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A few tips;

Sleep - Get yourself as much sleep as your body needs. Only you know how many hours that is.

Washing - Don't use any shit on your face. No creams or soaps or nothing. Just use warm water and gently splash/rub for a few seconds.

Moisturiser - Use Vaseline after showers and when you wake up in the morning if you have dry skin.

Shaving - Use a good quality electric shaver.

Lip balm - Try not to use it. Gradually use less and less and put up with dry lips until they heal themselves back to somewhat normality. Do not lick your lips.

Excercise - Is great for the skin. Cycle early in the morning for a few minutes.

Sun - Get lots of fresh air and sunlight on your skin.

Water - Drink a few pints a day to keep hydrated.

Supplements - Iron and 2x Omega 3 per day.

Fruit - Eat it. Especially apples.

Junk food - Eat and drink whatever you enjoy.

Skin products - Fuck them.



I've decided to let you know how my acne has changed since I first posted on here a few months back. For a background into how my acne has been in the past please read some of my previous blog entries.

My skin looks and feels really good now and there are a number of certain reasons for this.

Acne products are designed to generate a profit for the supplier. I realise washing is a somewhat essential part of living. When I used to shower which is the only time of the day I clean my face my forehead and other areas of my face used to appear blotchy and then after a few minutes it would go very dry and flaky in areas. I still use Dan's Cleanser but I gently rub it on my face for literally three seconds avoiding my lips. Immediately I rinse my face.

After I get out of the shower I used to put a shitload on moisturizer on to counter the dryness. Gradually I used less and less until now I only use a pea size amount which helps with dry skin from shaving etc. and the little dryness caused from the shower.

This has resulted in my skin looking and feeling so much better and I know this is the reason why I am now happy with myself.

I have used the same regime on my lips gradually using less and less Vaseline. Just a dab when I get out of the shower and a dab in the morning when I wake up. Breathing through my nose helps which took a little bit of getting used to. I used to always breathe through my mouth. I'm hoping sometime soon especially with the weather getting better I can ditch this stuff for good. Winter is a monster for everyone’s skin, just remember that. Nobody is perfect. I’ve noticed lots of people have dry lips.

Cold always used to make my face go a really funny colour especially around my mouth which turned very purple. This isn't a problem anymore. It really used to get my confidence down.

Also remember to take pride in your appearance.

In terms of food and drink I consume lots of pasta, chips, chocolate, crisps, pop, quite a bit of water, bread, milk hot chocolate, fresh orange juice and apples. I don't give a shit about what I eat with regards to my face. I don't believe it makes a significant difference. I take no supplements and am on no medication. I drink once a week at least and smoke a few a week. I highly doubt there is any correlation but my skin has gradually got better since I started smoking about a year ago after my skin had reached the worst it had ever been just prior.

To be honest I am so happy with my skin right now.

And sleeping well helps me. I'm a bad sleeper but when I get a succession of good days behind me my skin looks and feels better.

It took a few days to start noticing a change regarding washing my face and using less shit on it but after a few weeks I’m very pleased.

Hope this helps.


EDIT: To add to this after checking out my previous blogs I realised I was trying too hard to make my skin look and feel better. Especially in the past I was suckered into the world of acne products.

I used a mirror beside a window aswell when examining my face for a true picture of what I looked like. When I returned home after a being out for the day, especially on cold days I quickly examined my face when I got in. These mirrors give much more honest results than other mirrors under false lighting and shadowing.


The fight has continued another week and I must say I'm winning at the moment. Firstly green tea definitely made my skin uncomfortably oily and I therefore won't be touching it again.

Okay. I've been using Dan's cleanser for two weeks now every night followed by Vaseline essential moisture. I bought Dan's starter kit and have sampled all the products. The cleanser is without a doubt a great product. Before it I was using a "simple" cleanser soap which I thought was a good idea for about two years. After two weeks of Dan's cleanser damn was I wrong. The soap was far too harsh on my skin which made my face blotchy and visibly horrible. Dan's cleanser used for about 20 seconds at a time is great; it still causes dryness but that's where moisturizer comes in handy. I plan on using it every morning aswell (again in conjunction with a good moisturize) sometime soon when I feel the time is right.

Now I've used BP before and the memories of that time are horrible. Very nasty acne. Compared to now I look amazing (thanks accutane). But I still have acne. I've used Dan's BP four times in the last two weeks and although it does make your skin feel "hot" and sometimes uncomfortable it does kill spots faster. However I don't like this stuff for non inflamed acne and this was the case last time I used BP. I'm still going to test it for a little while longer but not everyday, thankyou.

Jojoba oil. I intended on using this for my dry lips. It's crap. If you do have dry lips I'd recommend using Vaseline essential moisture on them. Let it soak in and they'll feel alot better. Then you must apply Vaseline petroleum jelly. At night use as much as you want. Then through the day you should be able to get away with enough to not look like a fool. Just enough to feel comfortable. I’ve been doing this for only a few days and my lips look and feel alot better than they did prior.

