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I definitely feel everyone's pain. I have had acne (moderate) for 20 years. I never had cystic acne but whiteheads that leave brown spots that take forever to go away. Those brown spots combined with new zits make a constant terror. Not too mention I have a scar from early childhood right on my forehead that had keloid and I also have very oily skin...additionally now I'm going bald, but that’s for another day! So as u can see I have multiple issues that have sucked the life out of me everyday, but "ACNE" is definitely the most annoying.

I have tried everything, from over the counter stuff to prescriptions; I have changed my diet completely: I have tried "natural" products; I take numerous supplements: I exercise regularly; I get plenty of fresh air and sunlight and all in all the pimples just keep coming. Yes, there are periods of time in which I can get it somewhat under control but then a huge breakout will take place over like a month period and thus the cycle continues. The majority of my friends have no blemishes whatsoever and of course when u try and explain your pain to them they always say how its not a big deal...RIGHT, but they don't have to wake up everyday and wonder what they will look like. Over the course of my life I have cancelled numerous dates, parties and vacations just because I was so self-conscious of the way I looked. Not to mention when I did venture out with a current break out and tried to just ignore it, someone would always mention the monsters on my face and make me feel like crap. Its so funny how people with no skin issues think that people with these troubles eat junk food all day and never wash their face. On the contrary, people with troubled skin more than likely eat more healthy and take care of their skin better than anyone else. I was very popular growing up and it made it oh so hard because being self conscious made me shy away and try to avoid people when I had my often break-outs and then people felt I was now being conceited or aloof, go figure!...a whole other dilemma! Anyway, I think its just plain crazy how there can't be a cure or at least a solid remedy (or even say 2-3 bonafide solutions for diff skin types) for acne when there seems to be so much progress in major life threatening diseases as Cancer and so forth. I know acne is not terminal or anywhere as serious as some of life's other challenges but it is so controlling and mentally detrimental.

I mean all I want is to look "normal"...I am not asking for a new nose or a perfect body or whatever. I know we all have physical flaws; even the most physically perfect person as perceived by others has something they wish they could change. I have other physical flaws as well but I just wish I could stop the break outs completely and permanently to just have normal skin. It becomes so frustrating reading about all of these products that work for this one and not that one and then u spend so much money and time on these products and then u wait, wait, wait and then u find out its just not working, then it takes another few weeks or even months to recover from that experiment...it just never stops. Like I said it’s been 20 years and counting! I remember the doc told me I would grow out of it by 18, then 20, then no later than 25!!!! Why can't we just have 1 solid routine that was a CERTAIN remedy???? Is it really just because there is just so much money to be made by the drug companies and doctors that so many people have to suffer through this mental torture???? I completely gave up all of the things I love to eat and drink and even eat things I despise to try to clear up my skin, and still no end in site! Come on, going through all of these different products and routines and so forth is just plain mind boggling now...I mean some people's routines span 7 products in the day and 5 more at night and it just gets to be ridiculous because clarity still does not exist. I'm so tired of having my closet and cabinet filled with products that don't rectify the problem permanently (yes, I have tried the less is more and no-products at all routine as well).

I am just so beyond hopeless at this point. I try my hardest to remain positive and look at the brighter things in life and to be optimistic...yes, I saw "The Secret" and I have always been a religious person....but, when/where exactly is the light at the end of the tunnel...maybe I’ll finally be clear at 85 years old the day before I die! lol

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