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Hello everyone!!! Wow! Well it's been about two years now since I initially started on the acne.org regimen and I was just recently browsing this website looking up new ways to help reduce redness, acne scarring etc. I logged in and was skimming through my older blogs from when I first started the treatment and I realized I haven't wrote in FOREVER! I guess I have been so caught up in other things that i have neglected my blog entries! -- But then again, that must be a GOOD thing because I am longer as obsessive and worried over my skin as I used to be two years ago, which means I am actually able to enjoy my life more nowadays which is great!

Well, I guess I can start by giving a brief update of myself now... Well I am now 20 years old, I'm a 2nd year undergrad university student, and I know I said before that I was studying Linguistics but I switched over to French Studies and now hoping to become a French teacher after I finish my undergrad in four years. I won't go into too much details but that is the gist of my life at the moment.

Here is an update of my skin care routine that I am currently following (as you can see I have switched some of the products I used and implemented others):


- Cleanse face with Lancôme Crème Mousse Confort (Comforting Creamy Foaming Cleanser Dry Skin); dab gently to dry with face towel

- Apply 1 finger length of Acne.org Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide) to face; allow 5-10 minutes to dry

- ***Moisturize with Vaseline Intensive Rescue Extra Strength Hypoallergenic Lotion; allow 5-10 minutes to set

- Makeup routine: Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation applied w/ Stippling brush

*** Sometimes, I switch between using the Vaseline lotion and Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Both work well for my skin.


- Shower; cleanse face with Lancôme Crème Mousse Confort (Comforting Creamy Foaming Cleanser Dry Skin); dab gently with towel

- Apply 2-3 drops of Acne.org Jojoba Oil to entire face; wait 5-10 minutes

- Apply 1 finger length of Acne.org Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide) to face; allow 5-10 minutes to dry

- ***Moisturize with Vaseline Intensive Rescue Extra Strength Hypoallergenic Lotion

*** I have recently been starting to implement the Acne.org AHA+ Treatment to my nightly regimen. Although I did purchase the AHA+ a while ago, I never really used it on a consistent basis. I am trying to start to use it more regularly to improve the texture/tone of my skin and reduce hyperpigmentation/old acne marks. I will give a later update on my experience and results of using AHA+ and any personal recommendations.

I suppose I should also give an update of how my skin has been looking recently. Well this past summer I took a trip to Vietnam and stayed there for a little over a month... it was a totally different climate and I was at first a bit worried about how my skin would take it. I continued to perform the acne.org regimen while I was there and I took care to use SPF and apply it consistently to protect my skin from the strong sun rays. I also didn't wear makeup at all during my vacation time there (it's far too hot and sweaty to wear makeup routinely). I did however, experience a bad breakout on my back while I was in the country. I suspect this was due to the unbearable climate and constant perspiration. When I got back to Canada, I immediately wanted to do something about my back. I bought a back brush and started cleaning it like crazy and to date, it has gotten much better.

As for my face, it has been okay and I have managed to keep my skin clear. Unfortunately, just recently (about a month ago) I made the stupid mistake of not purchasing an extra bottle of the Acne.org Treatment before running out. I ran out of the treatment and I ordered it at the last minute when I was desperate for more BP... in doing so I had to significantly minimize the amount of BP I was using on my face every day... and while waiting for the new bottle to come in the mail, I broke out badly on my face! It was such a terrible experience for me and I felt really sad (and almost like crying at points) because I hadn't experienced so many pimples on my face in the longest time! I got breakouts on my forehead, my cheeks and a bunch on the bridge of my nose which was very discouraging. I kept telling myself that this was my own fault and that soon when BP was in the mail I'd have to start all over essentially. It was not a great experience but as soon as I got the new bottle of BP, I started from scratch to battle the active acne on my face. It has been about a month since I had this breakout and I have fought off the active acne that had resurfaced... but unfortunately I am still having to fight the redness and remains of those pimples that had formed just a while ago. In specific, my cheeks have some red marks and hyperpigmentation due to the outbreak. As a result, I have decided to start undergoing the AHA+ treatment in conjuction with the regular regimen.

I am hoping for the best but as I have heard really great things about AHA+ I am sure I will see an improvement considering I don't get any weird reactions from using the product. I will keep you updated on how this new journey of battling acne redding/scarring goes for me. Wish me all the luck!!! I will write on here maybe in a week or so (or even less!) See you soon! And best of luck to everyone who is beginning/continuing their battle with acne using Dan's Acne.org regimen! Lots of love, xoxo.

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 147

Hello all!! Well, I'm back.. another month has gone by too quickly and here I am again ready to give an update on my skin! Well for starters, great news.. My skin lately has been co-operating wonderfully well with me!! I am so happy with it! The dryness has lifted tremendously and my face is continuing to retain and gain a more flawless look as the days pass! I have been using Dan's Acne.org Treatment and let me tell you, it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I should note here, however that I have dramatically reduced the amount of BP I have been using.. after my terrible experience with over-dryness from my previous entry, I reduced the amount of BP I use back to only half a finger's length and a little extra for bedtime. My face is 90% clear now anyways (aside from small marks still slowly fading) so I realize there is not much need to go full-out on the amount of BP I use. Also, I have completely stopped using my Cetaphil SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer.. Overall, I did not like the feel of it on my skin at all.. I may test it out once again later but so far, I am much happier with my skin when I haven't been using it. To moisturize, I have continued with my Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and it is working like magic! It moisturizes my face wonderfully.. and I use less to avoid that greasy look which ends up looking just fine with me. My daily regimen routine currently consists of:

Morning (no makeup):

Wake up, brush teeth and wash face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Rinse.

Wait 5-10 minutes.

Apply half a finger's length of Acne.org 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment.

Wait 10-15 minutes. (Use this time to dress and fix/style hair)

Moisturize well with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.

Morning (with makeup):

Wake up, brush teeth and wash face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Rinse.

Wait 5-10 minutes.

Apply half a finger's length of Acne.org 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment.

Wait 10-15 minutes. (Use this time to dress and fix/style hair)

Moisturize well with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.

