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Hello to all that know the pain of acne- I suffer like you and you suffer like me- our acne may be alittle different, but the scars are real and the deepest ones can't be seen.

Like my name says, I am 29 and suffer with acne. I thought it was going away when I was 23 and 24, but now it's worse and I thought it was supposed to be going away.

I cry alot and stay at home in the dark alot. I avoid pool parties because all my friends go without makeup and I just look out of place.

My marriage suffers because I lack the desire to do things- It's safe to stay in doors, but what does my husband think when he looks at a someone who seems to have chronic face chickenpocks? NOT HOT!

I need to know if this product works- I've wasted sooo much money- I would spend it all again if I knew something actually worked...please don't lie to me. False promises just take me down another notch-

I'm desperate, but it feels nice to not be alone-


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