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Week 3

Hey guys!

So I forgot to post Week 2's entry due to the fact I have been so busy with work and that I ...Got engaged!!! Yes my sweetie of 3 years proposed to me! So that is my exciting news!

Well so far so good on my accutane journey. My overly oily skin just seems normal now! It feels so weird not having to blot 3-4 times a day with clean n clear sheets! I noticed the black heads all rising on my nose - it lookls like a bunch of black dots ! Soo gross! But I know they are going to be gone soon so i just cover with makeup and go about my day. Also, I noticed some whiteheads popping up. They are very small and will never come to a head. Thank god for makeup!

Side effects I am currently experiencing: very dry lips, the inside of my nose is very dry and gets bloody! I haven't had a full blown bloody nose, but when i clean out my nose, there is always blood spots on my tissue (sorry to be gross) and my lower back hurts .

My appt is next week for my second blood draw and I will be bumped up to 60 mg from 40mg daily.

Hope all is well with everyone! Talk to you next week!



Accutane: Week 1

So week one is finished and I'm not noticing any major changes except for dry lips and a breakout on my lower left chin. I am hoping to get drier soon as I am still very oily! Even though I am still oily, I think today is the first day I dont feel AS oily (today is the 9th day, actually).

I also am on my second week of birth control- Loestrin 24. No crazy side effects except I get a headache every day pretty much after I take it!

So far so good. I will keep you all posted with weekly updates

:( Much love

Clarus- 40mg once a day

Using: Body Shops Vitamin E Oil, Cerave Moisturizing Face Wash and Moisturizing Cream, Aquophor for lips (waiting for my Dr. Dan's cortibalm!)


2 weeks away!

Hope everyone had a fabulous christmas and new years! I am going to the derm on Jan 19th at 9am to do blood work and start my accutane! I am so stoked!! I was clear for a while od'ing on pantothenic acid (b5) but am having a nasty breakout right now! thats when i said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and am starting Accutane. I honestly cannot wait to start! My skin is so incredibly oily- this morning i got oily within 15 minutes of putting my makeup on. I know everyone bitches about the dryness while on accutane, but honestly (and oddly enough), I cannot wait to be dry. I welcome the change!!! I am looking forward to starting. Any recommendations on makeup, face wash, lotions, lip balms etc. to use?

thanks loves!


After talking to about 5 different girls who did it, im finally starting on January 18th!!! They all said it is not that bad at all and that to for sure do it. I am so excited to start and nervous too...wish me luck, leave me advice, comments, suggestions, etc. What is the best moisturizer and lip balm to use???


Okay guys, so I start Accutane on October 9th! So incredibly nervous! Currently experiencing a nasty breakout on my chin and lower cheeks/jawline. Getting a Jessner's peel to clear it up. I will be posting pics tommorow of my current condition. Still looking for support and words of encouragement are very much appreciated...and needed! :)

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