Wait 5 minutes, allowing moisturizer to settle.

Apply L'Oreal Bare Naturale mineral makeup concealer for under-eyes and powder foundation using Kabuki brush (buffing technique). Add a little mascara and all set to go! :(


Remove any eye-makeup with eye-makeup remover/cotton pad.

Shower and wash face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Rinse.

Wait 10-15 minutes after getting out of shower.

Apply 3-5 drops of Jojoba oil to skin and rub in.

Wait another 15-20 minutes.

Apply half a finger's length (plus a little extra) of Acne.org 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment.


***This regimen routine has seemed to work for me lately and I'm planning to stick with it. Also a great tip for anyone out there who wants to use or is using Jojoba oil for their skin, a great way to reserve Jojoba oil (if your bottle does not include a dropper) is to get an empty eye-dropper bottle, clean and refill it with some Jojoba oil. This way, it is conveniently small for your travel needs and you have the convenience of using a dropper instead of over-using and wasting that oh-so-expensive-and-valuable Jojoba oil!!!

Anyways, aside from that.. so far so good! I still have few small visible marks on my face from old acne but it is very unnoticeable now compared to before. I am planning on beginning to implement the brand new AHA+ bottle I ordered in earlier from Dan's site.. however, still a little scared that my skin will over-react.. but I heard good things about it and am anxious to try it out!! Perhaps in my next blog entry I will have started using AHA+ and will be able to give a personal review on my experience using it!

As always, all the best luck to those out there still struggling with their fight against acne! Don't give up, keep fighting and overcome it!!! :( Take care everyone!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 118

Hello all again! Well, as promised, I will be taking this time to make a blog on my current progress using my new bottle of Dan's personal BP treatment.. well so far, so good. My skin does seem to have a pretty positive reaction to the new treatment.. Within the first few days of using Dan's treatment, I really started liking the way my skin looked.. although my skin is basically 100% clear now--despite minor old red marks from old acne-- it seemed to take it a big step ahead to even nicer looking skin.. HOWEVER, over the last few days I have been suddenly experience SEVERE dryness... to the point that my skin feels extremely stiff and hard when I touch it, especially my cheeks.. since that is the most sensitive part of my face and unfortunately also has to be the only real area on my face that is acne-prone.. It is really annoying! On top of that, even in the morning when I am doing my makeup routine--after my regimen, of course.. and I should note here that I barely wear makeup these days.. which is such a GREAT feeling to any girl out there who has dreaded simply going out to the grocery store without makeup for fear of people seeing their pimples!-- ANYWAYS, so lately I have been having some annoying problems when trying to do my makeup in the morning.. As I have stated in previous blogs, I use very minimal makeup coverage for my face nowadays.. simply some mineral powder foundation and a little mineral concealer for under-eye dark circles and mascara and that's it! (before I always used to apply the heavy coverage Estee Lauder Double Wear makeup foundation, which was MUCH heavier coverage of my face and now that I think back to it, it was so obvious that I had makeup on when I wore it compared to my new makeup routine)...

But yes.. I am trailing off again, so to get to the point when I apply my mineral powder I noticed my skin gets blotchy/scaly looking in really severely dry areas on my face such as around my cheeks and it is really a big nuisance! I always make sure I moisturize prior to putting makeup on so I don't see why my moisturizer (Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF 15) isn't really helping at all... and lately I should also note I haven't been using my Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for my nightly regimen at all... I don't know if that's the problem but it's really annoying. I feel like my skin begins to look worse and more unnatural as I continue to buff my makeup on my face.. :(

Aside from that.. no real problems going on.. but then again over-dryness IS a big problem to me! I think I may consider switching to a better moisturizer soon, once I am finished with this Cetaphil bottle.. the moisturizing cream I find is good... but this one, I don't know.. also when I apply it, I always seem to get an annoying stinging/burning sensation which is really not that comfortable for my skin.. oh wait, I just realized I had another small minor problem... which is ITCHING! Omgosh, my skin has been crazy itching.. but not just since I have switched to Dan's BP.. but also prior to that just in general.. I am considering easing back on the amount of BP I apply to my skin, since lately my skin is reacting harsher to the product.. perhaps only apply nightly and not in the morning? OR.. a larger amount at night with heavy moisturizer but very very little bit just on affected area in morning? Hmm.. sounds okay, but I will experiment a bit with it and write back to see if I can get any better results and get rid of this dryness/itchiness problem!

As always, good luck to all on their journey fighting acne!!!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 109

Hello everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S 2010!! Wow! I can't believe I am already past the 100th day of the Regimen and yet I have not been writing anything at all since day 46! =| I am WAY behind.. but I've been pretty busy this past month with the holidays, shopping, work and just Christmas things with family/boyfriend. However, great news! I just got home a couple hours ago and went in my room to find that my first package from Dan of BP and AHA+ had arrived! (courtesy of my nice big sister who had generously ordered it for me as a Christmas gift since I don't have my own credit card)..! So yep! I was all of a sudden reminded of this wonderful site and figured I finally should update about the regimen by writing a new entry.. so basically my skin is doing wonderful! I am really happy now! I got off the Cetaphil Acne Principles 5% BP as I stated in recent blogs.. the treatment itself I think just seemed too strong of a BP concentration for my sensitive skin.. and it got super red/flaky as a result so I am done with that... well I have been finished with it for over a month now (since I did not write). I have been using Oxy Vanishing Acne Treatment 2.5% BP since then and everything has been working perfectly fine! :wall: They have also came out with a recent updated medication different than their other one... it smells a little better now... before it smelled like spoiled butter and now more like some kind of cucumber (they added some moisturizing ingredient apparently).. anyways so that has been fine.. the only problem I'm still experiencing is minor flaking although I have the majority of that under control.

