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..pushing down on me...lalala. Put on Queen/Bowie's "under pressure" on while reading this post. Have so much to think about at the moment, work and living situations the top two...and my health to think about after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. In a perfect world that would be my main priority..(just previewed this post and it is LONG. you might want to get a cup of tea if you want to read it..)I am now getting more and more convinced that diet and health plays a massive part in whether my skin is feeling good. I did promise you pictures...but a couple of weeks a go I tried to put up the links and it would let me! Bah. So, descriptions at the ready:I have Acne on either side of my jawline, above and below. There are a few spots around where a bloke would get sideburns, then a fair few below my jawline, on my neck. I also get Bacne, and recently on the tops of my arms.My acne level I would call moderate. There aren't any huge cysts, more like lots of little ones. As i've said before, the front of my face isn't so bad, just a few old red marks.Description: DONE. in true Gordon Ramsey style..Diet and health - this is the thing I want to tackle. i don't want to do BP anymore. Perhaps it's because I'm using the UK version Panoxyel 2.5% - but I don't like the fact it turns my skin so rough and dry. I'm going to try and make my skin care routine as simple as possible, and concentrate on making my diet and health better.This UC thing is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and it affects the lower intestine. This is the place where nutrients from digested food are absorbed into your bloodstream, and the waste is passed though. Because my lower intestine is inflamed, sore and ulcerated, it means nutrients aren't getting through so easily and toxins have to come out some other way...on my skin. I really think the UC is the reason my skin has started to break out again. I got acne when I was 12/13 - 18. But then when I was 19 it cleared up and I only got a few before my period every month. But this was oly a couple of cysts around my mouth/chin, only once a month - I think I can cope with that! Yes, I do get stressed too, but I those ones are the sore kind around my mouth. Then when I was 21 I started getting the symptoms of IBD, my jawline area began to suffer. And i've been reading some stuff from the Diet message boards, about how acne is a Imflammatory disease...and I have a Imflammatory Bowel Disease...hmmm. All starting to add up...So I'm really going to look into nutrition. I'd love to see a nutritionist, but in the UK, if you want to get it on the NHS (National Health Service = free) then you have to be referred and that takes 3 months. Perhaps i'll go for that..but might tru and get the money to go private. Hmm. Since IBD is pretty specialist, it might be worth going to a more hospitaly one. For now though, I'm going to try to fill my diet with things that are easily digested, and will cleanse and rebalance my system. I think the no wheat and dairy thing is still a good idea, so I'll stick with that. I am going rto have yogurt though. The prebiotic kind. And also take prebiotic pills. Also these are the things I want to try and get in as much as possible everyweek:Garlic - anti fungal and great for the blood. Asparagas - great source of folic acid, and cleansing too.Dried apricots, cumin seeds, spinach. All good sources of iron, as I loose so much from my UC.Salmon and mackerel - my main sources of protein and that lovely omega 3 thing..Tomatoes, red peppers, peaches - great for the skinStrawberries, ..and berries I can get my hands on in season.. anti oxidants, can't go wrong..Natural prebiotic yogurt - balance out those bacteria..Oats, rice, corn pasta, sweet potatoes - need some carbohydrates, if I can't have sugar, got to have some comfort!Quite a few lemons to put into my water..soy milk/rice milk/oat milk/coconut milk. Big fan of soy milk in porridge. Afaid i'm not scottish and can't handle just water and salt..White tea, and I'm getting quite a collection of "dr Stuart's" tea. Not sure if its a UK brand, but they are all herbal, stuff like echannachia, fennel, nettle..really good.Might get some Omega 3 fish oil, some prebiotic tablets and evening primrose pills..but I'm a little reluctant as I take so many meds for my UC (9 a day), and don't want to be constantly have a be poppong pills. Though know quite a few people who would love that ;)and some dark dark chocolate for emergencies..I also want to to get some light form of exercise in everyday, then perhaps something more hardcore 2-3 times a week. perhaps a walk/cycle ride everyday, and a run a couple times a week. And keep my skin routine SIMPLE. Using a very gentle organic cleanser for my face. Put loreal spf 30 for face during the day, then at night after cleansing will put Bio oil on. Great stuff, so hydrating and helps fade my red marks. Also will put Lush Dream Cream on my back if its looking particularly sore. Really cooling, also great as an after sun. Have Boots Organics clay mask to use once a week to get rid of dead skin cells. That's it. I refuse to put anymore money into waht is such a massive money making scheme in the first place. Going to really give this a shot. Think I'm going to find no sugar the hardest, so think will ease myself off slowly. hence the dark chocolate. Will report my process..good and bad, I promise!My computer's just put on "Paradise Circus " by Massive Attack. aaaaaah, much calmer.. :|


