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New products

Well I went to the doctors to check out birth control but they said since im not having sex, then i shouldnt just take it for my acne. so they gave me some pills called Minocycline that i need to take twice a day. The side effects of it sounds pretty bad with the whole teeth getting stained thing but its worth a shot i guess. And then they gave me something to put on my face after i wash called clindamycin phosphate. But im gonna start with the pills for the first week without that first to make sure im not allergic. Well if anyone knows anything about those pills and how they've worked for them lemme know!


Day 2

so this is my 2nd night of applying ACV. im only applying it at night and i havent noticed any difference at all but of course not its too early. it makes me face feel really dry though and kinda crappy to tell u the truth:/ idk i gotta figure out how i wanna do this. im using it full strength right now not diluting it at all.


got it!

i got the ACV tonight :D

i dont knw if its right though i wanted to get braggs brand just to be safe but all they had was staters brand so yaaa.

i dnt even knw if its organic or not


well i havent figured it out exactly how i wanna do it yet so im not gonna start using it til tomorrow night

ill let u knw how that goes :D


a good day :)

Well i used the clean and clear fast clearing spot treatment last night and my face actually looked a little clearer this morning :)

but that could be due to anything cause ive used it before.

see the thing about my face is that something might start working on it for a little while but then i guess my skin builds like a tolerance to the product and starts breaking out really bad again.

Thats why im constantly changing my cleanser. right now im just using some cheap neutrogena wash cause my dads too cheap to ever buy anything that might actually be worth a try. its so frustrating. :D he doesnt get what a serious problem this is to me. he thinks its just going to go away when i turn 18 but my mom has had acne her whole life so im likely to have it too. he just cant relate.


Heyy there

Heyy! :)

okayy well im 16, a junior in high school, and suffering from i'd say moderate acne. It pretty much sucks :D

I've been breaking out since 7th grade. I tried to cover it back then by caking my makeup on which made it look worse but I learned how to do it right pretty quickly because I was embarassed of hearing people whisper about me. Anyways my acne has been getting worse and worse every year.

I've tried Proactiv (i think it really sucks), all the cleansers from walmart, the clean and clear kit, doctor prescribed medication, all that stuff. Nothings worked. :/

So here im hoping to find something that might work. Im mostly considering the Apple Cider Vinegar cause alot of people had good reviews on that. I'm probably gonna get it in the next week or so because i want this to try to get a little better by halloween and my birthday.

I'll let you know how things go soon :]

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