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Persa-Gel 5 -- DAY ONE.

So i have decided to try the Clean&Clear PERSA-GEL 5, it is an acne treatment that contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. I really hope it works, but i dont know yet considering its just day one... all i know is i have to stick with this one for awhile to see if its actually working.

I just put it on my face to try, it stung for a moment and now is fine.... hasnt made my skin dry, ichy or super red so it seems okay so far. :(



So i havent beeen on this website for awhile, but not much as changed(when it comes to my acne) . I no longer need to worry about my eczema anymore yaaay :(, went to the doctor before christmas cause it was getting to sore and spreading so they gave me a huge thing of Betaderm Cream, which i put on every night and morning. That happiness soon went, because my acne is getting worse, i just starting using this skin cleanser for sensitive skin called -go 360 clean- L'OREAL, but its not seeemed to help.

As for my bacne, i try and exfoliate to get rid of dead dry skin, but it hasnt really helped deal with my blackheads or pimples. So im kinda getting depressed about it and stressed out which isnt really a good thing to help skin either.... but i just cant help it. I practically live in hooddies or long sleeve shirts because i dont wanna show ANY pimple on my arms or back.

To the point - does anyone know what will help get me clear and happy, something i can buy from a store and not at the doctor... ?

Reply Pleeease :(


sick of this.

I have tried all the special medical creams, and soaps but its just not working. Im sick of waking up to this horrible skin. i want it gone and i want it gone now !! Hallloween is coming soon and i want to be able to wear my cute costume but how can i if i feel insecure about my skin and worried about any zits are showing ?! So my point, im done trying all this medical shit thats waaay over priced and hurts my skin. I want the natural way. So does anyone have any suggestions about NATURAL ways to get rid of acne ?

the only suggestions that people have given me is to drink tons of water, which i am going to try and do. So from this moment on all i am going to drink is water and see if it keeps my skin from drying out and breaking out.


on my mind.

I am so confused about how you get acne, some say that you get it because of your hygiene...but i have very good hygiene so why would i be suffering with it... i have also heard that you get acne from your diet but then theres these people that eat total junk all the time and they have perfect skin, the last rumor about acne is you get it if it runs in your family, my mom and siblings have all suffered with acne worse then mine but just because they got it i have it ? does that even make sense. I am sick of having acne and i think if i knew what was causing it then maybe i can actually choose the treatment or solution that is best for me. So if anyone knows the answers please comment or msg me. :)



Hi, i just found this site by searching on google, cause i need help with getting clear skin. Im a 15 year old female, and being a girl and a teen having backne isnt a nice thing to deal with. I hate wearing anything that shows my back and arms because of it. I have tried tons of expensive and cheap soaps and all kind of creams....to add to it all i also have very dry sensitive skin. I suffer from a mild case of eczema which makes picking treatments for my skin even harder. I cant stand my skin and its causing me to have a low self confidence because of it. so please i am open to ALL suggestions, at this point in time im willing to try anything. Please please please help me. thanks.

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