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Day 23 or 24 ?

I'm not sure, but it's somewhere around there. I know it's not a full week since my last post, but I wanted to update and say that things are STILL going great. My skin is clearer than it's been in years and years ... why didn't I try this system before ?!?

I think that the way to go about using Dan's regimen is to do it EXACTLY as instructed for about a month or until your skin is clear. However long it takes. Then, if you're like me and you're just dying to add in some fancy serum or anti-aging product or something, add in that ONE product and watch carefully how your skin responds. Don't change anything else. Give it a few weeks and then if you need to, you can add or change ONE other thing.

Personally, I just added in Kinerase C8 Peptide serum. It's an awesome anti aging product with stabilized vitamin C and keratin. I use it ONCE a day right after I wash & blot dry my skin ... then I leave everything alone so the serum can soak in and my skin can dry, and about 15 minutes later I continue with the usual by the book BP and moisturizer w/jojoba routine. So far, there's no indication that this extra step or product is causing any sort of irritation or clogged pores or anything, but I'll keep an eye on it for a bit longer. Eventually I'd like to replace Dan's moisturizer with the Kinerase lotion ... I love the anti aging properties of that line. I have also never been able to use that line before, because it felt too "rich" for me, and made me greasy. But now, with the BP on board, my skin wants something richer and more moisturizing, so I'm actually excited about getting to use it.

I think that everyone's skin reacts differently and has a different level of sensitivity to washing, rubbing with a towel, whatever. It might not be necessary for EVERYONE to follow Dan's routine by the book for eternity ... but I think it's a GREAT place to start, get clear, and then see over time what your skin needs.


Well, I gave in to old (bad) habits and I poked and squeezed at that ONE pimple on my face - shouldn't have, of course - and I made it worse, but I did stop myself before I turned it into a REAL disaster. Baby steps !

Everything else is still going GREAT ... my skin, simply, looks great.

I have a friend who is considering Accutane and I want to scream, NO ! Try this first ! Before you go that last step, just try this one thing - it's so cheap and so easy and I got such awesome results in just 3 weeks ...

I'll probably go with weekly updates from now on, unless there's some tragic turn of events (I sure hope not !!)

Also, I wanted to add that I LOVE the AHA lotion. I can really feel it working - it makes my skin kind of itchy for the first 20 minutes or so after application, which I always take as a good sign that there's some real, active ingredients in there working. It mousturizes well, too. THANK YOU TO DAN for making these great products.

So ... until next Friday ...


And have I ever used "pimple" in the singular form before ? No !! I have ONE pimple ... below my right eye ... and the challenge now is for me to LEAVE IT ALONE.

But it's kinda cool that I only have ONE.

ONE pimple !!

And everywhere else, my skin looks GREAT. Can't wait to start with the AHA ...


Things just keep trucking along smoothly here ... I think I have found the best possible regimen for me ! Even better is the fact that my skin has generally always been kind of "tough" and "thick" ... so I think I escaped the worst of the BP side effects - the redness and flaking. I really didn't have it too bad, and it feels like my face is fully adjusted to this routine now. And I'm only 18 days in ! two and a half weeks !

I recently ordered the AHA lotion, so I'll be adding that in a couple of days. Excited about that.

I also added one other thing: a light (almost watery) anti aging vitamin C & E serum. I was so concerned about the possible drying or aging effects of BP ... I asked my esthetician (who has similar skin to mine: think and oily) and she explained that yes, in fact BP has *some* free radical effects - because it is a "peroxide" it "oxidizes" skin, which is basically the opposite of what anti-oxidants do. So yeah, it can cause a LITTLE "aging" or "oxidizing" ... but you can counteract that with an ANTIOXIDANT (such as the one I'm using) and also ... well, what's the trade off ? Clear skin with NO ZITS that's a little more dry ? Or fully fresh & anti-oxidized skin covered with pimples ? For me, having CLEAR skin is far more important and totally worth the risk of a little aging effect. The scars I gave myself from picking at my endless zits are far worse that any amount of crows feet !!

Anyway, I am continuing with the Vitamin C & E serum right after washing, and I let it "soak in" during those 5-10 minutes while my face is drying, waiting for my BP application. And just in the mornings. In the evening, I'll be adding in the AHA lotion, probably tomorrow.

Lookin' good !! I'm FORTY and haven't had skin this clear in 20 years. I am THRILLED.


So, I went back to check and see when I had actually started The Regimen. It was Sept 28th, only 13 days ago !! And already my skin is responding SO WELL. All my old pimples are resolving themselves, I see NO SIGNS of new ones forming, and my face has adjusted to the BP. There was some flaking and redness, but that's passed and now I am at 1 1/2 pumps morning and evening and I don't feel as dry and flaky afterwards. I am working VERY hard to limit mysefl to ONLY Dan's products, though I am a little paranoid about getting old and wrinkly looking as a result of all the BP and abandoning all my precious anti-aging products.

