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Getting married in 2 months, journey on 2nd round of accutane

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First Blog!


This is the first blog I have ever done. I've felt so down about my skin today that I think that if I track my progress in this way it might help me feel a bit more positive about it.

Bit of background. I'm 27 in the UK and will be getting married in December just before Christmas. I've had acne for as long as I can remember. As I've got older its bothered me less and less as I feel like I've accepted it as something beyond my control and learned to live with it a bit more. Tried lots of different things in the past. Had a course of accutane about 3 years ago which did clear me up but over the past year its crept back again in to full blown acne. I'm thrilled to be getting married but feel that with my skin looking bad I won't feel my best on the day. I feel like I just want one day where I feel that I look good. I think in a way the wedding as put me back a little bit in my attitude towards my skin. I felt I was at a place where I was quite accepting of myself but now with the pressure of having to be a "bride" I don't feel that I can pull it off and have had a crisis of confidence.

Have been on second course of accutane for a month now. On quite a low dose compared to last time and it has really dried my skin up but still have lots of redness and a few really nasty cysts. My main problem at the moment is mangaged to catch a cold and all that nose blowing has ravaged the skin on my nose. Its really sore and peeling. I guess nose blowing on accutane is not a good idea!


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