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I thought I'd post that I'm unfortunately not acne free like I was last time I posted on here. It's been around one year and 6 months since I finished my Accutane treatment. I would say the past 9 months I've had off and on acne, but within the past 3 months it's been getting progressively worse. This might have to do with me being in a stressful college setting, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I don't plan on going back on Acctane, I don't have the time for doctor appointments and blood work, or money right now. Hopefully it goes away on it's own. My friend that went on Accutane had similar results (with it coming back) but after college he said it just went away on it's own. Maybe flair ups are normal? Anyways, I'm pretty bummed about it. sad.png


YAHHHH! :cry:

Tonight I swallowed my last dang orange pill. Feels awesome to be done. :shhh:

I remember taking my first pill on November 1st 2009, thinking I had such a long road ahead of me, but time flew by, it really did. This time my skin wasn't getting worse like when using other products, it was only getting better, one week at a time. I'd do it again!

I am SO happy with my skin now, all I need is a little make-up and I'm out the door. I know it's annoying to hear that when you are the opposite (like how I was 5 months ago) having to wake up early and sometimes skipping out on life to avoid being seen. Let me be the first to tell you it's NOT worth it. I recommend Accutane 100%! I was hesitant about the side effects, like you all are... but it's not bad. Dry lips, dry nose... I'd do it again and again and again if it meant clear skin. The side effects are nothing compared to the end result.

If you are thinking about Accutane— do it... for yourself. :shifty:


Best of luck to you all! :shhh:


oooo-k. So I am getting a little frustrated. If you saw my gallery, you can see that I am on 4.5 months on Accutane and I still have acne and scars. :shhh: This sucks. My derma said if my face looks good to me by Easter, I can just cancel my April 5th appointment that would get me another months supply and I would be DONE DONE AND DONE. :shhh: I'm not sure what to do. It'll cost me another 160 bucks to do another month, but maybe it would be worth it? Does acne continue to get better once your off the medicine or does it immediately go back to oily skin. I'm just scared it'll come back right away. :cry:

Anyways, I had a couple new blemishes this week and my back pain was bad at times, but my EYES are really getting worse. :shifty: I'm not sure if it's accutane related BUT I have noticed a big change, I am needing my glasses a lot more than I used to. I probably am just not drinking enough water?

Overall. Excited that the end of accutane is in sight and my spring break in next week!! HOOT HOOT!! :dance:


Off and on this week I keep getting a red rash on the top of my hands and wrists. I did some research about it, and it's an Accutane-induced eczema. Apparently it's common, so if you experience this, it's fine. I got some Eucerine Hand Lotion (WORKS SO GOOD)! :D also when it gets bad I read to avoid warm/hot water, because it just makes it worse and stings...which is veryyy true.


Lips super dry - not cool. :D

Lower back pain pretty bad- not cool. :D

Face broke out a little this week- also, not cool. :D

But I really can't complain, break outs now are SO much better than they used to be!



I went and got my two viles of blood drawn this morning (prego test and liver/health test) and got my prescription right after. I am going to go get it filled tomorrow! :D

Still taking 80 mg a day (one 40 mg with breakfast/one 40 mg before bed). My Derma said that he thought this 5th month would be my final month, but this morning when he looked at my face he said, probably two more months, so I'd be done April 30th. ahhhhh, I can't wait until then. I feel like Accutane is taking a tole on my body slightly, but it could be all in my head. I feel like I'm puffing up a little bit, maybe it's water weight my body is retaining because it's so dry? ha, I'm no doctor so I really have no clue. Maybe I should just hit the gym more. :D When my uncle was on accutane he said he got puffy too. lol. ewe, I don't like that word, puffy. :D

If you look under my galleries, you can see that my skin has a lot of scars from old acne, you can really tell that I was on accutane. I'm REALLLLLY hoping I find a solution to make my face baby smooth again. I should probably keep dreaming, it's ruined. :D But it's better than being ruined and full of active acne. I'm so thankful for my clear skin, it makes life so much easier. I used to hate my skin SO much, now I like my skin and hopefully one day I can say I love my skin! ahh wishful thinking!