I have been using Jojoba on my skin every night after I shower/cleanse and prior to applying BP.. it seems to work well for me that way.. I also need to buy a new bottle of Jojoba but I'm pretty happy that it lasted me a good 2 or so months.. especially considering I had first been using it twice daily and now I have reduced that to only once at night.. I figure that it is better this way as in the morning when I need to go somewhere, it takes far too long to do the regimen especially with the Jojoba making my skin appear very oily and shiny and unable to apply makeup without it sliding off and looking horrible! The flakiness I experience is usually after I have finished with my BP and while I am applying my mineral makeup.. I wait 15 minutes after I BP before I moisturize and about 5 minutes after moisturizing before I begin my makeup routine.. I should also make a note that I am very pleased with the makeup I am currently using.. it is WAY less than before when I used to have lots of acne on my cheeks. I use L'Oreal's Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation.. and I am very happy with the way it settles nicely on my skin, making my skin appear much more fresh and awake and fixes any unevenness but at the same time not even looking like I am wearing anything!! If anyone is reading this and wants recommendation for a nice makeup foundation to wear while on the regimen, I would really recommend Bare Naturale!

Anyways, before I keep getting off topic, as I was saying I do get a little flaky at times after I have finished applying my makeup.. using my kabuki brush I find is much more helpful in avoiding flakiness on my face than using my fingers but I do get quite a bit of flaking at times around the jawline/sides of my face which is REALLY annoying.. but then again it isn't very hard to get rid of... I just lightly brush it off and it tends to stop after..

Aside from that, I am SO SO happy with the regimen!!! Everything has been working wonderfully so far.. I had a few small obstacles to deal with such as the crazy redness/burning/flakiness but I feel much more comfortable in my own skin nowadays and it just makes me so happy!

For now, I think this is enough writing to update this blog. So I have marked down that today (January 1st, 2010.. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S once again!) is the first day I will have begun using Dan's personal Benzoyl Peroxide medication ordered from acne.org and I am pumped to try it out! I got the smaller 8oz bottle to begin with and see if I like it (which I'm sure I will!) and I'm actually really surprised with the size of the bottle! Wow! Compared to my tiny little $8.00 Oxy bottle, I already am so happy with this purchase! Let's just hope it works well, and if not, even better than my current product!! I'm also looking forward to trying out the AHA+.. still need to research more into it but I've read good stuff so far and am itching to try it out too!

Until next time, I will TRY to make a least a couple blogs updating here about my review on Dan's BP and AHA+.. For all those continuing to struggle with acne, PLEASE DON'T EVER GIVE UP! GO AND TRY OUT DAN'S REGIMEN... no don't just "try".. DO IT! It's all in your head, if you motivate yourself enough INWARDLY, you will surely get the results you desire OUTWARDLY!! =D Make it your New Year's Resolution!! Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for the year!!!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 46

Hello all! Hmm.. well seems like I haven't wrote lately and better catch up since it's been a whole week gone by since I last wrote... WELL, sadly although I'm so happy with this Jojoba oil and how it has eliminated the visibility of flakiness on my face.. I feel like the oiliness residue it leaves behind lately has made my skin super shiny looking and for some reason I feel like my face is super uneven-toned and my cheeks are much redder than when I first got cleared off of using my Oxy cream.. Just a couple days ago I went to my awards night at school and when my dad took some pictures of me, I viewed the picture again on his camera and my cheeks were SO RED! WTH!!! :D This is definitely not looking good. I am really starting to doubt this new 5% BP I have... at least if it isn't the Jojoba oil (I don't want to blame that product right away since it claims to diminish redness and it has indeed helped with flakiness/dryness) but I really am wanting to order Dan's BP NOW.. ASAP! I am getting sick of 5% BP (if that is the cause, which I think it is) considering it uses such a stronger strength of BP than my original cream and the acne.org gel... I really don't think it's for me considering my skin is also extremely sensitive.. when I first started getting clear off using Oxy 2.5% BP it was looking amazing because my skin wasn't overly-red anymore and I was so happy about that but now that I am using this Cetaphil Acne Principles stuff.. I think it must be the strength that is too high for my skin to take... so I am considering right now maybe lessening the amount I use (hoping it won't cause new breakouts to form) and ordering Dan's BP as soon as possible... the only thing that is preventing me at this point is because I don't own my own credit card so I would need to use my sister's or something to order.. we will see... hmm I am talking to my boyfriend at the moment on msn and I mentioned redness in skin problem and he was like "NOOO!!! Your face isn't even red! It was red before, now it looks so much better!" (I am basically with him everyday btw).. ah well.. I still want to not look like rosy red cheek woman in pictures so i guess I'll continue this Cetaphil 5% BP stuff and maybe decrease the amount a little and the way I use my Jojoba oil.. lately I have been applying Jojoba oil to my face prior to applying BP and then immediately applying the BP after I have applied Jojoba... I wonder if I am doing that right... or if that is preventing the BP from coming to my face or something... since a couple days ago I noticed 2 new little pimples (for the first time since I've started clearing up) appeared on my right cheek and I was so upset! .. I should make a note here that I had gone out for the first time in so long with my boyfriend to go on a field trip with him so I spent lots of time outside and perhaps that may be a variable which caused those weird pimples to pop up.. but anyways that is just a side note.. I don't want to jump to the conclusion that my regimen has gone wrong and that is what caused those pimples.. I just need to be more careful with my face when I go out! So yeah.. I decided to change up how I use my Jojoba for now.. perhaps I'll just use a little when I apply moisturizer now instead of the before-the-BP-step... we'll see how that goes.. and hoping to get the acne.org BP soon as well! .. Hmm.. well hoping all will go well for me and no more new breakouts *cross fingers*!!!! I will report back on how this change goes and how my face will react to the change!!! Wish me luck!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 39

Wow, every time I come onto here to write a new blog the time seems to have gone by just so quickly.. I can't believe it's been over a week since I last wrote! Well, I haven't been on my computer that very much since I was not doing well as I mentioned before.. (very sick) and also once I got better had to work hard to finish up the last touches for the first unit of my distance ed. course so I could finally record myself (since my voice was terrible when I was sick) and send in my work! Anyways, so now that that is over it will take maybe another week before I receive the rest of my course in the mail which is great so then I can finish it all up as quickly as possible and get things over with! Anyways, well right now I am waiting for my face to dry.. I just applied my BP and am doing the "15-minute wait" before I proceed to moisturize...

