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I'm a new member in this forum and this kind of site helped me realize that I'm not the only one problematic with skin problems specifically pimples/acne. For more than ten years I been suffering from breaks on my face since my pores are not fine and makes it very prone for blackheads and pimples.

I for one had been so confused with all of the remedies available in the market.And most of that remedies cost a lot, that's why I go for natural remedies. Natural, cheaper and most importantly available most of the time at home.

Raw papaya juice soothed my inflamed pimples effectively. Got that tip from www.cureacnetips.com. I also tried oatmeal as exfoliant, I been using it for quite sometimes now and it's working great. There's a lot more home remedies in that site which you can also try if you're also a buff for natural and home remedies.

Have you ever tried one? Lets discover more and share each other's experiences.

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