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A New Start

Hey everyone. My name is Melani and I'm 17 years old. I am officially on Accutane. I've decided to make this blog of my journey with Accutane more for myself, of course.. keep track of everything that's going on... But I'd also like some advice or be able to turn to people who have gone through or are going through the same journey. I'm new to this site, so hopefully I have this posted where its supposed to go..

Today is my day 9 of the pill and so far haven't really been experiencing anything different.. although, I feel some aches around my right shoulder. Could it be because of the pill already? Regardless, the aches are minor. My derm. has given me a prescription of 80 mg a day and right now I feel as if popping those pills are the highlight of my day. Does that sound strange? What I mean is that I'm extremely excited and anxious to see results soon. I have tried so many antibotics, creams, washes, toners, facials, even the very expensive dermabrasion treatments and they have all failed me. I was beginning to lose hope when a friend recommended I see her dermatologist for these pills that worked wonders for her. I now have so much faith in my doctor and in these pills, I know I will be cured.

I don't know whether to post up pictures yet? I probably will.. eventually. But just so whoever is reading this, my acne is pretty bad but my case isn't severe as others I have read and seen about on this site.

Let this journey be a smooth one..

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