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Happened a lot quicker, i guess since this is the second time around. About a week in

Broke out all over my face except not really visible, smaller pimples. Eyebrows, earlobes, a few inside my ears. Worst was the bass of the nose where it touches your face, both sides had big ones that also really hurt.

Hadn't been putting on lotion and face started to peel today. I use bio-oil. Since there was a layer of dry skin, it didn't really absorb when i did.

Went to an eye doctor since i ran out of contacts, last time i just wore glasses. She told me to use a lubricating eye drops about 30 minutes before i put in my contacts....so like first thing in the morning before i jump into the shower.

Other than that, all is good.



So i got back on accutane again. Its been a little over a year since i finished. Just go back to my first entry or 2 to see why i started.

Everything was great for a while. My plan was to get chemical peels which seemed to help before i started accutane, but never quite did the trick. Dually help with the acne and get rid of the hyper-pigmentation.

I had issues with the dermatologist and never went through. It was more personal. I met with him before i finished and he scheduled another appointment for 3 months after. I make it to that appointment and he schedules another appointment for 3 months later, with absolutely NOTHING being done, no real plan, just gave me some stuff that didn't work before for they hyper-pigmentation. NExt appointment, 6 moths after i finished, when some dermatologists start to do peels, he doesn't even show up, sends in a physicians assistant. I get a little bit frustrated so finally she goes and gets him and he prescribes sunblock......also its a small town and i'm from a well to do family. He's talking about options that are in my price range, but then starts going off on how he'll try to find me more affordable options. I felt insulted. Said he won't do anything for 6 more months and schedules another appointment 3 months later. So i never went back.

Was doing at home peels, but about 2 months ago, my face starts to get pretty oily....not as bad as before i started, but pretty bad and i really start breaking out. Face was basically clear of all dark spots until 2 months ago, since then, they are starting to accumulate.

Decided to just go full strength since i didn't have any real issues last time. Sorta. I"m 72 kg....doing 80 mg, but starting the first week at 40 mg and then going 80 from there.

I'm on day 5 right now, still to early into it to have to worry about lotion and all that stuff.

LAst time, i did have an issue with my eyelashes. They are pretty long and they were irritating my eyelids. So i cut them, on the first day, but a bit too short, still average length of men's lashes, but short for me and i can notice why we have them.

The whole thing is messing with me mentally. I do age well and look younger than i am. I'm about to turn 27, my career has been moving in the right direction, i have a destructive resume. People always thought i was in my early 20's, now i look like i'm in my teens, and people aren't taking me quite as seriously. No offense to teens, but yeah, for me that's not good. I get carded for cigarettes (which isn't bad or good, just letting you know i do look young).

I'm running a business, and had a meeting today, hadn't met the lady yet. She didn't believe I was the person she was suppose to talk to. The owner is my only boss and he has shown up maybe 3 times in the past 6 months. A few people referred to me as "boss" as they walked by and she was finally confident i was the guy, but yeah, it didn't go well.


Its been about 3 weeks since i finished.

Lips are only slightly chapped, I haven't been putting anything on them.

Face, i use the cetaphil with moisturized face wash and that's pretty much good enough. Once my face did start to turn white a few weeks ago. For the most part, the moisturizer in the face wash lasts me the entire day. At night, a little bit of lotion helps, but if i'm staying in, I don't bother.

Skin in general is still paper thin. It scratches off fairly easily.

In the past 3 weeks, had about 4 pimples. All tiny. They went away with in 2 days. Popped 1 and it left no mark.

tendonitis in ankles is still there, but not as bad. Toes stopped hurting.


Almost done

I should be done by now, but new work schedule, and other work related things. I keep waiting to take a pill until i eat, but i get so busy and forget to eat, or forget to take the pill.....anyways, have 4 days worth left....might take me 2 weeks to get through it.

Getting the occasional small pimple...seems to be the day after i forget to moisturize. Just about all the raised scars i had are gone.....just one left that's by my eyebrow and almost not noticeable.

Tendinitis in ankles are still bad....took a week off accutane and it almost went away.....started back on the accutane and took almost 2 months off weight lifting and it stayed. ....so i'm thinking thats the pill. Its not crippling bad....right now after a 12 hour day, i'm hobbling around, but not really too painful. Sometimes it flares up. Back track a bit, new years i went to this club / festival thing, danced for almost 7 hours straight, completely fine, but after the 30 minute car ride home i had trouble walking, was fine the following morning. So again, nothing that really affects me, more of an inconvenience.

