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Started accutane (amnesteem) 9/26/09

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22/m just started accutane (amnesteem)on 9/26. I have persistent acne on my forehead and temples which has not seen any progress with otc or rx products. Like everyone else, you name it, and I have tried it. For the most part it is whiteheads (a lot) that plague my forehead...it almost looks like a rash. I have battled this in some form since 13, so I figured it was time to give this a shot. I've got extremely oily skin, which my derm seems to believe is the culprit.

I am taking 40mg on even days and 80mg on odd days for the first month of my course. Up until now I have not had any major side effects. The sides of my nose are a little dry, but nothing serious. I have been applying blistex like crazy and drinking plenty of water to try and combat the dry mouth and lips that I'm sure are coming very shortly.

I will throw some pictures up here later tonight.


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