I'm hopeful this 5th month on accutane will bring great things! :D

Happy 4 month Anniversary Accutane, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Day 116 - Accutane

I didn't have any active acne this morning. ahhhh life is GOOD!!!!!!!!!! :D

I think my skin is starting to improve and I can tell that bumping up my dosage up for 80 mg per day really did the trick, I will stick with it all the way through next month as well, I can't wait to see where I'm at a month from now. No news really, besides my lips have been REALLY dry this week other than that, my skin is improving significantly every day.

ABOUT MY SCARS AND RED MARKS: I am still looking for good ways to treat my red marks and groovy little tooth pick scars. Any suggestions?


Day 108 - accutane

Well, it's been 3 and half months now, since I started Accutane November 1st 2009.

my Dermo has me up to TWO 40 mg pills a day.

I recently moved (AGAIN) and had to switch my pills from Ammnestene to Claravis. Even though for the first 2 months I was on Claravis, I didn't want to keep swapping my pills around. Since I started Claravis 15 days ago, my skin is getting bad again. I am so frustrated because at this point in the whole 'accutane process' my skin should be only getting better, not worse!! :D I have no choice but to stick with Claravis because it's the only form of isotretinoin Target Pharmacy provides...I moved to a big city so I'm taking the bus everywhere and Target is just super convenient (plus I had a coupon)!! haha. But if you are looking into accutane, try to get Ammnestene, I noticed less symptoms and it's easier to swallow! Most local type of pharmacies (not the big guys like Target or Walmart) will carry Ammnestene.

My dermo said I might have to do furthur treatment after accutane to get my skin smooth again, I have such bad red marks, scars and little grooves in my skin, I should of gone on accutane LONG before I did so some of those could of been prevented! :D

I'm thinking this time next month I will be much happier with my results, it sounds like I have a month and a half left...these visits are so expensive I can't wait to be done, and also be done with blood testing each month, it's just a hassel. Even though I'm being a negative nancy, I would recommend accutane to EVERYONE with acne problems, it's made my life so much more managable. I almost forget, unless I think about it, how much of a pain it use to be. Since the inflammation has gone down I feel happier, do more things, wear less make-up and am a lot less sad. THANK YOU ACCUTANE!! :D

gotta run!


Day 95 - Accutane

So I am finally into my fourth month of Accutane, it's hard to believe how fast time has gone.

This morning my face looked really good, only about 2 hurting pimples and the rest of the marks are just scars and no active acne, 2 zitz!!! I can live with that!! I am just waiting patiently for these horrible red marks to fade.

I had a derma visit 2 days ago and he upped my dosage to 40 mg in the morning and 40 mg at night. I am on Ammnestene, but have a feeling my medicine will be changing YET AGAIN because I moved (transferred colleges) and have to changed pharmacies. I am going to Target this time around, only because I got a coupon in the mail, heck yes! I love coupons! My Derma also suggested I start taking Omega-3 fish oil, since my dosage is higher I may feel more dry. I am taking Dr. Theo's Official Omega-3 Fish Oil softgels (lemon flavored). They don't even smell of taste fishy, he said his patients love these, so I gave them a try. Only downside is they are pretty big softgels, but they go down smooth since they are like gel.

Anyways, the over all feeling at this point in the process if I don't mind putting my make up on anymore, I haven't felt that way in a long time. Before it would take forever, and I always was upset because the make up didn't even help cause it was THAT bad. Now my face is actually SMOOTH and I only need make up to cover scars! :( I LOVE IT. I am on the raod to loving my skin again! I can't wait.

my derma said since we upped my dosage- I might be off it sooner. I'm going to go 2 more months for sure, unless he really thinks otherwise. I'm kind of scared to get off it, I don't want my oily skin and acne to come back :(



Day 89 - Accutane

My face is still progressively, getting better.

I wanted to note that I mixed PONDS day skin creme (blue/white jar) with Acne.org's Jojoba oil.

I put A LOT together before I went to bed the past two nights and when I wake up my face looks so good from all the hydrating things. Both don't clog pores so there is nothing to worry about either.

