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I have been using this regimine for about 5 years now, and all I can say is THANK YOU acne.org!!!!!

A little history: I was a ballet dancer and my acne was moderate to severe. It was embarrassing to constantly have pimples all over my face and that did NOT help my confidence on the stage or in dance classes at all. I was always walking around looking at my feet because I didn't want people to see my face. Also, my acne was rather painful and I was just sick of it. I had run across this website back in 2004 just pretty desperate for help. I had seen a doctor for my acne problem and his prescription (can't quite remember the name of the cream he prescribed) did not help at all. In fact, it seemed to aggravate the problem and it caused this huge flaking problem with my skin. So, I started using the routine from this website. Within the first week I began to notice a difference. Within 4 weeks I was acne free and have been ever since.

I'm also grateful for the products now that are available on this website. Will be ordering soon!

Again thank you sooooo much for publishing all this information. I hope you realize just how much you've helped people reclaim confidence and go on with their lives :)

because, seriously, acne problems can just ruin your self-confidence and really inhibit your ability to be around other people.

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The Acne.org Regimen
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