sunscreen helped to some degree but my sensitivity to the sun meant i covered up as much as possible and stayed out of the sun, hard to do i the sunshine state of Australia.

Week 4

My face was the best I had seen it in 6 yrs, but the rest of my body was itchy and forming rashes. I started washing with baby soap and changed my shampoo to Herbal Essence (the original one) and i feel great.



I have been struggling with my mission to have clear skin. Roaccutane is the final option and I'm struggling with the side effects of using this medication. I'm starting this blog to document my journey on Roaccutane and to feel as though I'm not the only one having this struggle. I will document week by week and help me out by commenting openly about your own experiences or any questions you have for me.

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