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I've been dealing with acne since I was 10. I remember going to the derm and being prescribed Erythromycin and Retin-A and being told that I couldn't have chocolate or cola anymore because it would irritate my skin. I specifically remember asking the Dr: "does this mean I can't eat M&M's anymore?" Lol, I think I was more worried about that than my acne.

Its been so long ago that I don't remember how effective the treatment was. I don't even remember why my parents stopped taking me to the derm. My acne must have improved to a manageable level. I have never been acne free though.

Over the past 15 years or so I've avoided chocolate and cola, tried Pro-Active, Ortho-Tricyclen, mineral make-up, no make-up and various drugstore treatments. The Ortho-Tricyclen kept my acne at bay for several years but it came back when I stopped taking it. Pro-Active was only mildly effective after that. I slowly worked choclate back into my diet a few years ago and it did not irritate my acne, AT ALL. I can't believe I spent almost 20 years avoiding chocolate for no reason!

I don't know all of the acne terms used on this forum but I would describe my acne as mild to moderate. I don't know what a postule or papule is but I'm sure I've had both. I get whiteheads, mostly on my chin now, blackheads on my nose and painful cysts that ooze blood and clear liquid if I pick at them. Those are mainly on my chin now but in the past I've had them on my cheeks and forhead and at the corner of my nose.

I finally stopped wearing any kind of foundation about 2 years ago. My boyfriend, now fiance told me that I looked better without it. I didn't think so but decided to try it. My acne did not improve. In March of 2008 he convinced me to go to a derm. She started me on Minocycline and Tazorac cream. I did not have an IB with the Taz probably because I was taking Minocycline. I took that for a month and then just used the Taz accompanied by Cetaphil cleanser and Cerave moisturizer. Last spring I saw my derm and my acne was much better, but I was very oily so she put me on the Taz gel. It worked as well as the cream for a couple of weeks but then I got a huge cystic breakout on my chin. I think I had 5 or 6 cysts around my mouth and chin area and no matter what I did, they would not go away. They stuck around for over a month.

The most embarrasing part about it was when my fiance's 7 year old daughter asked me what all of those red sores were on my face. I was so embarrased that I couldn't even explain it to her. I had a derm appt already scheduled for later that week. We had talked about accutane in the past but I was too scared of the side effects. This time I let her talk me into it. Since I had to wait a month before I could get my first prescription, I had time to do plenty of research. I combed through reviews and blogs and found some pretty scary stories but also found that there were more success stories than there were nightmares. So here I am and here's my accutane blog:

October 6th:

This was my start date. I will be taking 30mg of Claravis for the next two weeks. After that I bump it up to 60mg per day.

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