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day 18

it's day 18, and my lips are DRY. i will put vaseline on in the night and i wll wake up in the morning unable to move mouth because my lips are so chapped. i am getting more breakouts now although not worse than before and all the blackheads on my face are creeping up to the surface.

my nose feels rough and also around my mouth and between my eyebrows. i squeezed a little bump and the next morning it was purple! it was the size of a quarter. none of my concealers could hide it. i know now not to mess with the accutane -_- lol

and my lips are also peeling. pieces of skin are falling off. when i put the chapstick on i can feel the skin coming off. you think it sounds bad? you should see it



day 7

ugh. my nose is all dry around the sides and peeling . under my eyes are peeling. my lips are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dry. vaseline is put on it evry second :cool: my skin is noticealy clearer, probly cuz im also using differin on it at night for about a month now. joints in the hands are getting hurt very easily now.

besides all those survivable symptoms, im very happpyy


Day 4

Hey everyone . i started on accutane on sept 4th. i just wanted to make a blog because i was bored. lol. but anyhow.

comparing how my skin is now to the second before i took the first pill, i had about 5 cysts around my cheek area close to the nose and eye and a lot of little bumps around my chin and eyebrow and now, the 5 cysts are gone and the little bumps but a new cyst is under my chin. skin has not yet started to dry and lips are not chap.

the redness around my cheeks that i have had for as long as i can remember, has started to fade away. i know its realllly early to start seeing improvement, but im just telling you what has happened to my face during the last four days.

my nose is really tender now. it hurts to touch but i dont know if thats the accutane or something i did :turtle:

my skin is still oily , i would say oilier but im not exactly sure.

hopefully time will fly and i will be on my last visit to the derm.! :cool:

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