single bed issues

Nice boy. Have been with him for about 6 months now. Ticks a lot of boxes: tall enough for me (i'm 5'8), NOT an art student like me (so not gay or completey self obsessed :shhh:), caring, understanding, funny etc etc.....but he has a single bed. And this means I don't get a huge amount of sleep. And when I don't get enough sleep, my acne gets worse. I now have the small, painful kind dotted around my cheeks and chin. This wouldn't be such a big thing if we were a smaller couple. I know a pair who managed to stay together in a halls of residence bed, which was 90cm across...but the girl was 5" and the boy about my height. I happen to have a double bed. (well, a double mattress. Found discarded at the end of someones drive..) And is marvelous. But can't have him come to me all the time, isn't fair, and plus, I like going to his. Just not the bed. Argh. And he's going to cook for me later on this week. At his house. And also, how do you do the regime when your boyfriend is about?? Could just about get away with it at my house I suppose, but i'd have to disappear for a good 1/2 hour. Could do it after I have a shower or something, but thats a looong shower. and at his??? Hmmm.That was weird, just got a text from him. Clearly he knows I'm writing about him..;)Could just tell him about it. Haven't ever really talked about my skin with him - it came up once when I first started seeing him, but now..perhaps if I really stick to the routine then I'll tell him. I think it does make a difference, the regime. If I stick to it! Oh and the no dairy/wheat thing. I'm good with the no dairy - from my vegan days I'm a soy milk/margerine girl, but wheat..this is tricky. No toast in my life?? Hard. Hard times. I've got this special soy and linseed bread, which doesn't have so much insulin and is good for your digestion...can I get away with that? And drink gallons of lemony water. I'm getting though A LOT of lemons. And I really want a teapot. Now I'm sounding middle aged..I'm going to try and get pictures up here for my next post. Not completely blog savvy atm, but think it's good if I can track my progress with pictures as well. I want to try and stick to the regime for 7 days consecutively, so I'll try to write again on the 19th :shhh:


Meh. I've been back at my parents house for a good ten days or so...and there are so many nice nice sweet things and homemade (well made in a breadmaker...but it's still alot better than a supermarket stuff) bread...argh. AND it's easter. Well. A day ago. So I really have no excuse anymore...Been doing the topical part of the regime, Benzoyl oxide etc, but thought the diet side if definitely worth looking into. I've been into green/white tea for awhile now, but i think what makes a real difference is hot water with lemon.Can't go on about this enough..I really think it is making a difference. I have bacne, (have a thing on the msg boards about this..) as well as acne on my face and underneath the jawline. But it's pretty much gone! There are some small cyst just below my neck, but apart from that, my back is looking smoother and clearer then it has all winter. And I think this is half ude to I've been doing a lot less since I've been at my parents, and the other half I'm sure is becuse of all the lemons i'm getting though.To the no dairy and wheat thing I've been reading a lot about on this site..I was a very strict vegan for 3 months, then relaxed my standards a lot after christmas. I'm only human..I was also very ill at this point as well - this ulcerative colitis(UC) thing I mentioned last post. However at this time I didn't know what was wrong, so was restricting my diet as it seemed the only thing I could control. UC is a inflammatory bowel disease, and it has pretty grim details...and stress does make it worse, So all this anxiety about what was wrong with me, restricting my diet so much - I was under physical, mental and yeah, definitely emotional stress.So even though I was on a dairy and almost completely wheat free diet, my acne was really bad. But taking account of the circumstances, it's really not that surprising.SO...now that I know what's wrong with me, and I'm on meds etc, I want to try the no dairy wheat thing again. I'm still adjusting to living with UC - it can be frustrating and restricting - but I'm going to give no diary/wheat diet another go. And hey ho, you never know, may help my insides as well :shhh: The lemony water definitely is..Am getting back into the benzoyl routine..slowly...it is a bit of a faff to do, but when I do actually do it properly, you do see a difference. And I find it's quite relaxing, a chance just to take your time with a simple task. For someone who has alot of stress in their life right now it's a chance to have a quiet moment.This is getting a tad long. I'll shut up now. Night. :shhh:


Long absence..

Not sure if that's how you spell absence. Ah well.

I was trying to put some photos up on this bolg, but seems a little tricky.

Come back to this blog becasue basically my skin is back to square one. I haven't written in here for ages for a number of reasons but the biggest has to be I've been back and forth to the hospital these past few months, trying to treat a problem that's now finally been diagnosed: ulcerative colitis.

Wikipedia it if you want...but it's meant I've found the winter really tough. And becuase I've been so anxious - the not knowing what's wrong with me was horrible - I've been stressed. And weh nI'm stressed...oh my acne decides to come out and play.

I'm 22, and only since maybe summer last year I started getting neck acne. Looking at the message boards, it seems a common phenomenon amongst women in their early twenties.

By neck I mean just below the jawline - sometimes on it aswell - from the ear to the chin. These spots tend to be a lot sorer and sensitive than any I get on my face.

My face isn't perfect, but most of it's old scarring. I tend to get more if I don't sleep properly or wear too much make up. My neck is the main problem area.

So...I'm trying the regime again. From by blog it looks like I only stuck to it a couple of weeks, but I did stick to it for a while longer! I promise!

But now I know what's wrong with me illness wise, I feel like I'm more in control. And actually ulcerative colitis tends to get worse with stress for me, so i'm trying to find find ways of preventing myself getting too wound up.

I don't know why I find it so hard to be completely contented. I've got a lovely boyfriend, live in a great city, have really nice housemates...I need to learn to try and stop worrying so much and enjoy myself.

Wish me luck!


This is going to be known as the week of the sprained ankle and mad peeling face.Definitely a week of woe. Never thought a sprained ankle was that serious - hence the saying "oh its just a sprain" but now have a lot more sympathy for fellow sprain sufferers. I did the classic thing of thinking it felt alot better after resting it a couple of days, and then going out on the third...and I did this three times this week....with disasterous consequences. Sigh. I now have not one, but two odd swellings on my foot and ankle. My lovely housemate has gone off to find me a bandage, very nice of him. Onto the mad peeling face.Oh dear. Well, decided I'd increase the amount of benyzol peroxide i was putting on, as you're supposed to. However think I increased it too much too quickly. Woke up to find from my cheekbone to my jawline my skin had turned into a mottled map of dried skin, with the texture of sandpaper. Actually not really mad peeling, more mad mottling. If that is a word. I'm really not exaggerating when I say my face was like sandpaper. For someone that has always had combination skin, was quite a novelty to apply tons of moisturiser and for it to have no effect whatsoever. So the moisturiser mission was a teeny bit more urgent now. Braved the streets in search for something that would help. And lovely places that they are, Lush and the Body shop gave me free samples of hardcore moisterisers, facemasks and soothing cleansers. Ta muchly! Though the lush staff were a lot nicer and helpful than the body shop crew. However body shop people did have a jojuba moisteriser that I'm sampling right as I type this. So with this array of creams and potions I set to work. Suppose the ankle playing up was a bit of a blessing really, meant I had alot more time on my hands. A few facemask/cleanser/creams later, found that if I applied this really soothing cleaner from lush, but didn't wash it off, but put moisteriser on top and massaged my skin gently...for ages...then rinsed if off..my skin was beginning to loose sandpaper quality. Basically what I was doing was taking off the layer of hard dry skin that had caused the mottled effect and sandpaper quality. But be warned: this takes ALOT of patience. You have to be careful not to irritate your skin, so I was in the bathroom for a fair while..But the main message, I think, is that don't increase your BP too much too quickly! Then you avoid the mess I got myself into. Though I do have lots of free samples to play with now...What else to report...got the sandpaper skin sorted on fri, and thought it best to leave off the BP all the time I had that condition. Just started to put it on again, but thin thin thin layers this time! But it's the second week, and despite that niche in the regime my skin's still looking better than it has all summer. Chin has cleared up now, just the red marks mneh. Neck and jawline getting there - no new outbreaks and the ones that are there are all very small. This regiem is simple, but it does take a bit of planning and thinking. But I think I'm getting used to it :)In other news, the 2 australian girls that were staying at my parents place, had to fly back very short notice because one of the twin's boyfriend's had just been killed in a car crash. He was 24. This was a couple of weeks ago, but now they're coming back because sarah was studying over here, and she thinks her boyfriend would have wanted her to continue. Such a brave lady. Another housemate of mine (theres 6 of us) thought she was pregnant, has been stressed and tense all week because of it, but I went with her to the doctors and she's now got the all clear, much to her relief.Just to put all the skin stuff in perspective.Aveolus x x


