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starting dans bp regimen

So basically when i turned sixteen i started breaking out a little here and there, and by the time i was nineteen i had full blown acne all over my face, and an infection under my skin. it got so bad that it hurt to even sleep on my pillow. for years i tried everything from proactive, to all different cleansers, to medicines, and prescriptions. finally after all those years i went on birth control, and it cleared up a lot of my issues, and minocycline to clear up the infection.... but my skin never got fully clear, all details aside, i am now starting dans bp regimen with his cleanser and moisturizer, and hopefully it goes really well.... my face feels good and smooth after the first use :) i am also using a all natural primer by Khorres and an all natural foundation by Tarte from sephora, i love these products, it hardly feels like i have anything on.... im also fighting my self conciousness by going out somedays a week without make-up, and i realized as long as i let my personality shine through (which is great by the way) i forget all about my face..... just smile! :D

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