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Day 1 of Accutane - Weekly Pictures!

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All I can say is thank goodness this day is nearly over! I was so not wanting to come into work today and I have cancelled my Spanish lesson tonight, which just kills me!

I just cant wait to get home, take this makeup off (not that it helps the look of my car crash face) and hide underneath my duvet! :)


Day 3,4,5,6

WOW! Silly me to think I would miss the IB! I really did not think it would come this soon though and I really do hope this is as bad as it gets!! DAMN ITS BAD! :D

Literally, it all flared up on the Friday morning! I saw them forming and thought leave it....leave it! And I did! One major planet right on my chin! plus several on my left and right cheeks (which I can hide with my hair so not too traumatizing!)

So by the time it came to come home my face was literally throbbing and ready to EXPLODE! :D

I was SO GLAD TO GET HOME! So I left my face and on the Saturday I swear I must of had 19 white heads on my left cheek and 12 on my right! Ive never really suffered from actual whitehead pimples before, only major spots filled with poison! Must be the IB from accutane as it was something I had never seen or experienced before!

So, left them all weekend and when it came to Sunday I had a bath and pressed near one, it popped so easily that I went to work with the rest!! It felt like squeezing spots with sunburn!

So I got out the bath and went popping crazy! I then moisturized and left them the hell alone!

Today I look like I have a scabby face but to be honest I think it looks better than having a pussy face! :)

I dont regret popping my whiteheads as they had a head and if I left them they would have only popped by themselves anyways!

Other than that I have had no side effects other than itching! And I think a slight loss of appetite! Only today is the itching beggining on my head, arms and even more so on my face!

*SIGH* I know I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong road ahead!

Just called my Dermatologist to change my appt as old appt would have worked out missing a few pills AND SO CANNOT HAVE THAT!



Day 2

Hmmm quite bummed that I cant work out how to upload my pictures on here :D

But some good news!

I came home last night, took my makeup off, cleanse with my Cetaphil, moisturized with my Doublebase, put my Carmex lip balm on, took my Roaccutane, Antibiotic, Lysine & B6, Help: Clear Skin after my dinner.....woke this morning and had my Antibiotic and Lysine & B6, Help: Clear Skin after my breakfast (I think I took them before my breakfast yesterday :) which caused the sickness!

So on the state of my skin. At the moment my whole face feels a little itchy, not a lot. It felt a little dryer when I took my makeup off last night, it didnt feel as painful and I dont think it looked as red....a little too early to tell me thinks! Although when I woke my eyes felt dry, although after a half hour or so they were back to normal. My skin isnt flaking at all although I am moisturizing with E45 at night and under my makeup in the morning (makes my makeup sit so much better (well as good as it could :D ) rather than the Neutrogena oil free one) so it feels like my face is a grease slide although I guess this is better than flaking, sore skin?! :D

So totally fine today really. Shall report back tomorrow :D


Day 1

Ok so I got home, took my makeup off with some Johnson's face wipes, cleansed with Cetaphil Cleanser (which feels lovely by the way and is so gently as my peepers are a little sensitive), I then applied the Doublebase moisturizing lotion which also feels nice and gentle (such a change from burning my face off!)

I then had some dinner and took my Erythromycin Antibiotic (which I am having to calm an initial flare up if it comes), my 20mg dose of Roaccutane, Vitamin Lysine & B6 (for my acne stress related cold sores) and I have some Help: Clear skin in my tea...which is also a vitamin.

So I am planning on taking Antibiotic, B6 & Lysine @ 7:30am and taking Antibiotic, B6 & Lysine, 20mg Accutane @ 8:30pm and cleansing face with Cetaphil and moisturizing Doublebase and moisturizing body with E45 and lips with Carmex in the PM.

In the AM I am planning on moisturizing with Neutrogena oil free moisturizer (although this is making my face feel like a grease bath under my make up!) so changing that to E45 under makeup on face and Carmex in AM to see how that goes! I use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation as it is Oil-free, Dermatologist-tested , Non-acnegenic, Fragrance-free and covers all my sins!

