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Nu derm, after accutane.

Background info:

I'm 23, female. Have had moderate acne issues since...puberty. I feel it was exacerbated by birth control pills..going on, off, on, off again, etc. And after that my hormones were just unable to regulate themselves. As well as stress, and other lifestyle sabatogers of good skin. (processed foods, toxins, etc) I absolutely believe a holistic approach is mandatory in order to really glow.

9 months ago I consulted a medspa for my breakouts and post acne hyperpig. Started a regimen of antibiotics, obagi clenziderm, retin-a, some glycolic lotion. It was nuts. We tried to attack it from all angles. Oh, I also got a sal acid peel. (YIKES!) And, I was taking BCP.

I went through a stressful period shortly after that and my acne worsened! All that $ wasted. Ughhhh. Well, as "health conscious" and au-naturale as I'd like to be, I decided accutane was my only choice at that point. So I ordered a batch from India and began a cycle in early August. I only took it for a month 1/2 or so. something like 20mg, sometimes 30mg a day.

I was intensely concerned about the safety and quality of the meds. It seems to do its job though. Since the dosage was low, the dryness/peeling/cracking side effects were minimal. However, I did become photosensitive. Unfortuntely, I also got some anxiety, depression, insomnia, and irritableness. I'm hoping as my body cleanses itself from the drug, these symptoms will diminish. (I've read they sometimes don't and require treatment)

Also, my hair is falling out like crazy!!! Not a good feeling at all.


Ehh. So so. Not a miracle, but then again I only took a relatively low dose for a little more than one month. but the side effects are such that I'm not interested in doing another round. I did decide to buy the Obagi Nu Derm products "Clear" and "Exfoderm forte". The entire system is expensive and some of the products are inactive or not necessary, such as the cleanser, the toner, and the sunscreen.

My skin looks and feels much better than it did this summer! Not only the clarity but also the texture, pore size, diminished oiliness. It's the PostHyperpig that I'm mostly concerned with so now my routine is something like:

cleanse am

obagi clear


cleanse pm (clarisonic)

obagi clear

tretinoin .05%

I also take a some supplements. A multi, a probiotic, Acnepril, CLA

And bc of the insomnia I've incurred I've began taking valerian/melatonin at night.

I honestly believe this regimen along with a healthy organic diet, plenty of exercise, and (god willing) adaquate sleep is going to clear me up for good! I feel like my skin is changing from that of a "teenager" to and "adult"..in a good way. The oiliness, blackheads, and breakouts are decreasing in severity.

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