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Jenny Rogers

im 15 years old and i have struggled with acne for about 4 years. I have tried every over the counter product then went to the dermatoligist. I was prescribed benzyol peroixed creamy wash and differin and minocycline. I used this religiously for tow months, my acne got worse. So she boosted up the prescriptions in differin and minocycline. I used this for a year and nothing really, helped a little bit but still major pimples. I then went on the birth control pill YAZm and this cleared up everything except a few pimples but i had no body acne. I stayed on this for a year but then went off of it because of the weight gain and many other side affects. I am now taking 1 minocycline extended realease tablets 90 mg in the morning and at night washing with benzoyl peroxide 8% creamy wash and then putting on retin a micro 0.1% gel on my face and differin 0.3% on my shoulders and chest. this is not working. PLEEASSEE HELLP!

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