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Stopped for 2 weeks.

Had no money so I couldnt buy any niacin for 2 weeks. Started breaking out on my neck area again and got about 4 or 5 on my face. They werent serious though. I just bought niacin and cvs had it buy one get one free so I am set for atleast a year!


Touch Base

Now its December and my face is mostly clear. I get tiny little white heads that you cant see unless you look for them. My neck gets 1 or 2 during menses but that is it. I have been on Emu oil to get rid of scaring and it helps keep my skin clear and hydrated. My skin is damaged from the last 30 years of acne though. I wish I could afford to have some work done but I guess not for me. Well nobody can be perfect. But I'm glad I dont get the "oh my god what happened to you" look from people and kids anymore. Niacin has been the answer for me!


Touch Base

Just stopped by to touch base. I have been on Niacin since the beginning of February. My neck is clear and my face gets the occasional bump around that time of month. I have to drink alot of liquid to keep hydrated. I live in Florida so I need to drink all the time. I stay away from caffeine and alcohol because it affects my hydration. The Niacin is the only thing keeping me clear. I want to find out why that is. What is the underlying issue that the Niacin is fixing or covering up. I keep writing people about this but I get no answers.


Niacin is it!

Well no matter what I do or use to clean my face, Niacin is the only thing that works for me. I can go a day and not wash my face and it doesnt make a difference. If I go a few days of no Niacin, they pop up again. It doesnt matter what I use to wash my face. Niacin controls everything. I can use a topical salicylic acid to clear current bumps a little faster. The mandelic acid that gets rid of scars works great too. But Niacin is the only thing that keeps bumps away all together.


Big changes

Yeh its been a while since I wrote on here. I stopped the niacin for a month, and everything came back bad. I have now started it again and things are clearing up again. My neck is the worst area. My face has an occasional 2 or 3 whiteheads. My neck is covered with different sizes of acne. It is like from my chin down to the line across the center neck. And from ear to ear. Like really? I dont understand why my neck is having all the acne. I am about to be 43 and this is just not right! I use the same soap, spot treatment, lotion, everything on my face and neck. Im really tired of this.


Yeh, I still get the occasional bump still, but this week with menses it gets a little worse. But their still little whities. I dont get big cysts anymore. Still dealing with boils in armpit but their even smaller than before. So I will continue with Niacin.


Same O same O

Still get 1 or 2 whities in morning. No big deal. Everything is still great. Marks are really healing. Hopefully gone for good. Now need to loose weight.


Zinc was apparently bad for me. But I may have took it at the wrong time. This week I had my period along with family pictures and bladder infection and bad chin acne. So when things calm down I may try zinc again. It all just hit me at once when I started the zinc. So associated all the problems with the zinc. Maybe later we'll see.


Here we go again!

Bought zinc 50 mg Tuesday and I woke up this morning to my chin covered in little whiteheads. A bunch of them like that hurt. I was good till I started the zinc. Skipping a dose tonight cause I have family pictures tomorrow. Disappointed. Plus I have another bladder infection. Whats going on?


Loose the red marks!

Still clear! I do get a few tiny tiny white heads, no inflammation, no soreness. The one gripe I have is I am still getting the huge boils, but they're on my groin area or in my armpits. So I am going to try using the Zinc. I have read up on zinc and I have alot of the symptoms of zinc deficiency. My mother I believe has that problem too. So going to the store today getting 50mg of zinc and we'll see what happens. Family pictures in 1 week. :)


Still going clear!

I am still clear using the Niacin. I get a few tiny whities but theyre gone the same day. I have family pictures coming up at the end of this month so hoping to stay clear till then. My red spots are disappearing and the scars are getting lighter. I will probably switch to the flushing niacin when this bottle is empty. Its cheap enough that if I dont like it I can get the non flushing instead. This is the best my skin has been in years. I am pretty happy. Now I need to lose weight. I need a weightloss.org! LOL :)


Almost gone

Last night the boil bursted and it is soo nasty. It has 2 holes just oozing. But the pain is mostly gone today and I can move again! I hate those things. I dont get them very often but when I do it is bad. I think I need an antibiotic cause I just had a sty in my eye and also a urinary track infection, which has all been within the last 2 weeks. No money or insurance so I just have to suffer. One good thing is my face is still clear!


God again!

I have a huge painful boil in my armpit. WHY! I am doubling up on the Niacin to see if it will go away. Face is still clear though. Boil is about 1 inch across and wide. Very painful. I don't get it.