I wouldn't say BOTH are necessary together but I found that VERY GENEROUSLY apply hydrating lotions and such really makes a difference when you wake up. I just wanted to share this with anyone on accutane or with dry skin.

On Feb 1st it will be the end of month three and the start of month four, can't wait!! I'm also on Ammnestine now, my pharmacy didn't have Claravis so I had to switch.


Day 85 - Accutane

Well, it has been over 2 months and 24 days, so almost 3 months on Accutane. Surprisingly, my skin is not as great as I thought it would be by this point. I have a cluster of acne of my right cheek and still many deep ones along my jaw line, and a couple of my forehead. On my left cheek there is no acne, and it's the first time that I can actually swipe my hand across by cheek and feel semi-smoothness with no acne, just many scars. My skin has for sure improved, but there is so much scaring, I have tiny ice-pick scars all over my face, so I still don't feel pretty because my makeup doesn't cover up grooves in my cheeks, I think I'm going to need post-accutane scar treatment for sure. :( the bills just never end with acne...

Well, I am confident going into month 4, I really think this will be the month that makes the most difference like people say.

I am not wanting to get off accutane, I love having dry hair, it's awesome. I don't have to shower everyday because greasy hair doesn't exist. I hate the dry nose though, it's worse than lips. It's so dry in my nose that it's painful at times and no matter what, if I blow my nose some blood comes out..which, I know, is totally nasty, but there is no way around it. I think Vaseline has helped a little.

I noticed these past 2 weeks my face has gotten dry. Before it was just not greasy, but not really DRY. Now I need to put more lotion on than normal..ehh...oh and my back pain has still been going off and on, sometimes my low back is just in SO much pain, I walk around like an old person and then the next day it's all fine and dandy. well, yeah. that's all for now. peace. :(


Day 63 - Accutane

MY SKIN IS GETTING SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

it's depressing. I thought my skin was suppose to be getting better by now, and it's getting worse? I guess I should have washed my face on New Years Eve. grrrrrrr. That's probably why I'm breaking out. That was the first time I didn't wash my face before bed since I was like 14. lol.


Day 60 - Accutane

2 MONTHS DOWN!!! :wall: I can't believe it. Time is just flying by.

My skin was improving a lot up until this past week (Christmas time) I feel like it may have had to do with eating way too many sweets and chocolate though. I had a Derm apt today to get my perscription renewed and bad news...the medicine is taking a tole on my body. Apparently my blood test showed that everything pretty much double (cholesteral, liver enzymes, etc...) so she is making me get ANOTHER blood test in two weeks to see if things have changed.

I am going into month three now, still making 40 mg one day and 80 mg the next (one 40 mg pill with breakfest and one 40 mg pill at bed time).

Symptoms- I have been feeling really gross lately, this past week. Just alwwwwways tired, always feeling like I havn't gotten enough water or healthy food in my body. I think I need to start eating healthier! My doc said what you eat doesn't play a role in your blood work results, it's how accutane works with your body. So even if I do start eating healthier I'm not sure it'll make a difference until I'm off Accutane in FOUR months! :/

Overall, I am happy I am doing this. I still have MUCH need for improvement though! :wall:


Day 52 - Accutane

WOW. Time flies, I'm going to make this quick. My skin is improving A LOT!! I broke out along my jaw line (but I think it's because I lay my head on my hands when I'm sitting at a table). But I have had numerous people say it's improving!! I love this stuff, TWO thumbs WAY up!! The scars are fading EVEN more, I am so happy I decided to do this, the side effects are SO over done. All I have is dry lips, but good chapstick takes care of that REALLY well, but the dry lips aren't even bad. I have noticed a little pain in the low back at random times, but it might not even be accutane related?



Day 43- Accutane

My face is starting to show definite improvement. I have notice a little difference but the people that are close to me keep saying they think it's improved a lot. I guess I look at it everyday so I might not notice how drastic it really is. I haven't had a crazy bad break out in days. Things are looking up for me, finally!! Just in time for Christmas!! :wall: I also LOVE my new face wash, Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Face wash, I think it has helped my skin!


