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I have looked through this site for seriously, about a year. I always try and find the big long posts WITH pictures for people that are on Dans Regimen, so I can see what it does, It seems hard to come across a GOOD ONE, with LOTS of UPDATED pics. So, I thought, screw it, Im gonna do this.

Im a stay at home mommy :)) I had my baby 8 weeks ago. I have always had problems with acne, and have also been to many dermatologists and tried tons of things - that apparently never work! :D After I got pregnant my skin really went crazy, I now literally have little pimples ALL over my face (especially chin) when I feel my skin I just feel little bumps everywhere. It almost feels like sand under my skin, so annoying.

For the past year, I have been PICKING my skin A LOT. I now have CSP (Compulsive Skin Picking) disorder. I didnt know there was such thing until I was watching obsessed on tv one night and watched a girl do what I do. Its a compulsive habit of mine and I CANNOT stop. I dont even realize I do it, and its literally ALL the time. (Im now working VERY hard to acknowledge when Im doing it.. and STOPPING) So, from that I have given myself lots of scars.. on the sides of my cheeks mainly, and also on my back (where I can reach), also under my chin because I figured well I have to pick or Ill go crazy, so Ill pick under there where people cant see.. but you can see under there lol. When I was pregnant the color of my skin on my face was really bad where I picked, It looks like a pizza. Ill post pics. Its not near as bad as it was, but its still bad. It got to the point and its still there where coverup will not cover the scars.

* believe it or not I used to be an "adult star" and still do magazine shoots every now and then, my body is back to normal, I just gotta get my face back to normal.. anyway, Im obsessed with makeup, and I have recently discovered a great coverup, its called Bill Nye Tattoo Cover up..I havnt not received mine yet, but I ordered it, my makeup artist used it on me and it worked AMAZING to cover LOTS of my imperfections, for those of you who need full coverage, google Bill Nye cover up and get some, its not that expensive either*

I also looked for people on here that had a face like mine (as far as acne) so I could follow their journey, never really found anyone that described it like I was looking for. So.. for those of you that are looking for what I was:

My face is currently:

Bumpy with little zits under my skin EVERYWHERE, scarred from picking, and rough looking, when I look at myself in the mirror I just see uneven skin, bumpy, and scabby.

So, I am going to be posting pictures, as much as I can, Id like to daily, just to see day to day results, but there may be days where I cant so Ill do what I can. I hope this helps people who are wanting to follow a zitty icky rough pimply face on a journey to a flawless one *CROSSES FINGERS*

Im a Flawless Face Wannabe. What can I say?

So here is Day 1. Just got my Regimen Products today, already put them on and I love the way they dont feel as "heavy" or "cakey" on my face like other stuff, even as the neutrogena


** im going to post pics in another entry because I have not uploaded them yet, and still have to figure out how to on here**

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