Clear for how long?

If my face goes back to the way it was I will be so disappointed! My skin is clear and healed. I do have peeling from the Mandelic Acid but that is ok. My red scars are fading and any little pimples I may get go away in a day. I am so happy and mad at the same time. Why doesnt this information about Niacin get out to more people? I am trying to let others know but dont feel like I am making any progress. UGH


Heaven in a tube?

The Vicco I ordered came yesterday and the black soap also. I used both of them and my skin just soaked the vicco up. My daughter put some on her leg where she had a rash. My face today is not greasy and I had about 5 white heads all in different places. My skin is still peeling from the mandelic acid though. Hopefully this will continue and my face will keep healing.


A slip?

I am still doing the niacin 500mg/day and my skin is getting quite different. My pores are smaller and the oil is lessening. I think there may be other benefits to niacin but my skin is the most important. I had my period this week and had new breakouts (about 5 per day) but they are gone in a day also. Only 1 on my upper lip area stayed more than that. So I am amazed and angry at the same time because why didn't anyone know about niacin before (like 20 years ago) and why doesn't anybody do a study now on niacin? It is cheap and beneficial to us humans no prescription needed. I ordered new stuff (in America) called vicco. It is from India and made with turmeric and sandal wood oil. They use it for the face and as a moisturizer. There are other uses like for cuts, scrapes, bites, rashes, any skin damage, sun burn etc. So it's supposed to work great for acne. It should arrive here in a week so we'll see.



What You Will Need:

A blender - preferably a high-powered one, fruit, frozen fruit Optional (Frozen fruit is great for a flavor kick - especially frozen pineapple, and often, you can find certain frozen fruits, like strawberries, raspberries, etc., cheaper than fresh. Whole Foods has a wonderful selection), leafy greens (For simplicity, I recommend pre-washed greens. Baby spinach is mild in flavor and great to start with, but be sure to eventually use a variety of greens!), flavoring Optional (cinnamon, honey, stevia, blueberry concentrate, etc), and water. Fat can help with nutrient absorption, so you might want to consider adding in a small amount of nuts or seeds. I add 1 tbs of ground flax seeds.

You can disguise the green color of your smoothies by using dark colored fruits like blueberries, raspberries, etc.

Traditional, Fruit-Based Green Smoothie (Make about 4 cups):

• Cut up 2 pieces of fruit (apples, pears, bananas, plums, etc) into 8ths

• Throw in 1 large handful of greens (romaine, spinach, kale, chard, etc.)

• Add about 1/2 a cup of frozen fruit Optional (tropical fruit mix, pineapples, mangoes, raspberries, etc.)

• About 2 cups of water (Be sure to add enough so it’s drinkable).

• Fats Optional (Nuts or Seeds - I use 1 tbs ground flax seeds)

• Add flavorings Optional (Cinnamon, honey, stevia, cocoa powder, etc.)

• Blend ingredients (Use ear protection if blender is loud.)

• Immediately rinse out the blender with water (or blend with hot, soapy water, then rinse), and let it air dry.

• You’re done! Enjoy your smoothie.

• Note: If you're new to smoothies, be sure to use plenty of fruit (*sweet* fruit, like the kind mentioned above, unless your acne is severe, in which case chose lower sugar fruits, like green apples) and only use a small handful of greens (preferably baby spinach, as it has a mild flavor). If your first smoothie isn't a hit, be sure to experiment with different fruit and leafy green combos until you come up with something you like!! Also, for the most benefit, please be sure to get in several servings a week of blended cruciferous leafy greens like spinach, kale, collards, bok choy, etc, as these will have the most powerful effect for clearing your skin.

• Tip: Smoothies can be stored in the fridge for up to 24-48 hrs, allowing you to make your smoothies every other day or third day if this better fits your schedule. Nutrition wise, fresh is always best, but you will still get enough nutrition to reap the benefits... I know this from experience, as for quite a while, I used to make mine every other day. smile.gif

• Be sure to eat a variety of greens!! This is very important, because not all greens are alike, and they must be balanced! Also, some of you were getting confused about leafy greens being vegetables, like broccoli. Basically, if it's not a leaf, then it's not a leafy green.