GREAT NEWS by the way! To anyone out there who lives in Canada and happens to be in a hopeless search for Jojoba Oil I found some at my local mall! I bought it just this past week and it's been great! It feels absolutely wonderful on my skin and has been helping a lot with some of the minor redness and irritation I have been experiencing.. I've been following some useful tips on the message boards for using Jojoba Oil which is great too (I tried the recommended exfoliation method by "cool as kim deal" using Jojoba once and also have been experimenting with applying Jojoba before BP -- which I have done the past couple days and have been satisfied thus far -- as well as mixing it in with my moisturizer) So far things are great! I'm really enjoying playing around with this stuff and going to see what will work best.. I have been suffering from some flakiness issues prior to buying the oil and now that I have been using it, things are great! The flakiness is definitely decreasing which I am so happy about .. (I particularly had the dryness/flakiness area around my mouth which was annoying.. but now this is really helping and I'm glad!!)

Today is also my wonderful boyfriend's first day on the regimen.. he originally started like... two days into my regimen with me but got lazy I suppose and didn't have any products of his own to work with when we weren't around each other.. but now we hang out much more and since seeing my on the Regimen and the wonderful results I have gotten, I guess he is finally motivated to go on it too! His acne isn't really what I would call severe though so I'm sure the regimen will surely work for him as well! -- I will keep updated with him on this blog too, hehe. SO yeah! Right now he is on his computer next to me playing Gears of War... T_T' Such a boy... hehe so I am going to poke him because now 15 minutes is up and it's time to moisturize! So wish him luck!!

Oh yeah, and I suppose I should update on how my face is looking.. absolutely great! The red marks I last discussed are definitely fading.. gradually.. but they are fading little by little.. no new pimples to report -- KNOCK ON WOOD AS ALWAYS -- which is great and I'm really happy to see my face basically .. 90% clear (aside from the leftover red marks) .. I am super happy! Whoever hasn't gone on the regimen yet and is skeptical about whether it will work, GO ON IT NOW! I AM TELLING YOU THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO TAKE A CHANCE ON.. I HAVE TRIED SO MUCH ON MY SKIN PRIOR TO THIS REGIMEN AND NOTHING ELSE HAS WORKED EVER!!!!!

Hehe, that was my little motivational rant... :) Oh btw, here is my updated regimen skin care daily routine:


- Brush teeth/cleanse face with Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser; Pat dry

- Allow 5-10 minutes to air-dry

- Apply 3 drops of Jojoba Oil evenly around face

- Follow up with Cetaphil Acne Principles 5% Benzoyl Peroxide (one-finger length)

- Allow 15 minutes to air-dry

- Moisturize with Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

- Dab any dry areas with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (mixed with perhaps 2 drops of Jojoba Oil)

*when skin becomes really flaky, I follow "cool as kim deal"'s instructions on exfoliating my skin with Jojoba oil in the morning before I follow up with my regular routine*


- Shower; cleanse face while showering

- Allow 10 minutes to air-dry

- [same as morning routine.. EXCEPT moisturizing routine]

- Moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (mixed with 2-3 drops of Jojoba Oil)

***Oh, and if anyone is looking for Jojoba oil and from Canada and have no luck, I found my Jojoba Oil at the Nutrition House. I bought the "Aura Cacia" brand for around $15 which isn't bad considering that is basically the same price as online and you would actually save money from not having to pay for shipping.. Hope that helps!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 30

Hello all! Well, looks like another quick week has gone by. Sadly, I have not been able to really do anything productive this entire week because I have been SUPER SICK! I have this horrible cough right now where I have both dry/phlegm coughs literally every 15 or so seconds! It's SO annoying and so frustrating to deal with.. I've had it for over a week now as well which was crappy because when it came time for me to go to work I didn't want to not go (since weekends at the restaurant are super busy so I am needed.. but since it was Thanksgiving weekend, it wasn't as busy as usual but I still went nevertheless) But yeah, it was absolutely horrible because I kept coughing every three seconds while I was on my shift and I'm sure customers thought I sounded like I was dying or something! And also since I am responsible for doing take-out orders on the phone it was even worst when I'd end up coughing like crazy while trying to take a customer's order and they would just be like "uhh... are you okay.....? Hope you get better!" And I'd end up explaining that I have a terrible cough and ugh, yeah just horrible. Also worst because I haven't been able to send in my first completed unit for my distance course because I still need to do recordings of my voice for certain questions that need to be marked and I have absolutely no voice right now.. and the little voice I have left sounds like a disgusting frog! :) So yeah, I have postponed that.. and to make matters worse today is my high school graduation ceremony and I won't even be able to attend that because I am so sick and don't want to end up coughing like crazy while the speakers are trying to talk and the audience is trying to listen and I will just be a nuisance to everyone.. so yeah..

ANYWAYS, I just spent the last paragraph explaining my annoying sickness... so I figure I better get down to the point and actually blog about my recent thoughts of my regimen, hehe. So to cut to the chase, I have been using the new Cetaphil BP for a good week now.. and pretty much it's the same thing as last time I wrote.. I still have some minor irritation going on but it has sort of decreased.. I haven't gotten the guts to increase the amount of BP I have used yet from the half finger mark since I am scared the 5% BP will really cause over-irritation... but I suppose it shouldn't hurt to try.. Maybe I will try tonight and see how my skin takes it.. to 3/4 finger length? I think that should be okay. I am at my boyfriend's house right now and well, last night I came over to sleepover and unfortunately I forgot one important step of my regimen which was my Clean and Clear cleanser! So that was sucky and when I got here I didn't have my proper cleanser... I ended up substituting with this new bottle of Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel Cream or whatever stuff that my boyfriend had.. since I needed at least something to cleanse with for the time being.. It was OKAY I guess.. the only thing I was a little hesitant was when I read it had some form of Zinc or something in the ingredients.. and I know that Dan's regimen requires we do use a NON-MEDICATED cleanser.. but nevertheless it was alright. I used it last night and this morning. When my boyfriend came home from school today he took me to Tim Horton's to eat a bowl of Chilli and drink an Iced Cap so that kind of made my sickness feel a bit better. Hehe, I love him! Lol, anyways. On the way home we also stopped by the Drug store and I decided to buy a new cleanser to leave at his house for whenever I am there... I got the "Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser" which I was planning on eventually trying out anyways since I heard good reviews of it and of course, I am big on Cetaphil nowadays, haha. I was contemplating in the store whether to get the "Oily Skin Cleanser" or "Gentle Skin Cleanser (for dry skin)" since I wasn't really sure my skin type... I have had past experiences with oily skin but that is more in my T-zone area.. and considering I was on this regimen that really made my skin super dry and flaky I figured I would be better off with the Gentle Skin Cleanser one..