All my toes on my left foot hurt, sorta a throbbing pain....i don't think it has anything to do with the pill, but i figured i'd just list it. If it was the pill, i dont' see why it wouldn't affect both feet. I didn't run into anything i can think of. Think it has more to do with the shoes i wear and trying to walk around in snow.

Hyperpigmentation is less than it was this time last year, but more than when i stopped doing the chemical peels.

Just ready to get some moisture back in my face, I just started applying for jobs again. Hoping to have a few interviews soon.


week 12

Could've been my last week. I got sick and started on antibiotics. Something fine to mix with accutane, but an hour after taking it i got a migraine. Realized while being sick i didn't nuture my 6 redbull-a-day caffiene addiction. Drank a redbull and the migraine left in 15 minutes. Still freaked me out, so i decided to stop taking the accutane till i'm done. Probably unnecessary, but someone just quit at work and i don't have time to be out of it.

Broke out slightly 3 days after i stopped. 1 big pimple and a few medium sized ones....maybe its just the antibiotics working on things differently than the accutane.

Probably go full strength for the 5th month instead of half. I was super oily to begin with, so the extra month might be necessary


2 ish weeks left

Been busy, but nothing really happened lately.

Had 2 large pimples that lasted for about 2 months. Eventually popped one, seemed mostly inflammation than pimple. Second one, i had lanced and drained. That was pretty gross, but its still there.

Still have some small pimples that were never an issue and have had 2 large ones that only lasted a few days.

Basically i'm done in about 2 weeks, but if I have any active pimples i'm suppose to go for another month. Can go full strength, recommended half strength, but its up to me.

Went to a dermatologist that does chemical peels. I actually scheduled the appointment prior to starting accutane, and it was his first opening. Mostly a meet and greet. Have an appointment set up for 6 months. Might not be in the area, but can always cancel


Week 9

Everything is mostly the same, sorta broke out again, but not as much as last time.

Friday, it was really windy and cold. I was at a function and I went out for a cigarette a few times. I try not to smoke in front of kids and my car was right by the window and the only place to go really was a spot right out in the open. Later that day, entire face, ears, and neck were peeling. Eye lids were the worst. Aquaphor burnt when i put it on. I was tempted to take classes next semester (part time grad student), but I don't think i will now. Its a half a mile of walking in the wind.

Also got fed up with my hair. Pretty much need to get it cut every 2 weeks, so i just shaved it. I own the business where i work and decided wearing a beanie is completely acceptable. Don't currently really have much of a social life, so its not really affecting anything.


Week 8

80 mg still .

Sometime during week 7, i came back from work and just crashed. Slept for 14 hours, didn't moisturize or wash my face before that. Face was flaking when i woke ...looked like frosty. Broke out everywhere on my face later that day. Starting to get better. Have a holiday friday, hope things clear up by then, tons of pictures.

Scraped 2 fingers on two separate incidents. There normally would have been some damage done, but this skin pretty much came right off. First time i've ever put a bandaide on a "scrape" like this.

Do have some tendinitis in my ankle. Pretty much limp to the shower in the morning, and by the time i get out, its fine. Starts to come back late at night. Also, just jumped back into weight lifting a few months ago without starting slow after about 5 years of being stagnant.

No nose bleeds, but my nose always seems to run at night. Not much, but constantly.


Week 6

Nothing new really. Still at 80 mg.

Did have 2 nodules in the 1st month that ran their course, but the exact same spots have another pimple again. Other than that a few little ones here and there. Back and chest were completely clear, but today i noticed 1 on my back.

Also, have 2 raised scars. 1 is by my eyebrow...it tends to keep flaking. The other is on my cheek where i shave, its actually not solid...just like a hollow cone...it gets sliced off every time i shave and comes back a few days later.

Face hasn't been flaking, but i've been moisturizing constantly. Probably am taking care of that before it happens. Lips didn't get any more chapped. Ears started to get flaky, but i found if i moisturze once a day, thats good enough....not sure with the cold / dry winter air if things are goign to get worse.

I did get a giant glob of aquaphor on my hand and then my ear was itchy...without thinking scratched my ear. Did that yesterday....tried using a q-tip, but it still seems to be in there.