Examples of other fruit-based smoothies:

Peach-Pear Delight

 1 pear

 1 cup frozen peaches

 1 handful baby spinach

 2-3 cups water

 1 tsp vanilla extract

Pineapple-Raspberry Paradise

 1 apple

 ¾ cup frozen pineapple

 ½ cup frozen raspberries

 3-4 flat kale leaves (de-stemmed)

 2-3 cups water

 ¼ tsp cinnamon

Heavenly Chocolate Smoothie:

 1 banana

 1 cup frozen mango

 ½ cup frozen raspberries

 1 handful spring mix

 2-3 cups water

 2 tbs cocoa powder

Vegetable-Based Smoothie (a.k.a. A Blended Salad):

• ½ bunch parsley (gives a wonderful *fresh* taste to the smoothie!)

• 1 handful spinach

• ½ cucumber

• 2-3 stalks of celery

• 1 or 2 pieces of fruit (an apple or a pear)

• 1 lemon (peel, cut in half, discard large seeds, add to blender)

• 2-3 cups water

• Blend

• Note: It’s important to add at least one fruit and the lemon, otherwise, the smoothie may taste a little bitter. However, with these ingredients added in, it tastes very refreshing! Feel free to experiment with different veggies!

Examples of other Vegetable-Based Smoothies:

Fresher than Fresh Green Smoothie:

 1 bunch parsley

 ½ cucumber

 2 pears

 1 lemon (Peel away skin and remove large seeds before adding)

 3 cups of water

Blended Salad Recipe:

 3 stalks of dinosaur kale (flat, dark, kale)

 1 cucumber

 ¼ to ½ cup baby carrots

 1 tomato

 ¼ of an onion

 ½ avocado (adds a wonderful creamy flavor!)

 ¼ stalk of parsley

 1 lemon (Peel away skin and remove large seeds before adding)

 ½ apple

 3 cups water



Much better!

Well today I woke up and only 2 whiteheads. Oh happy days!!! My nose and chin are really peeling though. My jaw has 3 little under skin nodules that hurt. This is my menstrual time though and my skin would have been totally worse normally. I hope this lasts the rest of my life.


A little better.

Well, woke up today with little swelling and a few whiteheads. So getting better. Still no zits on jaw line/neck. Still using gc on cheeks and jaw/neck. mandelic acid on nose and chin then moisturizer. Ordered new stuff called Vicco Turmeric Cream with Sandal Wood Oil. Made in India with turmeric. Supposed to be a great healing moisturizer. We'll see.


Worse than a Teen.

Again woke up to now painful whiteheads! All on my nose and chin. The rest of my face is clear. Go figure. My jaw line/neck has no breakouts for the first time in 3 years. They are now healing. My nose and chin which used to be clear is now covered in these painful whiteheads. I don't know which is worse. I don't have to go anywhere so thats good but My nose hurts from swelling. I use lykas soap everywhere, green cream 3% on cheeks and neck, plain moisturizer on nose and chin, and mandelic acid 15% on face where dark pigment is which is most of cheeks, jaw, neck, nose, chin. So disgusted!!



Ok today I woke up to my nose and chin covered in those little whiteheads. Dont know whats going on but washed my face and didnt put the green cream or anything on them. I did put the green cream on my cheeks and jawline/neck. There still is no acne at all there. I dont get it! My face did a 180. I can fix 1 problem then it switches to another? So annoying!


Healthy foods

Here are my top 10 acne-fighting foods:


Fish oil


Green tea




Berries (blueberry, blackberry and strawberry are best)






Whole grains


Nuts (walnuts are particularly good)


Dark green vegetables (Like kale, broccoli and spinach)




Change is happening!

I started the Niacin 500mg 1 pill a day on September 12th. I also started the Likas soap the same day 1 time a day. I took a liquid vitamin supplement (all vitamins)1 oz for 3 days and stopped because my face swelled up painfully especially under my jaw. Still don't know why but I took zycam since I thought I might be getting sick. The swelling went away in a day and hasn't returned. I now just do the niacin 500mg, mandelic acid 15% every other day, and vitamin B 6, 12 complex liquid every day and green cream 3%every day. I got 2 cysts. 1 went away in a day. The other never got huge but stuck around this week and is now shrinking. I have gotten probably total all week 20 or so little whiteheads, no biggie. My problem area is my jaw line. About 3 years ago all of a sudden my jawline/neck started breaking out. It never did that before. I looked it up and maybe my hormones went out of wack or something. I don't have insurance so I wont know until I get it. But now my jawline is horrible from scars and discoloration. This week is the first week there are no new outbreaks on my jawline/neck. The discoloration is getting lighter and my pores have definitely changed for the better.

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