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I am feeling so amazing, and so confident about my skin. I haven't felt this way in literally a year.

I'm not breaking out anymore (except for the occasional blemish in areas where I haven't been applying BP, for e.g. above my cheekbone near my eye), and all of my old blemishes are quickly disappearing. My results are DEFINITELY due to Dan's regimen, because I stopped taking my supplements about a week and a half ago, and I haven't been following a diet.

Despite how happy I am, though, I can't help thinking about my scars when I look in the mirror. I've been using concealer to hide red marks, but there's nothing you can do about impressions in the skin. And I'm not financially able to see a Dermatologist concerning scar treatments, so I feel stuck with my scars :) Maybe one day...

I started going back through my old pictures from 10 months ago, when my acne was at its worst, and I started crying. I just can't believe how far I've come from that point in my life. And I can't believe with only 2 weeks on Dan's regimen my skin is almost entirely clear. If only I had discovered this regimen sooner. If you get a chance, you should take a look at my gallery to see how bad my acne was. I'll be sure to put up a picture of my after picture in a few days. (Wow I can't believe I'm even saying "after picture"!! I never thought that day would come.)

Please, I am urging you, if you haven't started on Dan's regimen, and your acne is really impeding your life, just give it a try. It really is worth every penny.


Prior to this week I have been using a 2.5 percent BP gel and moisturizer by Neutrogena, but because it wasn't fending off all of my blemishes effectively, I decided to buy Dan's BP and moisturizer. I'm really broke, so it was hard to dish out enough cash to pay for the shipping on the products, but in the end I decided it was worth it (and I'm happy I bought them!)

Thus far, I have only gotten 2 new blemishes on my forehead, and 2 on my cheeks, which is a major improvement from my progress before (my previous entries are a bit misleading because I wrote them a few weeks ago).

I'm just going to remain optimistic and hope that within a few weeks I'll be blemish-free.


Day 8: Peanut Butter Problems?

I need to recant the hypotheses I proposed in my previous entry. I had a couple of minor blemishes pop up on my forehead yesterday, and a couple on my right cheek (my right cheek is always worse than my left... and no, it's not because of my phone; I always hold my cell away from my face).

I'm wondering if it's because of peanut butter. It's definitely not dairy-related because during my good days I drank skim milk. I also don't think it's sugar-related. Has anyone had averse reactions to peanut butter? I avoided eating it today, and will continue to do so until my skin is ameliorated again.


Day 5

I haven't had a single new blemish! :cool: My forehead and upper cheeks are clear; just my chin and lower cheeks have a few blemishes, but they're becoming less inflamed.

I think my success might be due to the niacinamide. It might be too precarious to say for sure, but my reason being is that the past couple of days I stopped using benzoyl peroxide due to the intense flakiness it caused from upping my topical applications to twice a day. Tonight I'll start putting on BP again, because I'm too scared not to keep putting it on, but I might just stick to once a day for now.


Day 3

So far, my skin is doing really well. I've only had 1 new blemish on my chin, and whatever I had on my cheeks is starting to fade away.

My skin is super dry though, so I'm applying oil-free lotion during the day to try to counteract the dryness.


Day 1

As I talked about in my introduction post, I am determined to make 22 the best year of my life, to make up for 21 being the worst.

Yesterday I started applying benzoyl peroxide (2.5 percent) twice daily, and have started taking niacinamide supplements on top of my Murad pure-skin clarifying supplements. So far, so good, but it's too soon to tell if this routine will work for me.

I'll update in a few days to let you know if my new regimen has any effect.

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