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Well, since my last update 7 days ago, a lot of stuff has happened, some for the good and some for the bad.

I'll start of with the BAD news :silenced:

- i've recently got 3 new big-ish spots on the side of my face and I couldnt help but pick them and so two have scabbed - which means more scars.

- two, i think school's going to start stressing me out, as im starting my gcse options this year it means more homework, more concentration, more books to carry. Which is not good; so I think that my spots may begin to get worse but yreally really happy about that and as for my right cheek that's clearing up quite well, but not as good.ou never know.

- three, whenever I'm at school I always eat sugary foods and junky food because they dont have much healthy stuff, so I may get contribute to more spots aswell

But now for the good news :turtle:

- the spots on my forehead have all cleared up and on my chin, so I'm so happy that I can walk around with my fringe clipped back without being self conscious.

- the lemon routine is really working now. On my left cheek the scarring has completely faded and are so easy to cover with a quick layer of foundation or none at all. And so I'm really really happy about that, and as for the right side of my cheeks that's clearing up a bit too.

- I've sorted out my body clock because I'm back at school and drinking more water, hopefully I'm going to get healthier at the end of all this aswell.

As for products for my face, I have started using moisturizer in the mornings after applying my spot cream. I'm using Clean&Clear Oil Free Daily Moisturizer (I think) and I like it, you only have to put a tiny pea size amount on your fingers for it to get all round your face.

And I have stopped using Eurax and Fucidin H lotion on my cheeks, because I think that using less products is more likely to work and I dont want to go crazy on my face with products at such a young age, so I'm only using SkinOren lotion.

Speaking of over using products, I'm also using my Garnier 3 in 1 Wash Scrub & Mask (as a Mask) less than usual, because it will probably take away all my natural oils of my face and I know that oily skin is good for when you're older and want to have less wrinkles.

Anyways that's all I wanted to say, I'm pretty happy at the moment about my face :cool:

Update coming soon.


Right, here's an update.

I've gotten a few more spots on my forehead, unfortunately, but they're easy to cover with my fringe and I've got two new spots on my chin :turtle:

But the ones that still bother me the most are the rashy ones on my cheek, I really dont know how to get rid of them; they're just really small and all in one spot. They're hardly getting better - so does anyone know how I can get rid of them, preferably using a home remedy?

I think the reason for these new spots are probably because I've missed out on two days of my regime as I was at a sleepover, and we stayed up so late I forgot to take my makeup off and stuff. We watched Donnie Darko, has anyone watched that? It's really good, but confusing, can anyone explain it to me?

Anyways, as for the lemon to fade my scars, it seems to be helping but I can't see dominate changes, there is virtually no change to the right side of my cheek (which is the worst side for scars).

- Argh :silenced:

I really want my spots and scars to get clear up before school starts, which is in precisely 5 days, so I highly doubt that. But I can hope :cool:

Anyways, I think I'm off to bed as it's 12.16am and I need to sort out my body clock before school. goodnight :)


Regime and scars..

Okay, so following my previous entry from last night I thought I'd say about my regime and my scars and what i'm doing at the moment to help get rid of them.

I have acne scars on my cheeks, on my chin and a few faded scars on my forehead.

About 2 weeks ago, I was wondering if there was a home remedy to help fade them more quickly and I found out about cucumber and lemon.

So, about 2 weeks ago for that week I was using cucumber and lemon and it worked quite well, but i found it annoying to have to crush cucumber every night and if I wanted to put it in the fridge for the next night it would go smelly and kind of weird overnight.

Then, I stopped using it like a week ago and just last night I started using just lemon and I really like it so far (it's better than cucumber and lemon because there was loads of cucumber skin left on my face, so it was kind of messy) as it leave my face smooth and radiant in the morning :cool: And I can see the difference already especially above my lip - those ones have become a lot easier to cover with make up.

My regime in the night is as follows:

1) If I was wearing make up I wipe it off with Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes (For Sensitive Skin)

2) I use Garnier 3 in 1 Wash Scrub & Mask. I really like it as a mask, so I use the mask part of it like 3 times a week and use my exfoliating glove to wash it off. And the other days I use either the Scrub or Wash, depending on how I feel about my skin that day. Because I have oily skin it doesnt make my skin dry, but I dont recommend it for very dry skin.

3) I put lemon juice on my acne scars using a cotton wool ball and leave it there for 15 mins and then wash it off, but occasionally I would leave it on during the night.

