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Hi everyone, I just started an account on this website because i am about to begin my journey using Accutane. To start off i'd like to tell you about my acne and how long ive suffered with it. I am a 16 year old male and ive had acne since middle school. Now there is one thing that you need to understand before following my blog, MY ACNE IS NOT THAT BAD. By this i don't mean one or two pimples, but that it is not cystic acne that is horribly scarring and taking over my face. But its is definatley severe. I have been on most of the usual medicines like doxycyline and Minocylcline but neither of those did much. My Dermatologist recomemded that i go on accutane because she said that my acne has potential to get worse and we would rather do accutane now, then wait. Some of the factors that i will disscus in this blog: my side-effects, my acne, my athletic performance (lacrosse), and how much im taking of the drug.

Today was my first blood test to see if i am capable of handling the drug, so i am not yet on it. Please post all recomedations you have for someone first starting it. Any recomendations on lotion? I will be trying to update this as much as possible and posting pics of my progress. Thank you very much and post any comments and questions you have?

Alright so today I recieved my perscription and it is 40mg of Claravis. I am going to wait til monday to begin taking these so that i dont miss a dose. When i take it, i will do my best to give you a day to day update (or week) depending on how busy i am.

Day 1

no side-effects

Day 2

no side effects still

Day 3

Still no dryness but i am feeling my face start to breakout a little. I think the initial breakout is starting.

Day 4

Could feel my lips drying out throughout the day and in the morning. little peeling on my nose and still breaking. suprisingly though, my acne has seemed a lot calmer.

Day 12

sorry i havent been posting. If anyone is even following. side effects so far: very dry lips and face. joint pain in knees. Initial breakout is still occuring. So far i have played well and accutane has not affected my lacrosse performance. overall nothing i cant handle. Post comments if you have them. ill try to get pics up soon.

Day 22

My face is doing amazing! initial breakout has stopped and its only getting better. im really suprised that i saw results this fast. Post comments!

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