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clear... for now?

been clear for a couple days. before that i had a couple zits but im pretty much clear. hope i dont jinx it! started using spectrums blemish prone lotion. i like it, its not greasy and does its job well. on top of that, ive been super gentle when cleansing and toweling off my face. ive also been taking perfect skin (2 pills x 2/day)and multi+ daily glow (2 pills x 1/day) vitamins by genuine nutrition, and all sorts of different vitamins including zinc, omega 369, centrum, b100 and calcium/magnesium. ive stopped using liquid foundation and turned to a light dusting of powder to reduce clogging, plus its too time consuming and i dont need coverage so much. i wash twice a day and moisturizer with a small amount of differin (day) or clindoxyl (night). ive learned that a small amount is good for me - ive been experimenting with different regimes.

and i believe all these things (including the weather change = no humidity in fall! and using blot tissues for my oily skin) have helped me to clear up so im going to stick with it. as always, if my skin changes, i evaluate whats changed in my diet and regime to figure what is effecting me. ive gotten completely clear a few times this year but it barely lasts but lets cross our fingers! bye for now :))

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