4) I put Eurax lotion on my cheeks because they are quite red and itchy and then I put SkinOren lotion all over my face and then I'm done.

In the morning:

1) I wash my face using Clean&Clear Quick Clear Daily Treatment Wash and rinse it off.

2) Then I put SkinOren Lotion all over my face and wait for it to set - I use it as a moisturizer because it makes my skin feel soft.

3) Lastly, I put my make up on which is usually concealer, foundation and either mascara or eyeliner (occasionally I wear both)

This current regime works really well for me and I like it.

Aswell as this, I think the reason for many of my spots (as I'm not a stressed out person) must be because of..

1) my sweetooth - i love sweets so much, I used to eat a lot but I've cut down

2) my messed up body clock - In the holidays I go to sleep between 12am - 4am and then wake up at like 1pm if I'm not doing anything that day.

3) the lack of water I drink - if you're meant to have like 8 glasses and I only have like 4, which is pretty bad because the glasses I drink are squash or flavoured water.

Anyways, I'll update later about my scars and spots.

Have a nice evening, Nnedi x


Right, okay. I thought I'd start one of these blogs to talk about my experience with acne and maybe look back and see how it's improved.

The basics are that I am a female teenager of an african origin, but I have quite fair skin (many people think I'm halfcast, if that helps) and I am 14 from UK. As a teenager it is quite common to be dealing with acne, because of all the hormones and what not. But I think that my acne is pretty bad and as a consequence of me picking at it (I'm learning to stop) I have been left with quite a few scars on my cheeks and on my forehead - luckily my forehead scars came first and they are now fading, but the cheek ones are pretty much present.

At the moment I try and cover the scars with makeup - I know it's too young to be wearing makeup I guess, but without it I have such little confidence - and that works pretty well, but I dont want to have to keep wearing makeup all the time; as it will make my spots worse and clog my pores.

I have been on different prescribed medications over the past year as I had acne from quite an early age:

I started off with OxySpot in July 2008, but after only the first application I came up with a rash and swollen eyes, which did all end up going away after a week but this meant I couldn't use that product anymore and at the time I didn't know what caused this reaction.

Then in August 2008, I went to see the GP and as my dad's a GP aswell he asked if I could use Duac lotion (as my dad said that that is a favourite among his patients), and so I was prescribed Duac. After the first application of Duac my skin just went quite red, but I thought that may be part of the process. And after the second application I could see big changes, virtually all the pimples on my forehead had gone. But after the third application, I got the same rash and swollen eyes as from using OxySpot.

And so, my dad and I thought it was best I didnt use it anymore and we concluded that I must have been allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide which was present in both products.

From then on I had to be careful to make sure the products I used didn't contain Benozyl Peroxide, which was hard seeing how that is a key active ingredient used in acne treatments.

In the 2nd week of August 2008, I was prescribed Zineryt ointment/lotion which was to be applied twice daily. This smelt awful and it stung on my spots and on application it made my skin feel greasy at first, but then the ointment would dry and it made my skin feel quite smooth.

So after having my ups and downs of using Zineryt, it did work in the long run. I had no spots for the whole of that year. It was a huge boost of confidence.

However in July 2009, after being on the medication almost a year it was beginning to not work well at all, all my spots were coming back and they were now coming on my cheeks instead of my forehead and I was really upset about it.

And so that last week in July 2009 I was prescribed SkinOren lotion and Fucidin H lotion. The GP said that the Fucidin H lotion was for the sides of my face and cheeks because I had like rashy spots there which were quite red. Whereas the SkinOren lotion was for my acne and to be applied wherever there were spots/pimples.

I've been using Fucidin H lotion for about a month now, and tonight I have decided to stop using it. Yes, it did work wonders for the rashy sections of my face, but only short term, they would come back again within a couple of days. Aswell as this, I did a bit of research and found out Fucidin is only meant to be used for 7 days or else there can be some terrible side effects. For example, thinning of the skin, loss of pigmentation of the skin, growth in hair on the applied areas. I was worried about this I didnt want it to happen to me as I have already been using it for a month. Hopefully nothing has happened already *fingers crossed*

As for the SkinOren, it's working gradually but not worked wonders yet. Especially on my cheeks, they are still pretty noticeably spotty :turtle: and in the first week in made me break out, but that's cleared up a bit now. Hopefully the SkinOren lotion is the type that takes a while to work and will be worth it in the long run *fingers crossed again*

I hope my life story hasn't bored you too much, I will update again tonight about my regime and a little more about my acne scars :cool:

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