So that is all, going to try that out tonight!! Also let me update with my makeup. L'Oreal's Bare Naturale Mineral Makeup is working out very nicely for me thus far! It just about feels like I have nothing on my face when I wear it and I just saw my sister yesterday for Thanksgiving (since she is away at University in a different city) and she complimented my on my "new" skin which made me feel really great! :D So yeah, hoping for the best as always and also really hoping this sickness will go away soon so I can at least feel better by the end of this week and mail in my first unit for my distance ed. course!!!! As for my skin, it looks pretty close to what it did last time I wrote here.. it is still apparent that there are very minor red marks left from my old acne and it's also shown since my face is still having some redness due to my new BP. But hoping that will diminish soon by the next time I write!

As for all the other acne-sufferers out there, don't give up!!!!!!! We can all fight acne together!!!! Good luck everyone!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 24

Hello all! Well, today is my 24th day on the regimen.. wow, cannot believe how fast the time has gone by!! It is also my third day using the new Cetaphil Acne Principles 5% BP gel since switching from my Oxy 2.5% one so I figured I should make an update on how the change has been coming along for me... Unfortunately, it kind of feels like I have skipped back from a week ago's level of irritation now that I am using the Cetaphil gel instead.. I of course, blame that on the active ingredient BP being at a 5% strength instead of the 2.5%.. so I suppose the additional irritation is expected. I originally tried giving a full finger's length of the new Cetaphil gel but then after experiencing a little excessive dryness and some redness I decided to move back down to half a finger's length like I had last been using with my Oxy cream. I figure that this is the maximum amount I should be using for now as my skin adjusts to this new gel and BP strength and perhaps in another week or so I will increase a little.. I am not planning on going over one finger's length amount though since as I said before, my acne is only concentrated on one part of my face which is my cheeks. And plus, with this new gel, I don't want to overdo it since the strength is higher.

ANYWAYS, so that is basically it so far. As I said, being on this new Cetaphil gel I have been experiencing some recent minor redness after I finish applying my moisturizer as well as some irritation.. When I say "redness" I don't mean full-out tomato face redness though, just to clarify that.. it isn't the severe redness I experienced on my first couple weeks on the regimen but rather just minor flushing of redness on areas where I applied the most gel.. i.e. my cheeks and around my chin.

Also, I should update on my makeup routine as well... the last entry I wrote I had announced that I just bought the Bare Minerals makeup foundation. WELL, after I bought it.. (I am now WAY more picky about the type of makeup I put on my skin) I went around acne.org to see what people said about it.. I had heard about mineral makeup before on this site so that is the main reason I wanted to try out the mineral foundation.. however when I got on the site I realized that the mineral makeup I was really intending to buy was the "Everyday Minerals" makeup and not the Bare Minerals one.. especially after I read it contained a potential irritant in one of its ingredients: Bismuth Oxychloride... which could potentially irritate and itch the skin and perhaps even cause new breakouts and cystic acne!! So I became super skeptical about my purchase and went the next day back to the drug store to return it... I checked for the "Everyday Minerals" brand at the store but apparently they didn't even know what that was (I now have discovered it is only sold online through their website).. so instead I ended up buying the "L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation" in "Light Ivory". I also heard good reviews about this makeup which is why I got that instead .. and THEN unfortunately after I got home I looked underneath and saw the label: May contain Bismuth Oxychloride... which happened to be the primary reason I returned my Bare Minerals........... =|

SO, instead of making a fuss I went onto acne.org and read up some reviews people made on the L'Oreal Mineral Makeup and apparently there were some pretty great reviews on it for acne-prone skin so I decided oh what the heck, I will just try it out! So these past two days I have used it.. I don't think I am using the correct brush though.. I need to get a "kabuki" brush apparently which is the proper brush used to apply mineral foundation.. but nevertheless my own powder brush seemed to work alright (I didn't use the brush the makeup came with because I heard it was terrible). Well, the makeup actually feels really great! I use a small sauce bowl to do the swirl-buff-tap technique since the lid of the makeup is a bit disappointing and does not have a flat surface to use makeup in.. The makeup looked the right colour at first but I have noticed it kind of looks darker around my cheeks.... I think however, this may be the result of having redness there... which is the outcome when I try to put makeup on top of it, so I am not too worried about that. Other than that, it looks much more fresh and my face feels so much lighter now with no heavy liquid foundation on it anymore!

Ooops, seems like I wrote quite a lot today. Well that is my update for the past couple days. I am just hoping now that my face will soon become more accustomed to this new Cetaphil gel I am using and the minor redness/irritation will subside once again. Looking forward to even greater skin!!! Once again thank you Dan for sharing your wonderful regimen with the world!!!!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 22

Yay! Almost at the one-month mark of my regimen experience! I am so happy though, my skin is looking wonderful and I feel like my self-esteem has climbed up so high now and I feel much more beautiful in my own skin. It is a great feeling -- and I haven't had that great feeling of having nice, clear skin for years! Especially when I get out of the shower, wake up in morning and have a naked face with no makeup! It's finally great to look in the mirror at myself and not have to stare down a cluster of pimples that have permanently etched themselves to my face... eww, I am picturing that now and it sounds/looks disgusting.. ANYWAYS! So like I said in my previous entry, I have gone out and replaced my Oxy BP cream with Cetaphil's BP gel.. And yes it is 5% BP gel (I got it because it was gel-based, not cream-based like Oxy... and also because since it was a Cetaphil product and I love Cetaphil's products so far, I decided to give their BP a shot) .. anyways so today was the first time I applied their BP... I did about half a finger's length to try it out.. I haven't been on Dan's "two full finger lengths = two full pumps" amount yet... I don't know if I really need to since I am clearing up so well now.. but since it was 5% I figured I shouldn't put too much on... It didn't irritate at all though which is great.. and even when I moisturized it felt perfect! And the gel is, as expected, going on clear and not leaving icky white lines behind which I'm happy about! I am planning on perhaps increasing the amount a little but I will wait to see how the results go..

