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Day 1 - Hormonal Acne

Hi I'm Kathy, I'm 23 years old and have struggled with acne since I was an early teen. I've been to dermatologists and feel like I've tried a whole bunch of different treatments, with varying degrees of success. To name a few, prescription benzoyl peroxide, Differin, Retin-A Micro, Salydic Acid treatments, ProActive, and the Costco brand of Proactive.

More recently I've been using the new XanGo Glimpse skin care system along with MaMa lotion (an AHA gel, using Malic and Mandelic acids). This newest treatment worked for a little while, however I've started to break out again. I feel like after high school, my acne has been more from what birth control pill I've been taking. I switched birth control pills to a new, lower dose (Kelnor) about 5 months ago, when I started the Glimpse and MaMa lotion, however in the past month, my skin has decided to take a turn for the worse. Frustrated, I hopped online, and found this website. Today is Day 1 of me trying the regimen. The Glimpse cleansers and moisturizers are very gentle, so decided to continue with them, but I ordered the Acne.org benzoyl peroxide treatment and their AHA lotion (since I'm running out of MaMa lotion). Today, since I don't have a true 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment, I put on a 3.7% treatment from the Costco brand of Proactive. I will try that until my order gets in.

*Fingers crossed, but I hope this works. It is so depressing having your face and skin hurt all the time. See pictures below. I don't usually post no-makeup pictures online.




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The Acne.org Regimen
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