Hair is a problem. My hair normally is compared to steel wool Really thick, coarse, and big curls. I usually condition twice in the shower. Its just worse now. Been getting it cut shorter. Beard is short, but now the hairs stick straight out. I have long eye lashes too, something i never took care of, but now they are clumping up and hurting my eyelids. Was tempted to use my mom's mascara just for the brush, but decided against it.

Eyes are starting to get slightly dry. Need to use visine every here and there. My eyes aren't that bad...20/25 and 20/30.....but i do have contacts, haven't even tried to wear them since i started.


Been a month

So for the past week was on 80 mg

Had the month supply for 60, but was at 40 the first week. So had and extra 20/day for the last week, plus the plan was to bump me up to 80 this month...which we did.

I usually take one dose at 5 am a little before i go to bed and another at 7-11 pm...depending on when i eat dinner that day. Had a headache the first day came at around 3 pm and got worse until 7 when i took advil. Was sorta lingering the next day, but went away after that. Brother had a 24 hour bug a few days before that and my nose was running sorta...so that could've been it.

Did jump on one of those body fat scales....down 8 pounds from a month ago, and the body fat went down at a consistent level. So not loosing muscle.

Did have a pimple on my cheek right where i shave for maintenance for my beard. Really needed to shave that day, but i let it go. Became a huge white head the next day and it took everything in me not to pop it, but later that day when i washed my face, it popped on its own.

Seem to sorta be breaking out, a few nodules and cysts on my face by my ear and my cheek bone area.

Lips are doing the same.

My face only seems to peel about once every 3 days.


Almost week 3

Got off work 3 hours ago...worked out for 1 hour...have to go back to work in 4 hours and can't sleep...decided to update this.

So forgot to take vitamin E last night and woke up with that clean feeling. That went away while taking it. Already noticed lips staring to get worse again, plus it was the first snow today....that wasn't helpful. Things started to clear up too. I did get a few nodules on my cheek, but the day i noticed them, they started to shrink. One popped out while washing my face today. They are soooo gross, but i'm sorta intrigued by how this thing used to be living in my face....sorta like an alien baby that i conquered.

Two nights ago, i think i took an extra 40 mg.....hard to keep track cuz i got lazy and i have multiple packs opened spread around the house. For my body weight, it wasn't a big deal....actually a possible dosage i would take towards the end. Did feel a little out of it the next day. Felt like the start of a cold. I skipped my next dose just incase and all of that went away in less than 24 hours.

Highpoint so far. LAst weekend was the first time in my life i had a girl just walk up to me and give me her number. Always needed to do a little bit of work. People tell me there is something different about me lately.

Also, the hyperpigmentation on my cheek. Had a 3 marks that were each about an inch in diameter. They all faded faster than normal (again not sure if its bio-oil or accutane) and shrunk to about 1 cm. Can't really even tell from 10 feet away. Have a few on my forehead that seem to be fading, but still fairly noticeable.

Scalp stopped being itchy.

Had been loosing weight prior to starting accutane, i'm still loosing weight at a consistent rate.

I have access to one of those body fat scales. I'll probably jump on it tomorrow......can see if its muscle mass that i'm loosing or not.


Week 2

Starting using 800 IU of vitamin E about 3 days ago.

Broke out yesterday, which sorta makes sense. Got a couple nodular pimples on my cheek. I usually have a beard, so you can't see them. My nose has a lot, but again, can only see if you get close, but it feels really rough.

The upside is that my lips got better. Still chapped, but not shredded anymore. I might stick with the 800 until they heal a little more, then maybe drop to 400.

Still haven't mastered aquaphor. Every time i use it, i look greasy for about 2 hours. Bio-oil i have down to an art, can get it so the greasiness only lasts for 5 minutes.

Still noticing a general increased happiness. Like i own a business, was up all night, was about to go to bed and the person that was to open up called off with the most ridiculous lie...pretty insulting that he expected me to believe it too.....which means i had to open up....and i wasn't really angry at all. Normally, id' be furious.


Day 12

Been up to 60 mg.

Getting small pimples here and there, none of the nodular ones. I should've had a few by now. The large one by my ear is still there and i think it might just be a regular cyst.

Scalp is getting less itchy, eyebrows are still pretty itchy and random spots on my face.

Past few days i've had a lot of small pimples on my cheek by my nose, but you couldn't tell unless you looked really close in the mirror. This morning they were all white heads, but after a shower, they were gone.

Face in general is getting a lot better, there was one noticeable scar on my nose. It was hyperpigmented, plus also ...depressed i guess is the word....but the skin around it was raised, so very noticeable. Today the skin around it has flattened out, and besides the color, is almost not noticeable at all.