Also, I finally went out this weekend on my way to work to look for a new light sheer powder foundation.. and going to at long last, put my much heavier Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation aside.. Instead I went to the drug store and decided to purchase the i.d. Bare Minerals powder foundation. I also bought some new brushes.. and I tried it out on Sunday and wow, looks beautiful and so much lighter! I don't even really feel a need to wear makeup anymore but I wanted to just add a finishing glow to my skin and so I figured a light mineral powder would do the trick. I am probably just going to use my old Estee Lauder foundation as a concealer for any little spots on my face needing coverage (ex. under-eye circles) just to use that bottle up and perhaps invest in a nice concealer for the future! I really want to lighten my use of makeup and I'm so happy I can finally use just a sheer powder! Feels great! I've heard about certain ingredients in it may cause allergic reactions/breakouts to certain people.. which I'm kind of skeptical about but I'm going to give it a shot for now and see how my skin reacts!

And as always, anticipating greater and more results on the regimen!!!!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 19

Wow! Day 19.. almost at four weeks and my skin is glowing!! I'm so happy!!!!! I just finished showering and was getting ready for bed and my boyfriend saw me and was like "WOW! Your skin looks so nice!!! It's as nice as if you have makeup on or something!" Hehehe! That just made me feel really happy inside because I usually would wear makeup to make my skin look better and to hide those ugly pimples.. I feel like I can walk around with nothing on my face with so much more confidence now! I just finished moisturizing about five minutes ago and also even greater news: My skin is no longer burning and irritating!! (well, so far at least.. I will make a note later if it does start irritating, but so far so good!) Now that should mean that I should really notice an improvement on the redness problem I have been dealing with.. hopefully that will go away soon too! Wow! This is just amazing, I am in utter shock! I didn't really take any before and after pics to show the progress-- since my skin looked disgusting before-- but if I did, wow I would definitely see much improvement!!

Unfortunately, I am running extremely low on my supply of Benzoyl.. My Oxy bottle I started off with is just about empty now (I probably have enough to last me another day).. but I just went out to the drug store today and bought a new BP .. I am planning to order Dan's soon.. (I need to get a Credit Card still!) But I know it would take a while to come in anyways so I went out today and instead of getting the Oxy BP again, I decided to buy "Cetaphil Acne Principles with 5% BP" ... I know.. the "5%" kind of turned me off when I first saw it but I also liked it when I saw that it was "a water-based gel".. which caught my attention because the Oxy does happen to be a cream which is annoying because of the white residue it leave (even though that is easily solvable when I put on moisturizer.. still...) So I decided to get the Cetaphil one since I am loving the Cetaphil moisturizer I am using so far.. I decided ahh why not? I'll just try out one of Cetaphil's BPs.. So hoping that it won't be too harsh on my sensitive skin.. if anything I will return it and get the Oxy again while I wait to order in Dan's.. I also got a new daily facial moisturizer from Cetaphil.. I got the "Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15" which I read many people on here used so decided to stick with Cetaphil once again.. and also planning on getting their cleanser after I'm done my Clean & Clear bottle..

ANYWAYS, I was just so happy to look in the mirror at my improved skin I felt I just had to jump onto my laptop and joyfully type out a new blog entry onto here.. ! If anyone does happen to be reading this anyways and if they have not/are not currently on Dan's regimen and struggling with acne, I SUPER REALLY HIGHLY HIGHLY STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO GO ON THIS REGIMEN!!!! It is like.. magic.. And I've been an acne struggler for so long too... over 5 years and I'm so happy I have finally found something that actually is working! This is great!

Anyways, I don't want to push my luck (I always say that to myself because I'm scared to become over-confident and jinx it all and breakout, haha!) but this is a long enough ramble for today. Just wanted to share the happy news with everyone! Now I am heading off to bed and will be working for the rest of the weekend... As always, looking forward to greater and even more results!!!!

And once again.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 18

Three days later.. It is now the 18th day I've been on Dan's Regimen. Surprisingly, I woke up about 4 hours ago and proceeded to do my regimen.. before I would still have severe issues with my skin burning like crazy after the regimen for the entire day and now it has finally stopped reacting so much to the BP! I am so happy about this because now my skin feels much more relaxed than before.. The only downside is the redness is still there.. especially on my cheeks where I put the most of the BP.. it has lessened in redness, yes... but I still classify myself as a "Tomato face" and refuse to go out anywhere while looking completely sunburned! I have gone out without makeup recently, yes... to go to the bookstore/drive around town... but I definitely do not want to go to visit my boyfriend's family looking so tomato-faced!! (I still see my boyfriend though.. just not around his family where I'd look like absolute crap).. anyways, just hoping the redness will fade soon and no more breakouts/flare-ups as the acne eases down.. And now I go work on my distance ed. course! Wishing for the best!!!! :)

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 15

Wow, well time seems to be flying quickly. Already another five days since I have last wrote in this blog.. Let's see, I will keep this brief for once.. not like the last two times. Well, great news, the regimen has been working wonders! My face looks much more improved from three weeks ago when I first started this regimen. No new pimples have formed (knock on wood) while red marks from old acne are lingering and slowly fading, as I have read was expected on the Regimen pages. I am getting really excited to get clear! I've continued to follow through with the steps precisely every morning and evening and looks like it's co-operating well thus far..

