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i have had acne since i was a teenage however was able to keep it under control with minomycin and differin gel. When i hit my my 20s i started using Proactiv. Initially i had great results and used the regime consistently. Last year i did a microdermabrasion that caused me to break out on my cheeks. I continued with the microdermabrasion thinking that it would cause my acne to heal. I also switched my products to an Olay Cleanser and Olay Exfoliater. This continued to make me break out. I swapped back to proactiv, which helped the break out for a couple of months. i was happy.

I decided to change my routine once again as i heard that proactiv can be really bad for your skin (strips natural oils) causing your body to produce more oil therefore causing oily skin, block pores. etc etc. By this point i had one acne breakout on my chin. This spread over my chin and this is where it turned worse.

I decided do something about, i was sick on products that say it will help my oily skin. So i went to a skin care clinic for 3 months. Every 2 weeks i underweek glycolic acid peel and blue light therapy. i used their products which had glycolic acid. Things was a little better, but i was not getting thre results that i wished for. I was still getting acne around my chin area (i never had this issue before now at the age of 23).

i started doing research as i realised that my acne was caused by my hormone levels. I decided to take evening primrose oil and ease my way into the 'natural way'.

Initially, i took 3 primrose capsules per day. i did notice that i didnot have my usual PMT or as severe. So i decided to continue with this, although i still had acne breakout along my chin and hairlines.

I went to the vitamin store and was prescribed to take the followind daily


1 Milk Thistle (Liver Tonic)

2 Fish Oil

1 Primrose Oil

2 Multi Vitamins for Woman

1 Echinecia

2 Vitex


2 Fish Oil

1 Primrose Oil


1 Milk Thistle

2 Fish Oil

1 Primrose Oil

1 Echinecia

Before Sleep

1 Zinc Table

I also drink 3 cups of dandelion root tea (cleanse liver), 1800ml of water per day and a glass of v8 juice with 1 tbsp of Spiralina.

i have noticed my old acne scars on my cheeks have healed significantly and my texture is soft and overall better than before. i used to feel like a had lack of sleep but i feel much more awake.

I have been research natural and holistic approach to skin care and recently purchase 100 per cent jojoba oil and lavender oil. i put this on after i cleanse my face, i have noticed that my clogs are slowly lifted ad i had literally see the waxy sebum come out of my pores. it is also light and does not feel too oily.

In the day i use a little of jojoba oil with my 30 SPF sunscree by Sunsense. i am trying to slowly not use my glycolic acid cleanser as it has such chemicals and wash my water to balance out the ph levels in my skin.

I have also been eating lots of fruits such as strawberries, rock melon, papaya with my natural yoghurt, almonds and manuka honey. Lunch is usually a salad. And dinner is steam veges with tofu for protein. i have cut red meat from my diet completely and only eating fish.

hopefully positive results soon!!

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