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Bill M

The Next Step in Acne Control

If you’re reading this post I'm assuming that you have read about my acne routine. If not check it out at *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

before reading this post. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

So using my routine I have lowered my breakout rate significantly, in fact, when I break out it consist of one or two pimples, that's it.

Knowing this I wanted a quick cure for specific pimples. I tried spot treatment creams and other topical creams, they worked but it took about 4 days for my individual pimples to go away completely.

I don't know how many people have looked into acne heat treatment, but I personally can vouch for its credibility. Zeno and Thermaclear are your two options. The science behind these instruments is, the bacterium that breaks down sebum, has a meltdown temperature. These heat treatment instruments deliver a "heat shock" which is a pre set temperature, to the infected pimple which causes the bacterium to self destruct. This self destruction allows your pimple to fade in as little as a day.

I would recommend heat therapy for individuals who have cleared at least 80% of their acne, because this is an one spot treatment, so it is not effective at curing acne as a whole, but should be used to a "on the spot" treatment.

Zeno Vs Thermaclear

Get Thermaclear. The price for the two are roughly the same, the difference is Zeno requires replacement heads after only 60 uses. These heads cost $30 a piece. Thermaclear's also cost about $30 however you only have to replace them once a year.


Some of the cons of heat therapy is you can't use it on white heads

Scars from existing acne


If you have sensitive skin it may burn a little

Bill M

Easier way to cure acne

Dan has created a lovely site here, as well as an acne treatment that works. A few years ago I tried his acne treatment, and I can honestly say I did see my skin improve. The only problem I have with his acne treatment, is, it’s very long and time consuming, plus it takes a considerable amount of effort to complete. I can't speak for everyone but I will say that I personally am very lazy. I wanted clear skin but after awhile I gave up on Dan's treatment simply because it was too much effort. Fast forward 3 years and I my skin has improved tremendously. Why?

Well I have created an acne treatment of my own, one specifically designed for the lazy. It’s very simple and does not require much effort, however, it is still very effective. This acne treatment was created off of Dan's, it uses some of the same chemicals such as benzyl peroxide.

check out my cure at www.ehow.com/how_511549_fight-acne-right-routine.html

How To Fight Acne With The Right Routine

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