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So I am starting Accutane next Monday! I am super nervous about it but I have read a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. I am really hoping I will be one of the ones with the good story! I am planning on posting pictures along the way so you guys can see my progress!

My story: I have always had minor acne and I have pretty much tried every topical treatment known to man. Differin...retin a....so many that I cant even list. I have also tried anti biotics...tetracycline and doxycycline...and they both worked but only for short periods of time! Recently, my acne took a turn for the worst and I have cystic acne. It is painful and nothing will help it at all! I have had millions of tests done to see what the root of the acne might be...and everything has come back clear! I have also had laser treatments, microderm, and chemical peels. Nothing helped! So...now I am ready for Accutane. I was hoping I wouldnt have to take it because of all the side effects, but I really hope that it works!

I am a social person and love going places and doing things, but my acne has caused me to become super insecure and self conscious...not even wanting to leave the house. This is totally unlike me!

I am a college student and would love to go to class without makeup on days that I am running late (typical college kid I know!) I have about a year left in college and would love to spend it acne free and begin my career with gorgeous skin!

So this is me....and my journey on accutane! Stay tuned... :) IF you like blogs with pictures, you should def follow this one bc ill be posting lots!!!

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