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Day 2

skin seems to be improving slowly.

i just need to be patient.

my face gets oily during the day, so i think i'll reduce the amount of moisturizer i use in the morning to a little less than a full pump.

i've been taking fish oil and zinc supplements.

i think i mostly need to work on touching my skin less, which introduces bacteria.

but so far, the regimen has been improving my skin.

i will be traveling in a few days & i don't have the travel size bottles.

I'll probably need to find some travel sized containers to put the regimen in.

after the first week, i think i'll be posting weekly blogs instead of daily blogs.

oh, a little more about me for those who have a similiar skin story and have any advice or encouragement:

i've been battling acne for about 4 years. age 14 till now (18).

only visited the dermatologist once, but mostly used over the counter products.

i have moderate acne. a little bit of scarring.

and...that's it. =)



I received the regimen yesterday :

face wash



I started using it last night beginning with:

1 pump face wash

1/4 index finger BP

1 pump moisturizer

this morning skin already looked much clearer and healthier =)

3 - 4 pimples on face, but shrinking

other things I'm including in my regimen process:


avoiding foods with lots of sugar

mostly drinking water

no make up

well, that's it for now.


Introduction my regimen route

Similiar to everyone else, I have tried several different acne treatments. Today I spent a lot of time on acne.org's website reading about the regimen along with several reviews, success stories, acne scar treatments, etc. All to say that I ordered the starter regimen kit today. I'm excited to start using the regimen. Before I begin blogging about my "regimen route" in the following entries, I decided to write down some of my goals concerning my skin:

get clear (very obvious ;P) - follow the regimen process exactly as directed. stick with it. my hope is that by the 3rd month, my skin will be completely clear.

when skin is completely clear of acne, take care of acne scars.

Pretty simple =)

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The Acne.org Regimen
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