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Day 4

Man I was supposed to go out and eat sushi with my friend tonight, but he had stomach problems. I blame his stomach for not being as iron cast as mine.

So about my acne. It's Day 4 and I know I'm not supposed to see instant results, and I haven't. But I feel like my acne is trying to battle out the bp. Some bumps have reduced then flared up again. I'm wondering if the acne will altogether retreat to once unaffected parts of my face.

I have questions about the moisturizer, I should know better and only apply it to places that need moisturizing, I think. Because after every time I apply it my face is shiny for the entire day until I cleanse it 12 hours later, haha. Maybe my face is naturally oily.

I've stopped taking my Solotron vitamins because it's got 100% of iodine per capsule. And besides, I've only taken almost a bottle so far and I haven't felt different. My mom's food must be amazingly healthy then.


Oct.9.2009 Friday Noon

Day 2

Mmm I haven't had lunch yet.

So I'm not allergic to bp, that's good. Last night when I put the bp on, my skin felt tighter after my skin finished absorbing it. (At least I hope it absorbed, lol.)

If anything, my cheeks felt smoother when I got up from bed and looked at the mirror and rubbed my face, but I knew that on some mornings my face would do that sometimes, so I don't know if it's the first day effect of the regimen.

I really like the cleanser, it's so light it's awesome. It's super gentle.

I was thinking on when I should schedule my routine. Because having to wait 5-10 minutes after each wash and treatment would add up. Not to mention also that I can't leave the house while my face is shiny from the moisturizer, lol.

I would first wash my face then go cook breakfast, but I wonder if it's not helping if there's smoky oils in the air. Maybe I should stop cooking with oil then, haha.

I haven't given up my milk tea. Usually 1% with black tea with orange pekoe. No idea what pekoe is but it's the cheapest box of tea bags in the supermarket down the block. It's all I drink too. I find water too... metallic and dry.

The sugar I use is rock candy from sugarcanes I think. From the chinese herbal store. Nothing fancy, they just sell them there I assume because you would dump rock candy into big vats of herbal soup, no need to use powdered sugar right? Besides, it's 25 calories a serving. Which is way healthier than those 200 calorie coca colas, haha. But pleasantly sweet, so that I don't taste the bitterness of the tea.

My cat is staring at me type. Just sitting there in the chair next to me. I think he wants something, but I just washed my face and I don't want him putting his paws on my face, haha.

I like the regimen, I don't know if there's a community or proactiv but I feel like this is the place to be, and I feel good that I know I'm trying to take care of myself.


Oct. 8. 2009


Hoy es jueves. El ocho de octubre del ano dos mil nueve.

Este es mi primero dia.

I took Spanish in high school.

So the kit came in the mail today and my mom didn't tell me. I just noticed it on the table. I'm excited to try it tonight and see if I have the same feeling as Dan Kern in the morning with the face feeling fine thing.

I'm going to go over his instructions over and over again, I fear some wrong amount is going to ruin the regimen, haha.

Oh wow it's causing stress.

Anyways, before the kit came though I was using biore just as a facewash, I wasn't really expecting it to fight acne, just to keep my face clean.

I had used proactive before. But it dried out my face with the scrub, and greased up my face with the lotion. Smelled nice, the lotion, but was way too heavy for my skin I guess.

Yay, it's thursday, Grey's anatomy is on. I get to hoola hoop cause I can only hoola hoop while watching tv XD.

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