The only downside is the redness is still a problem.. and over-drying and flakiness has started getting worst! I wouldn't say I have really increased the amount of BP I use.. maybe a tiny bit more but I'm trying to stick with increasing by very small increments until I find the most suitable amount to keep my face clear. I don't really think I need the "two full pumps" thing because my acne is only really active on one part of my face which are my cheeks.. that is the only real place I have flare-ups so when I medicate with BP, I always apply the majority of the cream there.. the rest I just add around my chin and forehead (places where I get the odd pimple).

I'm pretty happy to announce that the burning and stinging sensations I used to have a major problem with it when I first got on the regimen is gradually diminishing.. but not quite yet. It's good though because the burning sensation is usually the indication that my face is flushing super red and aggravated by the BP.. and now that the burning is decreasing so is the degree of redness on my face.

But like I said, I am really starting to over-dry around my mouth and chin area.. even though I do not use a lot of BP there.. I just add a lot of Cetaphil moisturizer there and it seems to help quite a bit.. The only downside is on Fridays and Saturdays when I need to work and my face is all red and flushed I have the tendency to use makeup (the rest of the week I do not wear makeup because I don't go out anywhere really) and then everyone knows the horrors of putting makeup on top of skin that is dry and flaky! Not a very flattering sight.. I usually end up trying to mix in additional moisturizer to solve the problem but it doesn't work the greatest...

ANYWAYS, so just hoping that my face will continue to clear up and the reddening will reduce so I don't need to rely so much on makeup anymore and if anything, can change it up and start using much more sheer and light coverage and not so heavy.. A nice, natural look is important to me!

*crossing my fingers* for more results! Thank you Dan, so far, your regimen is working miracles!!!

- Stephanie. xo


DAY 10

Woo! Good news! Off topic but my French distance education course package came in the mail today! That will finally give me something to do while I'm at home on my free time! I will definitely start that tomorrow but for now I am far too lazy..

:D <-- LOL, I have no idea why I just clicked that.. I saw others using emoticons in their forum messages/blogs so I decided to look and see what they have on here.. and apparently some pretty funny emoticons! Hehe :)

ANYWAYS! To get updated on my regimen.. well it's only been a day since I last posted.. well start of the 11th day actually to be fair. I just finished showering and will be heading to bed soon, so I just wanted to spend a couple minutes writing an entry.. So basically, today my skin wasn't that big of a fuss for me. I woke up late (as usual) feeling refreshed and happy that my skin was not burning or red -- I love waking up in the morning because that is the only real time in the day, aside from when I get out of the shower at night before I do the regimen that my skin looks NOT RED and I can actually see the progress! I went to mirror and looked and well, my face seemed the same as couple days ago really.. it looks as though the red marks from my old acne are fading gradually with time which makes me really happy! And no new acne has formed, yay! I guess I shouldn't speak too soon in case (which I probably will eventually end up experiencing) I breakout again.. but aside from that I am very impressed with the regimen so far.

Not too long ago, I finished showering (pretty late shower, but I am not doing anything tomorrow anyways besides at home learning so whatever) and did the regimen. I wouldn't really say I have increased the amount of BP I am using.. basically I use just about half a finger's length of BP which was close to the amount I was already using the week prior. To my surprise, it feels like my skin is so much less irritated and "burning" than just a few days ago! I am guessing that my skin is beginning to adjust well to the BP, which I am thankful for because the burning hurt so much!

I must also add that I am really loving the new Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream I just bought last week. It kept my whole face moisturized for the day and hid all those icky flakes (I only noticed small flaking near my mouth later in the evening, which wasn't really that severe). I recommend it to anyone who has huge flaking dry skin problems right now and needs a soothing flake-controlling moisturizer!

My cleanser however, seems to be a little over-drying to me. I noticed this from the beginning though but since I just bought it I want to use it up before I go on to something else. Other than that I am pleased so far with this regimen and am looking forward to great results!

Well, I also promised shorter blogs and this does not really look like I'm being very brief, so I will leave it at that for tonight! Until next time! :]

- Stephanie. xo


Whew! I've finally decided to--and figure out how to-- start my daily regimen blog. Since I did not start writing when I actually started Dan's Regimen, I will cover briefly what my past week on the regimen has been like.. Well, I started on the 11th.. My boyfriend recently has started college as the school year has just begun. I already graduated from high school and was originally going to start University this year for Business, however during mid-summer I realized at the last minute I didn't want to do Business and instead wanted to do Languages & Linguistics studies. The downside is I only have taken my Grade 9 French credit (4 years ago!) so I feel so unprepared for what I want to enter University for since I am planning on taking French.. so right now I am taking this year to get some additional French credits and prepare myself for University next September.

Anyways! Sorry about that small ramble about school. I only wrote that to explain how I ended up finding Dan's website. Since I will be working on getting French credits this year, for the first semester at least I have decided to do a distance education course instead of going back to high school. What that means is I will be staying at home the entire time and that will allow me to do my school work at home to get this credit that way without having to mission to high school! How great! At the moment, I have been waiting this past week for the mail to come in so I can receive my starter course package and start cracking open the books. I am expecting it this week.

Urgh.. still talking about school it seems.. Okay so anyways, since I have been home so much lately with nothing better to do since everyone is away at school, I was just surfing the net a week ago and was looking for the regular beauty tips, skin care advice, makeup advice.. typical girl stuff. I decided oh what the heck, and randomly typed 'acne' on Google. Not surprisingly, the first site the popped up and I just so happened to click was acne.org! I obviously had no idea what the site was about (though I do recall passing through it a few odd times before without paying much attention) but on the first page I immediately saw Dan's "Get Clear!" video and was like "hmm, why not?" and watched it. For some unknown reason I was momentarily inspired by his motivational speech and since I had really nothing better to do at home while I waited for the mail, I ended up watching all three of his step-by-step regimen videos! It looked just so simple! I just had to try it out.. even though I have been battling acne, mind you, for over 5 years since I was only 13 years old, I realized well, even if it doesn't work for me what is stopping me from at least trying out the regimen?