week number 1

Evening ladies and gents (well it's evening for me, morning if you're on the other side :cool: )Cannot believe how long it's taken me to find this site. Considering I've had internet for about half my lifetime and it's never occurred to me to search: "acne".....especially ridiculous as I've had mild to moderate acne since I was 12/13, and I'm now 21.Thought I'd start a blog on my progress...know everyone seems to be doing this, so not too fussed if you're not that interested. Be good for me I think to keep a record of it, perhaps will enable me to spot danger signs etc.So to business: started the regime on mon. Took me a fair while to get the benzoyl peroxide though - this was more me being stupid than the availability of the product - I just looked in the skincare section and didn't actually go to a chemist. Once in the chemist, asked at the counter and they presented me with very reasonably priced and quite large tube (40g) of the 2.5 stuff. (had been scouring the ingredients of those tiny spot clearing gels they have in the skincare section and all they had in common was a lot of salyic acid. And very exspensive for about 5g worth.)As I said, started on mon, and cor, BP stings and itches a fair bit doesn't it? Went for a run and afterwards had a shower (in balance with the evening bit of the regiem), and afterwards my face felt like it was cracking up. Ladies (and perhaps some of the blokes as well), was like when you put a face mask on, it dries and then when you try and smile etc you crack the mask? Was like that but with my skin. lovely..At the moment am only putting the BP on once a day, but think will increase to the twice daily next week, when my skin gets used to the treatment a bit more. Think it's more of a case of finding a better moisturiser - have two at the moment and one makes my skin too oily, the other not moisturised enough! Good grief. The other problem it that I'm a student. In London. This combination doesn't leave you with a lot of spare pennies unfortunately..Having said all that, it's only been a few days and I'm seeing improvements. My cheeks, nose and forehead are looking great - I only had a couple of spots around there and they've reducing loads, and there's been no further breakouts. My chin and neck are the bits that are doing the all the crazy cracking/flaking business. Righty, got to be up early tomorrow so will round off soon. One of the things I've learnt trough the years is how important it is to get a good night's sleep. My skin always, always either improves/no further breakouts if I get a good 7/8 hours in every night. Which was a tad tricky when I had this job during the summer where I was working at a festival, had 12 hr shifts and we had beautiful sunny (but too much exposure) weather for the 5 days..my skin really wasn't very happy with me after that!Just about to take a couple of herbal pills before I go to bed. I don't take them every night, but I do if I have a lot of things on my mind. They're called "Kalms" and really do make you a bit sleepy and more calm. The label says they "relieve periods of worry, irritability, stresses and strains". Yes they are herbal - I'm usually skeptical of the herbs - but they are worth trying, they work for me. Dunno if you can get them elsewhere than the UK, but if you're a UK person I got them in a health food shop.Sounded a little too much like an advert then, apologies. Oh I'm also trying the vegan thing atm, be interesting if this effects my skin.I'm sounding like a right hippy what with veganism/herbal remedies...ah well. When I start buying lots of floaty skirts and hug trees then get worried..AdiosAveolus xx

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