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lorelie chevalier

This hasn't really been a week. I've actually been on Amnesteem 12 days. I just wanted to get in the first week so I can be on track. ^^ I believe day one was August 21, 2009.

Amnesteem Prescription:


Twice daily

1 month prescriptions(duh)

Approx. 5 month journey





*Fighting acne since puberty... I think that was 5th grade or 4th.


I did not type that as a dating service (it sounded like it...). I just wanted to let you know some details.

Side Effects Present So Far:

*Mild flaking

-around nose

-around lips



*Slight lip swelling in the AM

*Crying spells

*Mild burning on top lip

*Mini nose bleeds- no faucet-like dripping, scabbing inside nose

*Worsening of acne

*Slight scabing in ears...? Am I bleeding in there...?

*Slight mood swing

Products Used to Alleviate Side Effects:

*Moist towels to replenish moisture

*Mary Kay Velocity Moisturizer before make up

*Mary Kay Sunscreen Chapstick

*Avon Chapstick

*Vitamin E Moisturizing liquid


Lorelie Chevalier

lorelie chevalier

The final awesome post in the Pre-Amnesteem Trilogy! :D

2.5 months before Amnesteem... (Beginning of August) :silenced:


The next issue that comes up in the next few weeks will be performed in a brief dialogue.

After waiting an hour in the dermatologists office...

"Here's your perscription!!!"

*confetti get's thrown in the air*

*lorelie makes a trip to the Wal-Mart Pharmacy and turns in the prescription*

45 minutes later...

"OMGz! Did you lyke... give them your iPLEDGE card?"

lorelie: :dance: "I forgotz!"

*pharmasict takes the card.*

"Yeah, lyke... It says you're not authorized."

lorelie: :silenced: "I forgot to answer my comprehension questions!"

*pharmacist keeps the prescription to order it while I go home to answer the damn questions.

Next day...

"OMGz! Your insurance company is being stupidz."

lorelie's mom: :evil:

lorelie: :)

Over the course of the next few days, lorelie's mom fights with the insurance company who feels that Accutane is going to cause me to kill myself. The dermatologist office is going baserk at their stupidity until finally they let me have the generic for Accutane: Isotretinoin Amnesteem.

lorelie can finally begin her Amnesteem journey. (I had to answer the comprehension questions 3 times...)

:dance: :dance: :turtle:


Lorelie Chevalier

"I hope you absolutely LURVED my trilogy.

be on the look out for the rest of my journey." :cool:

lorelie chevalier

This is post number 2 of my Pre-Amnesteem trilogy!!

2 months before Amnesteem... Confused? I was too. (July)

Yeah, I had to wait another month before getting Amnesteem because my blood work showed that my Liver lipids had quadrupled.

I'm not a doctor. Do not ask me what that means... Apparently that's not a good thing because...

He sends me to get blood work again.

Long story, short.

I do my blood work and this time it takes a good 30 minutes to get blood out. Don't get me wrong. The guy got the needle in pretty well, the blood just came out in little drips and squirts...


Lorelie Chevalier

"look out for the final post of Pre-Amnesteem!"

lorelie chevalier

Ok so, this is a late entry because I actually started Amnesteem about ten days ago. But I thought I'd track my journey from the beginning.

1 month before Amnesteem (June)

I went to the dermatologist and got my wonderful sheet of paper for blood work. Let me tell you, I don't fear needles as much as I used to because I'm a frequent blood donator. Blood work would be a piece of cake, right?


I went to get my blood taken all happy and ready to do my blood sucking thing. The lady did the whole rubber band around the arm. A few hand pumps and arm slaps later... BAM! the needle slides through effortlessly... but...

She missed the vein thus, no blood.

The phlebotomist decides she'll try stabbing me a second time in the same arm. Lo and behold! No vein, no blood, lots of pain.

At this point I'm thinking I want to die, the lady decides she wants to go on her lunch break, and another woman tries her luck on my left arm this time. (mind you I have two bleeding holes in my right arm)

The lady does her thing, misses the vein, but moves the needle ever so slightly for a good two minutes. I'm crying like an imbacile until she finally hits the vein and I sing GLORY HALLELUJAH!

The next few days I'm looking like a junkie with three needle holes and bruises on my arms.


Lorelie Chevalier

"look out for post 2 of Pre-Amnesteem!"

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