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I read on here about someone use a calamine and baking soda scrub. I ditched my other face washes last night (I still have them but I have stopped using them) to see if a more natural face wash would help. So far I am loving the results. I washed with the Calamine Baking Soda scrub, left it on for about three minutes and then washed it off. Then after I put just calamine on the spots that needed to be dried up, such as the big rather noticeable pimples that need some help. Results great so far.

Very noticeable difference.


First time on this website today.

I am hoping it will help me resolve some of my acne issues.

I am currently using

-Neutrogena deep clean invigorating foaming scrub {daily in the morning}

-Neutrogena deep clean relaxing nightly scrub {almost daily at night}

-Neutrogena make up remover cleansing Towelettes Night Calming {nights I am to lazy to use relaxing nightly scrub}

-Neutrogena oil free moisture lotion combination skin {daily after shower}

-Clean and Clear Blackhead eraser and cleansing mask {every Monday night}

-Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 fight & fade gel with microclear {rarely on large pimples that hurt}

I am currently trying calamine lotion on my acne to see if it helps clear it up. I read in a magazine that it may help with some acne.

I have small pimples along my forehead, next to my eye on my left side, along my jaw line, and sometimes on my cheeks nose.

Larger pimples appear in the T zone of my forehead but not my nose, mostly between my eyebrows.

I also get these larger pimples on my cheeks. They appear oily or shiny and are often painful.

My face often appears very red along my T zone and cheeks, the only way I can cover this is by use foundation, which I am sure isn't good for my skin either.

I know I need to stop touching my face and avoid picking at it but the fact that the acne is there agitates me and I want to pick at it.

I would prefer to not have to visit a doctor about my skin but I am to the point were I am highly considering it. Any advice on what I can try on my skin to help?

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