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day 12

not getting better and not getting worse.

lips are very dry that I have to apply lip balm every half-hour.

Skin doesn't feel dry at all thanks to the Avene moisturiser and chantecaille essence.

I bought a bottle of jojoba oil yesterday and will add it to my skincare routine.


day 7

it's day 7 and I haven't noticed any dryness of my face or lips at all.

Maybe it's because my skin was dry to start with, i usually have dry skin in winter. Plus I've been using hydrating essence and heavy moisturiser and lip balms day and night.

Side-effects-wise, just muscle pains and aches, but nothing too serious.

There seems to be a slight improvement on my ances,(some of the persistent ones have become dry in a week's time), but i don't know if the improvement is owing to the manuka honey that I've been applying and taking, or Roaccutane.

I've been taking Vitamin E 1000mg and Omega-3 oil, primrose oil everyday to minimise the side effects of Roaccutane.

Oh yes, and Ester-C 500mg to prevent scaring. This is something I've done for a while and it does prevent scars quite well.

Hope next week I'll get even better and no initial breakouts!!!


2nd day

I started with 40mg yesterday, and again took 40mg today.

My prescritption is to take roaccutane ONCE a day, is that normal??

side effects: back pain and joint pain instantly, itchy skin

I'm thinking about switching to maybe 20mg daily as I'm really worried about the IB and side effects.

skincare products I bought :

lips: La roche-posay Nutritic, carmex, nivea sos lip balm, Vaseline

face: night: Chatecaille vital essence with arbutin+jurlique calendula cream

day: Avene soothing hydrating serum+ Avene Hydrance optimale spf 20

Mask: Avene soothing hydrating mask

Body: Eucerin intensive 10% erea treatment lotion

Shampoo: Eucerin

Shower gel: E45


My moderate but consistent acnes started 17 months ago. .I never understand why I broke out like this as I've got a healthy diet, i don't drink or smoke, and I have dry-normal skin.

I had some success with antibiotics, but it turned out that it's just a temporary fix as my acnes came back just 2 months off antibiotics.

I've also tried various contraceptives and topical medications including rentin-a and differin, none of them worked. The initial breakout for retin-a gel is horrible!

Acnes really ruined my life.. I'm the kind of person who cares a lot about my appearance so you can imagine how these moderate acnes destroyed my confidence and self-esteem. For the past 17 months, I haven't had any social life, I haven't went out seeing anyone as I feel disgusted about myself, and I haven't had sex.. Everytime I look in the mirror I just want to cry.

There was a point where i had to throw all my mirros away.

Then my GP FINALLY agreed to refer me to see a dermatologist in private. I went to the dermatologist, had my blood test done, and I'm going to start Roaccutane (50mg ) tomorrow.

By the way, if you are in the UK, the consultation fee with private dermatolgist in 200 pounds, plus 50 pounds for the blood test. You could go under NHS, but that means you'll need to wait for 3-4 months until being seen by the dermatologist!

So if you are as keen to get rid of acnes as I do, ask your GP to refer you in private.

I'm really excited but worried at the same time! what if the initial breakouts are so bad? and what if the drug doesn't work for me at all??

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