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Well hello, i am all new to this site. My name is Linda M. I'm 19 years old, and I live in Sanger (near Fresno) California. Let me explain myself and me situation.

I've been just starting collage for the first time ever. And i really hated school;always did when i grew up. I hated being judged by everyone.

But since i started collage i began to really enjoy starting new classes and taking subjects that were picked out by yes, me self :)

WELL I've been using benzaclin for over 2 years. And for almost most of my life since i started using it began to free let free of pimples and zits forever. It wasn't an issue for me at all. I had wonderful spotless skin. I started up modeling as a hobbie even and I was so glad my skin wasn't stopping me back at all.

This is mmee



But even so, My doc told me I had a disorder called Premature Ovulation Failure. I was told this when i was 17/18, which is very unheard of. My case was very rare. This means your periods aren't regular and sometimes don't show for months at time (longest was 3 months without anything). I was told also my uterus was smaller than normal and that my estrogen level was lower than normal. I've came to terms that I will probly either never have a child or probly have still borns. I guess they say you'll never know what you got, if you can't have it right? But idk, i think someday I'll like to adopt a child when i am ready, whenever that comes.

BUT, lol anyways what makes this relevant to me breaking out is that i took "action" for my P.O.F.

I was tired of feeling down about everything and anything, tired of not getting my monthlys (okok girls i know you are think uhm why would you, you don't understand, as it does suck, it's what you need to be healthy and to staying young I believe),and tired of feeling suicidal at times. I thought maybe taking estrogen like my docs suggested before is maybe what i needed to do to helping to my life together. I had gone through a very hard time with a 2-3 year on and off relationship with this j******* from Kingsburg(never date guys from here honeys or in that case girls too=super nasty people) named Skyler Shows and having my friends turn on wasn't something i needed at this time of hardship in my life.

I struggled to get my life on track to forget my pass and start collage and to move on to adulthood and a new beginning at my life. :D

So I took action and went to my doc and explained theses weird things that were happening to me, because i thought my psychical symptoms were getting worse, which i wont go into details because well this site wouldn't let me lol.

But they decided to put me on a nasty pill called Yazs, you know the birth control? Yeah, well I guess this sort of stuff might help my monthlys come back maybe and clear up my acne which was coming back for some reason (strange over oiliness and flakiness wierrd s***). So i started taking them for only one week and 1/2 in counting.. and I have the worst breakout i have never seen on myself. I can't believe this is my face...?

I have just like clusters of zits alll over the corners of my nose and eyes. kind of like an S shape from the innor conrners of the eyes to the lower part of your nose. and awell as on the jew some and a bit on the brow some (like 2?) I am so confused how in 2 days my face becomes this sandpaper zit cluster of a face... my mother was shocked and i can't even look at my father. I feel ashamed. :D and the classes i started at the collage, I am considering dropping.

I feel like i do everything to not have zits and yet.. this happends to me.

My older sister gasp when i was like, look at this.

I dont know what to do, but i stopped taking those little Satan pills today and i plan to see my derm on monday.

I've been kind of talking to this guy over the internet for awhile now. like maybe 2 months since my acne started to come back. I met him once and he was so mannered. I was chatting with on myspace on Thursday and i started to really like the guy. It just makes me so upset my acne is getting in the way for me in every aspect right now (hu great now i'm all crying, hope that clears up the zits) *sniff sniff*

I just wished it would all go away and be gone like it was. idk why my face is being like this. I just hope on monday they give me some answers and some hope for me to give.

Till then i guess i'll have to wait 2 more days :D

<3 Linda

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