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Feeling Hopeless

I'm feeling very hopeless right now. My skin is attempting to rebound from a massive breakout and infestation on my face, neck, ears, chest. Why didn't it go to my damn back? I tested a new round of vitamins with catastrophic results. No more Saw Palmetto for me. Birth control here I come. Trying out Ocella. And yesterday I started juicing. Wishing my mom still owned her health shop, all the free food, juice, smoothies I want for FREE. My skin looked fantastic back then. Thinking about cutting my curly fro to a pixie again, my was much healthier when shorter. I seem to breakout more on hairline, neckline behind ears, ears, neck as my hair gets longer and carries more oil. Damnit, I just wanted to grow my hair. Short hair is not a bad thing (I love it), I just wanted a change.

Today, my face hurts. I attacked it with a extractor last night (warm moist skin of course), it's sore, but 70% of the comedones are gone. I felt just a bit accomplished when I saw all the buildup come out, but depressed it will be back. Now I'm stressing about school and Statistics which I may be failing. College is stressful. Fuck.


Rx for Brown Skin sent me a load of products to test and review for my skincare blog. I previously tried their serum years ago and had ok results if I remember correctly.RESULTS: Load your pores up with nasty ingredients. My skin is now lumpy. I'm pissed.

I also ordered samples from Makeup Artists Choice:bleaching gel, Mandelic peel & toner and some other goodies. RESULTS: Too harsh, extreme dehydration, burned my skin.

I will test these separetely so I know what works and what doesn't. Updates coming soon.


4/1/13: Picked up Palmetto today, I hope it improves facial hair and acne. Will update.

4/12/13: Already I have experienced a full blown breakout. It is horrendous, my skin is ruined. I have mountains all over my damn face, I am extremely frustrated.brow.gif Pustules, severe dehydration, flakiness, scaling, cysts WTF.


Issue: Congestion on forehead/hairline

Solution: Discontinue Shampoo & substitute baking soda as Shampoo(only on roots/scalp) 1x week for my curly hair.+Vitamins!

This has immensely helped.I even went to the doctor to have my hormones checked, they turned out to be "normal".I also stopped using aloe vera gel in my hair and continued with my Bain De Terre smoothing gel avoiding hairline. I am extremely surprised and happy with the results. I wish i had done this sooner. I also use tea tree oil all over face after cleansing (avoiding eyes omg) & moisturize with Murad acne lotion (its ok and Im looking for something better,open to suggestions!), Spf wise I use Jergen glow spf 20(just ordered a physical blocker).

My regime:



2)Neostrata Antibacterial cleanser+Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

3)100% pure tea tree oil (all lover face,can be diluted w/water)

4)Jergens Face Glow SPF 20


Same except moistuizer/Retin A

4)Murad Acne Lotion

5)Retin-A (2-3x week)

Vitamins:(1 each) Multi-Vit,Zinc,Fish Oil,Turmeric, Vit D, L-Lysine, Echinacea (for cold/allergies).

Water water and more water surprised.gif

I just ordered samples from Makeup Artists Choice

1)Mandelic acid toner

2)Bleaching gel (hate that word)

3)Gly-Luronic Acid serum

4)Oil free sunscreen SPF 46

5)25% Mandelic acid peel

I have previously tried this brands "Radiance Peel" years ago,will updates on results.

4/1/13: My skin has dramatically improved just from taking vitamins again and reducing Retin-A to every other night, instead of every night. My forehead congestion has improved as well. I should have stopped using shampoo long ago! Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate sucks.


my skin regime



1)wash face with oxy bp 10% face wash with warm water and wash cloth.

2)apply clydamycin gel on problem areas.

3) apply cetaphil lotion.

4) suncreen. Aveeno ultra calming fragrance free spf 30 EVERYDAY!


1)same face wash routine.

2)same routine as morning.

3) apply cetaphil lotion around eye area and mouth area (my extra dry spots and to prevent wrinkles).

4)i make a mixture of tea tree oil and water,keep in a little travel size container. I apply with a cotton ball and wipe all over face,chest and my back. tea tree oil is a natural antimicorbial. dilute well with water or it will sting and itch.

5)if skin is extra dry i apply cetaphil all over my face.

6) wait 30 mintues and apply RETIN-A all over face. (THIS IS WHAT FADED ALL MY SCARS AND HYPERPIGMENTATION.) its amazing how effective it is.

* on saturday and sunday mornings i apply RX FOR brown skin absolute radiance intensive exfoliating serum.(VERY HARD TO FIND). try looking online. this has also improved my hyperpigmention and scarring. always use SUNSCREEN!!

*once a week i use queen helene mint julepe mask from sallys beauty supply on face and chest.

*change my pillow case every 2-3 nights.


non comengenic. i cant spell.i love this word.BUT just because a label sayings its "non pore clogging" doesnt mean they are telling the truth.same for if a label says "non comengenic".you still have to check the ingredients. this goes for anything you apply to your skin. makeup wise i use cover fx when i go out. i dont use makeup everyday,just when going out to look good.its a line for covering up all kinds of things from rosacea,acne scars,all scars.check it out.i use the total coverage cream foundation.a two in one concealer and foundation,comes in 30 shades,even for all african american skin tones. :) with all different undertones, its geat.non comedonic with zero irritants. its the best makeup i have to say. before i found coverfx, someone suggested i try bare minerals but it doesnt give good coverage,plus they dont have my color, i need something with a yellow undertone not BEIGE. and to everyone that thinks ALL mineral makeup is non comogenic.its not.its has to say on their label and they dont even have it on their website.the only mineral makeup that is nonomegenic is GLO minerals....

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