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Day 15

not as itchy anymore, but still dry, getting red now, that's kind of annoying. i feel like things are pushing their way out of my skin...i have more cysts at once than i ever have before. but it seems like these outbreaks are healing faster. lips are dry, using chapstick like crazy, not bleeding or cracking yet (wait til its winter!!!) ill put some new pics up later this week


6th day

So nearing the end of my 6th day of treatment. I feel like I can already see things clearing up (although it might just be wishful thinking). My face is super itchy, but it's not flaking or really red so that's good. My lips are ALREADY chapped, and I have a tube of Chapstick in every room of the house. I've been trying to drink a little more water than usual (which I drink plenty most days anyway), and always take the meds with food. I've also been using Jergens Daily Moisturizing self-tanning face lotion at night to keep my summer tan (since I won't be using a tanning bed at all this winter...). Little bit of a dry nose, but nothing to complain about. Mostly just itchy and chapped lips... :cool:


3rd day of Accutane

So, i FINALLY started Accutane (Claravis) 20mg x 2/day...I've been waiting for this day since I heard of Accutane way back in 2004-ish...I've had 'bad skin' since about 5th grade, and I suffered with being teased for that AND being super tall pretty much up until college...I absolutely HATE make-up (I'm much more of a tomboy than a girly girl) BUT I know I have the potential to be "naturally pretty" and I hate my skin because of this...So this is my blog through my treatment of Accutane. Hopefully things will go my way, and by Christmas, I will be looking wonderful!

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