Day 38 - Accutane

Hey I thought I'd write in in case anyone out there happens to be reading my accutane entries and is curious about the whole process week by week... I will feel pretty lame if no one is reading these, so if you are, THANKS! ha!

I can NOT believe it's already day 38! :wall: I had an apt this week and got bumped up to 80 mg every other day and 40 mg on the other day. It's weird, at night when I take my second 40mg pill (on the 80 mg days) my throat gets so dry- I just try to fall asleep quick so I don't have to feel it. lol. My face is doing alright, I am noticing more breakouts along my neck line, but my cheaks where it was BAD, is clearing up. My scars are sorta fading too. One LAME thing is that my nose bleeds have gotten bad for the last 3-4 weeks because it's cold where I live now and I think that might have something to do with it. I am constantly using vaseline on my nose, if this is happening to you too- it helps! I bought eye drops this week because my vision was blurry lately and my Derm said it's because your eyes won't necessarily feel dry but if you notice a change in vision, they are. So I bought artificial tears and I hated them at first, but they are growing on me, my eyes feel fresh after I use it. I also bought a new face wash- Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser, and I LOVE IT. It adds a lot of moisture to my dry face- and I am using CeraVe face lotion- I do like that a lot now too, I didn't at first. I am going to start adding Neosporin when needed on my face...someone on here said they use it so your face doesn't scar (good thinking person)!

Overall, my face is SLOWLY improving, nothing unmanageable anymore- at least nothing my make-up can't hide!! :wall:



WAHOO! It has been a solid month! I can't believe it, tomorrow morning I am taking my last pill from my first prescription! weird.

Let's see, I'm going to give you a wrap up of what the FIRST month of Accutane is like... for me at least. First week, little to no differences in ANYTHING, face might seem smoother by the end of the first week, which was a little deceiving. Then week two, dry lips started. Week three, hell started to break loose...lips became MORE dry, nose bleeds everyday, skin gets more dry, vision worsend, couldn't sit in class for long periods of time without getting aches. Week four, the symptoms listed before still exist, if not have gotten worse and skin is breaking out still, but nothing worse than what I've delt with before. I have been crazy sick with a cold and I lost my voice almost competely (I think I got sick from the Prednisone pills because it weakens your immune system, and I never get sick). This week was bad but I am looking up, it'll only get better from here. Tuesday, December 1st I have an apt to get my 2nd prescription! I hope she ups my dosage to 60 mg a day! :D


Day 25 - Accutane

soo, this week I'm feeling pretty in the dumps. Well for one, I have some kind of strept throat right now, right by Thanksgiving :dance: LAME and tomorrow I'm running in this "Turkey Day 5k" race so being sick while doing that will probably not be the great experience I was aiming for. Bummer :dance:

I found out that what my Derm prescribed me to take with accutane probably wasn't the best decision. She gave me 10 mg of 'Prednisone' to help with imflammation for the first month on tane. I was doing a little research on my own this morning because I thought my unusual sickness has to do with taking all of these pills and found out that Prednisone is a steroid. Number one symptom is, "RAPID WEIGHT GAIN." ahhh NOT COOL! :D It says also- don't get vaccinated while on it (I got the flu shot) and it also says your immune system will weaken so stay away from sick people. My roommate was sick last week so I'm pretty sure I'm getting what she had. ahhhh, my derm told me non of this and now I'm sick and I never get sick! I'm just irritated... I guess it is my own responsibility to look into what I'm taking, note to self: read into EVERY medicine before I start taking it. I have noticed that I might have gained a little weight but nothing too crazy and now it makes sense why I would think that! Gawwd. :D Oh well, I'm done with that pill Dec 1st, so hopefully it'll be ok. It said I might experience withdrawal symptoms from it because it's a steroid. oh joy, can't wait! :)