I will admit to one "cheat" - I have a Clarisonic Skin Cleansing brush, the one that uses sonic technology, like a Sonicare toothbrush, to clean your face. I LOVE that thing, and I have begun using it along with Dan's cleanser to wash my face, once a day. I do NOT go the recommended 2 minutes (there is a bulit in timer on the brush) ... I just use it very gently for probably 30 seconds total on my face and neck. And my skin seems to love it, so I will keep at it unless it seems to change something for the worse.

I am also dying to add in ONE more product: I have a bottle of a fairly expensive Skinceuticals serum (it's more watery that a real "serum" - not goopy at all) and it contains vitamin C, vitamin E and something called "fereulic acid." I want something to combat the alleged aging effects of BP. Supposedly it breaks down the collagen in your cells ... I'm still waiting for some sort of verification of this, but I've heard it as a rumor enough times to be concerned ... and I wanted something to balance that out.

My plan is to put the C/E/Ferulic serum on immediately after cleaning and patting dry my face (only once a day) and then leave my face to dry for 15 minutes, then go right back into Dan's routine. BP rubbed in gently, wait 5 more mintues for it to settle in, then moisturizer.

I'm also noticing (happily !) that as my skin adjusts to the BP, I don't need to slather as much moisturizer on - I'm not getting THAT dry anymore. Once I am back to a "normal" consumption of moisturizer I plan to get something a little higher end, with a good SPF, to replace the one that comes with Dan's kit. There's nothing wrong with it at all, and I will continue to use it until I get all these other "variables" stabilized.

So, for now:

1. Dan's wash morning and night (1x only with Clarisonic)

2. anti aging serum (1x only)

3. BP (1.5 pumps)

4. Moisturizer with Jojoba, until further notice.


Day 8 and here's where I am at: still a few pimples, I guess they were already forming and just had to run through their little pimply life cycle. I am TRYING not to touch my face at all, but I must admit that I did attack one or two .. and made them worse. Duh. When will I learn ?!?

But other than that - things are great ! I seem to be less red from the BP after each application, and I've bumped up to 1.5 pumps morning and evening. I am still being very loyal to the regimen and following it to the letter, and avoiding the temptation to use any other products. Who knows what might make me break out, right ? I am just keeping this a CONTROLLED experiment with the 3 products from Dan, and that's it.

Oh, and my Omega Fish Oil caps and zinc arrived, so I've added those to the multivitamin routine I was already on (I checked and my plan didn't have a lot of zinc in it already.)

Here's looking forward to getting CLEARER in the coming week !!


Not much new to report - a few little whiteheads popped up near my mouth when I woke up this morning, but I popped them and they disappeared. The right temple zit is rapidly disappearing - it really didn't give much of a fight !! Also, the crevices around my nose are much clearer.

I find that I need to be meticulous about applying enough moisturizer, all over (something I've never had to worry about before !) otherwise my face dries out and looks sort of crepe-y. No actual flakes, just old lady looking dryness. I think that part should pass as my skin adjusts to the BP, though of course I'll still need a good dose of moisturizer if I'm using 1-2 pumps of BP, no matter how well adjusted my skin (I think.)


Nothing bad, though. I am starting to appear a little ruddy, but not too serioulsy red. And to experience a little dryness after applying BP, which subsides once the moisturizer sinks in. I'm currently using 1 pump of everything - cleanser, BP and moisturizer, and adding 3-4 drops of Jojoba oil to the moisturizer.

I felt a new pimple forming on my right temple, but it seems to be not turning into as large of a volcano as I'd usually expect. I'll try VERY HARD to leave it alone and see how quickly it resolves itself with the regular application of BP.


Okay, so it's day 3 and I'm using 1 full pump of BP and suffering NO ill effects. No lobster face or peeling ... yet. Also, my skin seems to be clearing and appears smoother, so I'll stick with the 1 pump for awhile and see what happens.

Maybe for my skin, 1 pump will be enough ? We'll see.

Here's a trick I discovered to help with eye burn: after I wash & dry my face, while i'm waiting that 5-10 minutes for it to fully dry, per Dan's instructions, I apply my eye cream then. Around and under the eyes, the areas that I don't want BP anyway. Then when I put on the BP, of course I don't go into that area - and i don't have to mess with it again or risk spreading BP up there because the cream's already dry in that area. seems to work. And believe me - I NEED eye cream ! That's not open for discussion.


Day 2 - so far so good !!

Still no ill effects, and I got all bold & crazy and went right for a FULL pump of BP this morning.

The usually congested pores around my nose (you know those annoying little crevices around the nostrils ??) are clearer, and the junk that IS still there comes out easily with gentle pressure from a blackhead extractor. (I know, I know ... don't touch your face.)

No new pimples seem to be forming, and the old ones are continuing to heal. I was already on a healing trend when I started this regimen, so I may be experiencing results faster than if I had started 2 or 3 weeks ago, in the midst of a big breakout situation, but I'm still very happy with what's happening !!

It seems to be very important to NOT get too close to your eyes ... I can feel the burning from the BP if it gets too close to that thin skin.


Day 1

Okay, so I have officially started.