So last night I was feeling normal and wouldn’t expect anything so soon...although did feel extremely thirsty a short while after taking pills...or may have been my lack of H2o today :D

Although.......I woke this morning, had my breakfast, Help: Clear Skin, Antibiotic and Vitamin Lysine & B6 and within an hour or so of taking it I started to feel sick, not like I was going to be sick, just a bit of cold sweats and feeling queasy! It passed after an hour or so...not sure whether it was a side effect or not..........? :D Although if that is the only side effect then I sure as hell aint worried Hehehe! :D

So I have felt fine today, still dehydrated so upped my water intake....so plans tonight, dinner...20mg Accutane, Help: Clear Skin, Antibiotic and Vitamin Lysine & B6 :D

And for the horrific pictures! :(

Comments welcome, do you think my acne is moderate or severe? :)

Great I cant upload my picutres, whats it mean URL Link, Hmmmmmmmmmmph :D


Ok, so a little background info....

I would like to mention that I specifically looked for my dermatologist, he has studied at Oxford University, his specialty is Psoriasis, eczema, acne, infections, he has written thousands of papers on all of these skin conditions, he works in a hospital in Chelsea & Westminster, he works in a Chelsea Private Hospital (which I went to see him in) and he has his own personal private clinic....so basically THIS GUY IS THE CREME DE LA CREME OF THE DERMATOLOGY WORLD.

After I told him my problem he said there is nothing you can eat or put on your skin which will clear your acne other than Roaccutane! I have seen the internet horror stories and the only side effects you may have is, sickness for the first few days, drying of the skin and lips and you may experience some joint pain. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE AS I HAVE NEVER HAD TO TAKE ANYONE OFF OF ROACCUTANE!

Anyways...this is what I said to him..... :D

''I have been suffering with acne since summer 2008. I went on holiday to Lanzarote, returned and within a few days my face flared up with horrific acne and rashes.

To this day I still suffer. They come and go, sometimes they are extremely painful no matter how big or small they are….to the point in which I have had to take painkillers for the pain.

They seem to be of various forms. Some are big; vary from purple, red to white. Some are small and they seem to be mainly white or flesh colored lumps that don’t seem to have any poison in them. Some seems to have poison in them, I will release the poison with relative ease and then they will clear. Although others can be throbbing and extremely painful to release, making me feel physically sick when it pops. They will discharge pus and then blood, only to reappear the next day even bigger and angrier, for the process to happen all over again.

The main areas seem to be my chin and cheeks going up towards my ears. I have a few reoccurring spots near my ears and when they pop and discharge, the pressure and then the release is excruciating.

When my acne flares it is a struggle even getting to work, I do not want to leave the house. I manage to get myself straight to work and then straight home. If I am asked to go somewhere for work related purposes out into the daylight I get upset as I don’t even want to venture into the day light with my confidence killing acne. I even have particular seats on the trains and buses which I sit in to avoid the sun shining directly on my acne and highlighting my embarrassing lumpy, bumpy, sore skin problem even more so.

I have tried various lotions, potions and natural remedies of which I list below:

Aloe Vera, Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, Clearasil, Clinique Anti Blemish 3 step, Homemade facemasks made of Oatmeal/Eggs/Honey/Banana, Liz Earle Acne Products, Mario Bausechi Natural Tea Tree Oil, Neutrogena Visibly Clear, Toothpaste

I have also taken the various supplements:

Holland & Barrett Skin, Hair & Nails, GNC Skin, Hair & Nails, Boots Skin, Hair & Nails, Evening Primrose, Omega Oils

The following dietary requirements:

• Water, 6-8 glasses, however much I need to stay hydrated

• Green Tea, 4-5 glasses

• Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify Tea, 4-5 glasses

• Sugar Free Cordial

• Aloe Vera Juice

• Eliminated dairy for the moment

My diet mainly consists of cereal or porridge for breakfast, Soup or Salad for lunch and meat and vegetables, omelets, stir fry’s for dinner.

And so I collected my Roaccutane, Cetaphil Cleanser, Doublebase Moisturizer Gel and my Erythromycin Antibiotics to hopefully calm any initial flare up if I do have some!

AND SO THE JOURNEY BEGINS........................................................... :)

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