MY SKIN- eariler this week, it was awful. And right now it's toned down a lot, I need to post another pic, I will sometime this week. My scars appear lighter but it hasn't improved a whole lot. I am experiencing more accutane symptoms, like nose bleeds, I have had light ones all week, which is gross. I havn't had my nose bleed since I was like 5, so it's werid, I don't like it. I think my vision is getting worse. It could all be in my head but I was driving in the dark last night and wow it was difficult, I needed to whip out the glasses right away. I have noticed SLIGHT muscle aches in my back, but really, nothing bad. I'll keep you posted! Crossing fingers I feel better for Thanksgiving!! :D


Day 21 - Accutane

I am not digging my skin right now! at all. :D

I'm pretty sure it might have to do with a combination of Initial breakout starting and those wonderful "monthly hormones" but my skin is getting worse, forsure. I thought it was getting better for a while there, such a little trick Claravis is playing on me! (not cool!) I hope this initial breakout doesn't last long, I don't want to look ugly for the Holidays when I get together with all my old high school friends on break and I look worse than they remember. I just can't wait to see results, my skin is just awful, all i want for Christmas is clear skin, LITERALLY, that's what I asked for from my parents was for them to pay for my doc visits, lol. :D My face is getting more dry, quickly, RIGHT when I get out of the shower I have to put lotion on, and the worst part is, is that I think my lotion (CeraVe) is contributing to the breakouts, has anyone had problems with CeraVe or found an amazing face lotion for using while on Accutane? ALSO- I can't find a good foundation make up, I'm using ALMAY and it basically blows, I'm regretting that purchase. :) Even though it's not going well right now- I'm being hopeful because I know people have amazing results. I just need to keep my chin up and trust. :D


Day 15 - Accutane

It's been 2 weeks now, pill #15 was popped this morning, and I can see that there is definately changing in my skin taking place for the better. I think the texture of it is improving and my scars are fading which is a HUGE PLUS!! :D YAH! My lips are slightly dry, but nothing that chapstick can't take care of. On the upside, my hair takes longer to get oily which is pretty awesome! I haven't really noticed a whole lot of changes as I mentioned in my last blog...it's almost like I'm not even on medicine, I have no side effects really. No dry skin, face, nose, just the lips. I am on 40 mg so I'm hoping I get bumped up to 60 next month...I want to dry out more because my face still gets oily in the middle of the day and I want that to just end! It's starting to get a little cold around where I live "up north"...so hopefully that contributes to the dry factor. ha, watch- I'm going to jinx myself with this dry thing and it'll be too much. I am now taking Prednisone every other day with my Accutane. My Derm presribed it as, "take once daily for the first ten days of Accutane, then every other day for the rest of the month." I think it's really helping with the initial breakout business! I'm so glad my Derma put me on it!! :D


Day 10 - Accutane

Wellllp...it's day TEN! my lips are starting to get dry. Yesterday I started to really notice (Day 9). I have been using Dr. Dan's Cortibalm, Aquaphore and valesline...I keep switching it up, trying to "trick my lips" so they don't get use to anything, my Derm told me to do that. But the dryness is NOTHING to complain about- I'd take the dry lips over acne any day. Other than the lips, the texture in my skin looks SLIGHTLY better, I'm praying for no initial break out though... BLA that would suck, a lot! I have been exercising with no joint pain, no back pain and have experienced no loss of interest, so I am kicking Accutanes butt right now. The only side effect so far is lips are starting to get dry, but not my face, I can't wait for the day when my face is dry. OMG! I am so sick of the oily face... I go through those Oil Absorbancy Sheets like it's my job. Crossing fingers that day comes soon!! :D


Day 7 - Accutane

It's been one full week on Accutane now! HOLLER! :D Feels good to be making some progress in the days, it's going fast. I honestly can see improvment in my skin. I have been exfoliating GENTLY with Proactives BP face wash (with those little beads in it) and I think it's helping with my scarring. My skin isn't irritated either which surprises me. People were saying to use little to nothing to treat acne while on Accutane, but I disagree. I think because I have been using B.P. and Salycilic Acid it is helping with the initial breakout. I guess only time will tell. I did have a bad pain in my heart all day- not sure if it is medicine related? Stretching and drinking water helped. mmmmmmh what else. Face and hair are still oily like normal, lips have little to no dryness YET. I will be posting pictures of my weekly progress, but not to night...too lazy! :D


Day 5 - Accutane

welllp, I'm on Day 5!