The other hyper pigmented areas are also fading at a lot faster rate than normal.

I'm not sure if its from the accutane or the excessive use of bio-oil...which claims to do that (reduces scars and evens skin tone).

Lips are doing horrible.

I'm very happy with the results so far. Been a happier person in general.


1st week recap

I'm 80 kg.....

Doctor gave me the option to start at 80 or start low. I wanted to jump right in and go at 80....but my mom freaked out and wanted 20 mg. She sorta just makes up her mind about things and sticks with it. She decided that this is a life long treatment and didn't' see the reason to use anything higher.....we tried to explain, but she wouldn't really listen.

We compromised on 60 mg, and that i'd just take 40 mg the first week and see if any serious side effects happened. If not, i'd go up to 60.

First day i had a euphoric feeling an hour after taking it....not sure if it was from the med or me feeling it kick in and being really happy i'm finally getting things underway. Took only 20 mg, then waited 4 hours....wanted to see if i was allergic, after nothing, i took the next 20.

Had worked out earlier that day and just remembered i needed to take a shower ( i don't sweat much).....there was a zit on my chest i didn't' know i had and it was burst open. This slightly scared me since i thought that was gonna happen with my face...i'd wake up and be a puss ball.

The next morning, had a few white heads.

The next few days i sorta broke out...i think this was my IB.....it was in all the areas the chemical peel didn't' really touch. Jaw line, upper cheek under eye, hair line, eye brows, and where the nose touches the face. They say the same thing about chemical peels, it sorta gets everything out and is worse at first. Maybe a couple more months of chemical peels was all i needed.

Had a huge one on my jaw and by the 4th day, i ran my finger across my jaw lightly and the entire sack popped right out...was completely dried out. Got a few on my back that got big and started to shrink by the end of the day.

Been using cetaphil and then either aquaphor or bio oil. Aquaphor is the only thing that works on my lips....my face isn't getting too dry, just my eyebrows are itchy.

It feels good, before i would HAVE to take a shower in the morning, entire body was greasy.....now i wake up and it feels like i just took a shower.

Also been lifting weights 3 days a week and no muscle pain.

My only side effect are reduced night vision and really chapped lips. I also smoke and it irritates my eyes and nose.

Today is day 8 and i was suppose to jump up to 60, but i had a headache....both mom and bro were sick and i do have a runny nose, and the headache is consistent with a cold, but i got paranoid it might be brain swelling, so i just held off.

Right now i have a few tiny ones on my nose and 1 large one by my ear that has been there for 2 months, otherwise i'm completely clear.



Been meaning to do this, but got lazy, then got called into work, so have some free time.

I'm indian (subcontinent), so have medium brown skin....my biggest problem was always the hyper pigmentation, which i'll just refer to as scars......i only have 2 noticeable actual scars and then a few that you have to really look for. But random spots of discoloration are everywhere...cheeks...forehead...nose...and they are big and very noticeable.

I don't get a lot of pimples, but i do get nodular ones....and something with my family's genetics...after 3-4 days...if i doesn't go away...it starts to scar. Occasional chest and back and arms, but mostly face.

Didn't get much in highschool, but around when i turned 20...thats when it really started. I'm 25 now. Parents didn't' want to do much....they're not from indian themselves, but from an eastern country with those old school values....they said i was in school only to study and there must be something wrong with me since i care about how i look. They wanted to send me to a shrink. After i finished college, was back home and my family finally saw first hand how down i was all the time. Again they wanted to take me to a shrink ,but they decided a dermatologist couldn't hurt.

Been to several derms....been on literally everything and they all said the same thing....."you should be on accutane, but i won't prescribe it for anyone". Then they sent me to someone else who would possibly have more options. The solution most gave was to simply start wearing make up......i'm fine with wearing make up, but not with getting caught wearing it.

The second to last one did salicylic acid chemical peels.......the doctor was asian, so we had similar skin type and she said this is the treatment she does on herself. She didn't look bad, but i could still see the blemishes under her caked on layers of make up, so that was slightly discouraging. That was helpful....reduced the discoloration significantly and also reduced the number of pimples. But every 2 months or so, got another nodular zit and was back to square one. I wanted some sort of plastic surgery option but after 5 months of getting chemical peels twice a month....it still wasn't "under control".

Finally got a doctor that would prescribe accutane.

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