Finally the moisturizer. In conjunction with the "simple" soap I was using I moisturized with Vaseline essential moisture. Then after receiving Dan's I switched. Dan's moisturiser burns and turns my skin red for a few hours. So back to Vaseline's it was. Far better. Doesn't irritate at all.

Over the past two weeks the main lesson I've learned is the importance of not irritating the skin. Using Dan's cleanser for twenty seconds every night followed by Vaseline essential moisture is bringing me good results so far and hopefully it will continue. Of course I'll let you know.


Quick Check In

So my week of green tea is over and it does effect the skin considerably. It made my skin alot more oily than it usually is; it usually isn't. It did even out my skin tone but meh. Not worth the hassle.

I avoided crisps, sweets and chocolate aswell but it really is just depressing not having food you really enjoy. I still want to try a fast sometime soon to see once and for all whether or not food effects my acne.

Overall my skin looks the same as it did at the beginning of the week, it just feels worse.

Anyway. I've now cracked into the starter kit today and I'll fully explain my old and new regime later but the cleanser feels great, so much better than the soap I've been using for years now.

Just a quick check in now but I intend to explain more tomorrow.

A cheeky turkish delight is on the menu. :)


It's almost a week since I cut alot of junk food from my diet and started drinking green tea, about 3 cups a day. I've also started having cooler and shorter showers with less time spent cleansing my face. Already I drink alot of water.

Green tea tastes okay, alot nicer when hot than cold.

So far my skin tone is more even, I've definetelly noticed that and it's become less sensitive aswell, less redness and less sensitivity to cold weather. However it also seems to be a little bit more oily today, but this is the first day I've noticed this effect.

I've been very happy with my skin this week and it's looked pretty good in all mirrors I've looked into. I'm going to continue for another week and see if the effects become even more apparent.

I really want some chocolate though. :)


Today is the third day of my new approach to acne. I was dying for a coco pop bar earlier today but decided against it. Three days without junk food is tougher than I thought.

The cooler showers and fifteen second soft face cleansing are also helping.

And I'm sticking to five a day so all is going well so far especially with my skin looking as good as it's been recently.

I actually decided to postpone my usage of Dan's starter kit yesterday because I want to give the more natural approach a real shot first but it's already in the post so I'll store it for a later date if needs be.

And aren't mirrors strange? Looking in the bathroom mirror you would never guess I had acne. My bedroom mirror is touch and go which makes it even more confusing and the same goes with the living room mirror. If you know what I mean here then just take a mirror outside for a real and honest view on what you're really dealing with. The truth may hurt but the truth is always the best.


The Fight Begins

People have their opinions on what causes acne with food being a topic that is often discussed. After reading an article yesterday I am fully convinced diet and acne are related so yesterday I made sure to have no chocolate, sweets, crisps and pop or any other junk food. Instead I enjoyed some healthy food including broccoli, cabbage, sweetcorn, potatos and those peas/beans and with a superb Sunday dinner and it makes you feel good, it really does.

Then later that night I decided on a warmish shower instead of a hot shower because these hot showers seem to irritate my face. Also felt good.

No real results yet but I'm not expecting much so soon.

And I'm buying some green tea later today. It'll be a first for me so fingers crossed it'll join the fight. There's a few other things I've got my eye on so I'll keep you updated.

Used in conjunction with the items I bought yesterday plus some Jojoba Oil I added to my basket the fight begins (once they arrive :)).

Be Happy

Keep fighting


Hello to anyone who reads. I've had acne since I was about 14. It started with the forehead and then the rest of the face and then my back. Many treatments let me down as my skin got greasier and greasier and spottier and spottier. Junk from Boots, stupid soaps, deodrant like gel to rub on my face and the dreaded BP all let me down.

I eventually got onto Accutane from my doctor. The worst part of it was fainting from them evil people taking my blood. It worked well for the year or so that I took it as I started to realise that I needed to take care of myself better; more of that to come. It did however completely clear my back and neck of acne and I havn't had a spot on my back in a couple of years. Used in conjunction with a cleansing soap and moisturizer I eventually came off the Accutane and continued with the soap and moisturizer.

Accutane made my skin dry which was treated well with moisturizer.

But it also made my lips dry which is a nightmare. I still haven't found a solution to completely kill this one.

Now I've been off Accutane for about a year and don't get as many spotty spots, the nasty ones you have to squeeze. I still get the red mark ones though, the ones that don't hurt as much physically but hurt just as much mentally. My current problems are what I like to describe as not very nice skin on my face. I want this to end and will change my behaviour to do so.

I really want to overcome the bitch known as acne.

Step 1: Dan's Starter Kit

Be Happy

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