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Day 1


So, this is my first day using the regimen. I am excited to try something that has worked for so many people. I tried to upload some pics, but no luck yet.

I remember using benzoyl peroxide starting when I was 12. My mom would always use it to try to control her breakouts. It worked very well for me through my teenage years during those occasional hormonal breakouts.

When I hit my 20s all hell broke loose. I wasn't using the treatment as often, since my skin was clear for the most part. Then I started to get a lot more blackheads than I was used to having. I tried salycilic acid to treat the blackheads. Since that is what it is marketed for it must work, right? Before long, my blackheads were turning into whiteheads. Acne cleansers, astringents and masks followed. The treatments worked for a little while, but the breakouts always returned with a vengence! It seemed like every breakout would be a little bit worse than the last one. It is something that is constant on my mind. I find it distracts my thinking. It also affects my interactions with others. I think that aspect of acne is what makes it worse. Everyone know touching your face could cause the spread of acne breakouts. I am a picker! I can sit and feel my lesions all day. Somehow it is fascinating. But I know it causes further inflammation, so I end up with my hand on my face for a good part of the day, trying to cover up what I've done. Also, being in school I find that I prop up my head alot. My acne also leaves those nasty post-war scars! The redness makes the appearance so much worse than it is. I never wore foundation before, but now I can't go without it.

I have been researching acne and various treatments since the breakouts have become worse. I haven't tried all of the dermatologist recommended treatments mainly because I can't afford them, being an uninsured individual. Also, I don't like taking any medications that have adverse side effects and could throw off my body's natural balance. I have tried various OTC treatments, vainly hoping they would reduce the breakouts even a little. My research got me so into skin care that I am currently in school to become an Esthetician. I have tried various acne lines, regimens recommended by my instructors, homeopathic remedies, ..............Still no improvent.

Recently, my comedonal acne has formed nodules. Oh, the excitement of yet another thing to treat! I was ready to try some of the more well known acne treatments, even a medication! I stumbled over this web page and saw so many success stories. The regimen seems so simple, yet I have never seen it explained in this way, an increase in the application.

I am using a well known baby wash and lotion. I figured with it's hypoallergenic, moisturizing qualities it should be safe to use with such a drying treatment. I am using a 10% concentration of a drug store brand benzoyl peroxide gel. The feeling of my skin is incredible even after the first application.

Well, wish me luck!

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