Also, not only the motivation I received from his video is what seemed to have moved me to find out more, but I think it was merely the way he presented himself to be very genuine and sincere in his words. I think it also has a lot to do with not trying to make it seem like he just wants to promote his own acne.org products (like every other place wants to do.. *cough* Proactive -- which I used in the past and did NOT work for me, btw) but rather, he seemed to just genuinely want to help others out who were dealing with the same self-esteem damaging issues he had once dealt with, and that is acne. I was just so thrilled to read all the success stories that were coming up, and especially when people didn't even talk about using acne.org products, they talked about using normal over-the-counter products, that every other brand of acne products always look so down upon while aiming to promote their own "cures".

That being said, I decided I would go for it, plain and simple. And plus, being at home on a daily basis nowadays, not like I would have to be so self-conscious if something went wrong and I broke out badly or something because I had the freedom of staying at home isolated from the world as it is. I didn't think about buying the products from his site at first, since I was skeptical and didn't want to see it all as being a gimmick. Also, I already had a fresh tube of Oxy Acne Vanishing Treatment in my closet which I barely used since I assumed it wouldn't work anyways and just pushed it aside. Before I began the regimen on acne.org, my skin care routine was as follows:


Wake up, wash face and brush teeth

Slop on moisturizer

Apply makeup (only ever thinking of covering up my acne)


Shower, cleanse face quickly in shower

Slop on moisturizer

Dab on any random product labeled "acne spot treatment" on random pimples I'd see already existed

Go to sleep


I mean, now that I have just wrote that down and re-read it, it is such a sloppy bad facial skin care routine! :)

I didn't really do research to accomplish that routine and then I had thought it was so great. At least the only thing there I think I had down right was knowing the importance of moisturizing my face, but nothing more, I can't believe I didn't even really think about really treating my acne! All I did was random spot-treatment which is not even getting deep down in my pore to unclog them and prevent further acne from developing!

Anyways, so that is what I have done ever since I can remember, and obviously all I have done is kept postponing those times I could have started treating my acne instead of merely covering it all up with foundation and makeup in the morning, hiding what could be my beautiful skin underneath all those red spots and pimples.

I have gotten so sick and tired of spending 10-15 minutes in front of the mirror every morning just putting on makeup and an additional 10 or so minutes just fixing up my hair. I am sick of seeing all those girls out there who can go days with absolutely nothing on their skin and still look radiant and flawless without a blemish in sight. I would LOVE to cut down the time I spend worrying about acne and covering up acne, aggravating it and making it worst every morning I send putting on makeup. I would love to be able to walk outside, go out to the grocery store, shopping mall, school, etc. without having to worry about people staring at my skin and without having to wear so much makeup!

Agh, another long rant I just did up there! Okay I suppose I should cut to the chase right now. So since I had Oxy 2.5% benzoyl peroxide tube in my closet, I figured oh what the heck. That night I did as Dan said. I used up the last bit of the random Vichy cleanser I had always used in my shower, waited 10 minutes, applied some of the Oxy cream as Dan taught, waited another 10 minutes and followed up with the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer I had always used for bed time. I then went to bed as optimistic as ever and hoping for the best. The next morning I woke up already seeming to feel a change to my face! I was so happy! For some reason, I just wanted to continue but first thing's first, I went out to replace my old used up cleanser. I bought what was recommended, Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. And for the past week I have followed using the Clean and Clear Cleanser, Oxy Benzoyl and Neutrogena Moisturizer.

The only problem I bumped into mid last week was my moisturizer was just not working well for me. I, as expected, was dealing with harsh flaking and over-drying of my skin. Every night I would spend last couple hours before bedtime going through message boards on acne.org and looking for suggestions and product recommendations. I decided to go for Cetaphil since a lot of people seemed to appreciate it and I asked my boyfriend if he could go out to the drug store for me and buy me the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream as well as the Almay Smart Shade makeup (which I am saving for when I am cleared up!) At the time I was looking completely red like a tomato from beginning the regimen and so I didn't want to have to go inside the store looking like a had gotten a really overly bad sunburn! So that night I had started using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.. I was contemplating whether to get the Lotion or Cream but after researching I decided since my skin was so flaky I would get the Cream. Also, I watched some Youtube reviews of it saying the Lotion was more suitable for body usage (they may be wrong since I haven't tried it) but I just decided to get the Cream.

Thus far, the cream has worked wonderfully! It moisturizes just perfectly giving me that non-dry, non-flaky look I was aiming for. However.. even though this is expected, I have been having major problems with becoming extremely red, irritated and having that burning sensation once I moisturize in my routine. I know this is to be expected and is not a result of the moisturizer I am using (when I was using Neutrogena I received the same irritating, reddening of skin and burning sensation after applying it).

Nevertheless, I must say I have noticed so much improvement in my skin! (when it is not in the state of being red and burning). My acne is well on its way to clearing up and all that is really left of it is those annoying red dots from old acne lingering on my cheeks-- This is the only area I have ever really had acne these past few years, on my cheeks which is quite irritating.. I used to have it on my forehead only when I was 13-14 years old but after that it moved to only my cheek area-- but besides that it's looking wonderful! This, I can easily tell when I wake up because that is the only time my face has not been red since I do the regimen in the morning as well.

Well, that's all I should say for now at least! Right now I am looking into buying a better moisturizer for daily use. I love the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream so far, but it does feel a bit heavy and I am definitely willing to invest in a nice SPF protection and lighter-feeling daily moisturizer! Perhaps another Cetaphil product? Also looking into maybe buying Dan's BP, after I've exhausted this current tube of BP and finished at least a month in the regimen!

Hoping the reddening clears up soon and less burning ASAP! But I'm willing to be patient since I'm at home anyways and not in a hurry! I am so excited to finally have beautiful clear skin! Looking forward to the best! And best of luck to everyone else!

P.S. I wonder if anyone actually even bothered reading this entire blog I just wrote. It is super long! LOL, well whatever, I will be a little more shorter and more concise on writing next time, this will be like my very own little diary! :D

- Stephanie. xo

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