Basically, I'll be following the Regimen *EXACTLY AS PRESCRIBED* by Dan, since that is really what this board is for. I don't quite understand all the bizarre homemade variations that everyone comes up with - I thought this website was specifically for people following this plan but hey ... to each their own. And to the guy who plans to cure his acne by (1) abstaining from jerking off and (2) no longer drinking from plastic water bottles ... hope that works for you, dude. Best of luck.

I have had NO ill effects in the first 24 hours, no excessive dryness, etc. Skin feels normal and looks good. I am using about 3/4 of a pump of BP for my applications at this point, and I'll stick to that for at least a week before I go up to a full pump.

Even better, it seems as if the heavy application of BP is already scaring off some of the persistent blackheads that I seem to always have around my nose. Not even full fledged blackheads, really - just large, open pores that always look dirty. They seem cleaner and tighter today.

I want to write to Dan and ask him about anti-aging products. As a 40 year old woman, of course I'm concerned that smearing mass quantities of drying BP all over my face every day is going to make me dry & haggard, eventually. Once I am clear and things have settled, I will search for that ONE extra product that I can add in that will address these specific skin concerns of mine.

But not until I am CLEAR and as Dan recommends, only ONE variable at at time.

Good luck everyone !


My Regimen supplies arrived this afternoon, as expected. (Cleanser, BP, moisturizer and Jojoba Oil ... I plan to add in the AHA in a month)

It's been about 3-4 days since I ordered, and my skin is ALREADY improving, even though I only washed my face 10 minutes ago with Dan's cleanser. Know why ? Because for the past 3-4 days I've been so excited about starting the regimen that I managed to stop - or greatly reduce - the amount of face touching and picking that I allow myself.

That alone is probably responsible for 50% of my acne problems. So - people - STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE !!! it does NOT help. Believe me, I've been testing it out for 20 years and it hasn't helped me. It just leaves scars and spreads germs.

Tomorrow will be official, full day #1 on The Regimen. Very excited and hopeful !!

P.S. As a treat, I also bought myself a fancy-pants designer liquid handsoap for my bathroom, since I'll be washing my hands SO MUCH in between the steps. Just a little fun for me.


Fish Oil & Zinc

Still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my regimen supplies ... I know, I know - I sound so impatient ! It would be some sort of miracle if they arrived today, only a day after I placed the order ! More realistically, I think they will be here Monday night.

While I wait, I am most importantly NOT picking my face, and that alone is allowing some of the pimples to dry up and heal on their own. I am a TERRIBLE picker, and I bet that alone aggravates my acne and worsens it by 2 or 3 times !

Stop touching your face. Stop touching your face. Stop touching your face !! Just DON'T do it !!

Secondly, I went online to Vitamin Shoppe.com and ordered fish oil capsules and zinc. I have been reviewing the acne.org website in ridiculous detail, and I saw that Dan uses those regularly and recommends them, so I figured - why not ? I want to give myself EVERY chance of success on this plan !!


a Regimen mindset ...

So, for the past 20 years or so I have tried every skin care routine and product known to man, I have spent thousands of dollars on anti acne, anti aging, anti hyperpigmentation, anti whatever treatments. Washes, scrubs, serums, ultrasonic brushes, peels, galvanic devices, blue lights, masks, facials, laser treatments, peptides, enzymes, lotions, creams, steamers ... you name it. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

And all these complicated, expensive routines have not gotten me acne free. I'm 40 now.

Maybe it's time to try something different ? Maybe I should accept that what's been NOT working for the past 20 years is not working, so what have I got to lose by trying something different ? Sure, the super short and ultra gentle washing of The Regimen seems odd, and the heavy application of BP seems weird ... but, well ....

what I am doing now is NOT working, so why on earth would I keep it up ? Why ?

As soon as I receive my regimen kit in the mail (in a day or two) I plan to pack up ALL my other skin care stuff into a big box (and believe me, I have plenty !!), tape it up and put it in the back of the closet. And from now until the end of 2009, I will be a completely, 100% devoted Regimen purist. What have I got to lose ?!? I'll follow Dan's recommendations to the letter, not cheat, not give up early or give in to the temptation to add extra steps ... and we'll see what happens.

It's time for a change.


Well, I don't have my products yet - it's been less than 24 hours, so of course not - but I do have a good story.

I accidentally clicked "Pay" twice on my PayPal account when I was paying, and I was charged twice for my single order (By the way, I ordered the large size starter kit with the cleanser, BP and moisturuzer, plus a travel size kit, and the Jojoba oil. I am a 40 year old woman and want to make sure that I can moisturize my skin enough. The total was $114 with shipping.)

Anyway, I emailed customer service right away and asked how to go about a refund. I have no idea how that will work with PayPal. But, within 12 hours, I had received a refund on my PayPal balance from DanielKern.com.

I was impressed with their quick response and the nice personal e-mail I got from the company. It's so rare these days to have things done RIGHT that I think it deserves to be mentioned !!

Tomorrow: I plan to COUNT all the visible pimples on my face so I have a "starting point" ... and take some photos for this blog. Good times !!

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