Basically nothing at all is different. My face broke out a little more, but that happens A LOT so I'm not sure if it's from the medicine or not. My lips, skin and nose feel normal still, lips SLIGHTLY dry, but nothing to wine about...yet. One thing I noticed is my eyes are looking bloodshot a bit. It might have something to do with being a college student and staying up really late every night, but I have never had red eyes before with my constant lack of sleep. Maybe I'll pick some eye drops up in the morning? I am tempted to keep using Benzoil Peroxide on my face before bed...I want to buy more of Dan's Regimen BP...love it, I'm addicted, I can't stop the topicals/face creams. Letting go of them is hard because they have been part of my get-ready routine for like, eight years!

One other thing- my face is usually always super oily, I need to use oil absorbancy sheets and this week has been WAYYY crazier than normal, hair too. (not cool.) I thought Accutane was suppose to dry me up not make my oil go into over drive? Maybe it's a side effect right away?

Can't wait for this first month to be over and hopefully see improvement! (crossing fingers) :D


Day 1 - Accutane

WOW. I can't believe I'm FINALLLY starting Accutane. :D I took my first pill with breakfest this morning, November 1st, 2009. It says to take it with a meal so I chose breakfest, mostly because I just couldn't wait all day to take it tonight. Sounds so dumb, but I can't wait until tomorrow morning to take another, I just want to get a move on with this medicine, I've waited so long for it!! 3 MONTHS!! Being a girl trying to get on Accutane is so lame, but will be worth the hassel in the long run. Oh also, It might be ENTIRELY all in my head but I kind of feel dry already and when I got out of the shower my skin was more flakey (ewe :D ) than normal, semi-itchy scalp too.

OH! I ordered 3 tubes of "Dr. Dan's Cortibalm" chapstick from Dermstore.com ($21.00 for 3 tubes + free shipping!) and it came in the mail yesterday, perfect timing. I don't have dry lips yet but I tried it out and this stuff is ligit, VERY VERY good moisture, I also got a tube of Aquaphore from my derm- she said it's good to "trick" your lips and switch up your chapsticks between those two, you'll have less drying apparently?


oooh man, what a long journey it has been but it will all be worth it, hopefully. I have been waiting since July to get these pills, soooo much more of a hassel when your a lady!

I finally got my prescription for Claravis (40 MG), but I am waiting until November 1st to start so I can have a couple drinks on Halloween, kind of stupid reason I know, I just don't want my liver to croke.

I am very nervous/excited/scared I am just praying I don't get the doomed initial breakout :D or I will be hiding out for a while! I will try to be consistent with writing blogs on my progress and posting pictures, we'll see how that goes. I waste enough time on Facebook now I have another thing to keep up with, but I like this, this is just what I needed. I never realized how many of us are out there, it's pretty awesome to see the encouragement and advice everyone gives eachother.

My apologies on the pictures I currently DO have up, I have ZERO make up on and just got done working out soooo that is why I look like I just gave birth. Hopefully I'll take better pictures next time? ehhh. :D


Getting closer!

[font="Century Gothic"]GOOD NEWS! I called my dermotologist to see if I could get in sooner for my Accutane "final discussion" visit before she gives me the perscription and I got in two weeks earlier, one week from today! I did that because my face is unbareable - to the point where make up doesn't work (sometimes makes it worse) and I'm avoiding going into public, it's horrible. So I'm all stoked about this visit, if my Derm says, no sorry we should try other things, I literally will start crying because I am sick of paying money for these "systems" that don't work anyways and I really feel I have tried everything else, I just want Accutane!

I just hope this appointment goes well, i'm nervous!

still taking my Bactrim (horse pill) twice a day along with my birth control pill once a day. I feel like an old lady with all my pills! Still washing with the M.D. Forte (Glycloic Acid) products...and at night I load on Proactives Repairing Lotion, i find a good amount on Benzoil Peroxide really makes a difference in the morning. But, I am NOT a fan of Proactive as a system.


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