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So I've finally joined, and I'm starting a blog so that I can share my findings and relate them to any progress I've made.

Now this week has been frustrating because of this cyst I've had on my chin, I'm thankful I don't get many but when I do it's a pain in the neck - big time! Also my hyperpigmentation has been all over the place again, still not subsiding.

After about two weeks trying these eye drops to reduce the red marks left by spots, I gave up on them, I don't think they were strong enough, and they did all they could by tidying up a tad of redness on my right cheek. Now I'm going to try Vitamin E oil, and by next week I'll tell you how I've got on with it. However my skin is very oily this week, though without any pastules showing up - yet. So I'm going to be trying it:

1. Only of an evening (going out with it is a 100% no because it has a strong scent and looks rather like honey)

2. Only on selected areas (if there's going to be any side effects, I'll know before I try it on a large scale)

3. Once a day (you don't want to clog yourself up with the oil, especially when I'm still waiting to see its effects)

Next week, I'll be able to say if it has done much, but I'm going to be using it pretty much every day in the run-up to my first dermatologist appointment in about 18 days. I don't expect much change if any though, it'll need a trial of at least one month.

Thanks for reading!

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