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Is Acnetix fo real???

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Is Acnetix working????

Short answer...... Yeh! Surprisingly!

The light/moderate acne on my face is almost non existant, still a few small 1's around my jaw but hardly noticable now. Managed to remove alot of dead skin around my neck aswell, and my skin honestly hasnt felt this soft for months. HOWEVER...... yes there was always going to be a but..... the severe acne on my back and chest hasnt changed atol, still constantly sore and still a constant pain in the arse..... in fairness though it is so bad on my back and chest, im actually going on a pill called Roacatine (think thats how you spell it) on the 29th of September which i got frm the dermo..... possible side effects are hair loss, diabetes and suicide..... so wish me luck!!

Overall Acnetix HAS actually made a difference to the light/moderate acne, but i doubt it will last 4 months to be honest like it says on there site, proabably depends on how much you use i guess but 2-3 months looks more realistic to me seeing how much iv used already.

Hope this helps anyone, and i will also keep updating it while im on this wonder drug Roactatine!!

Peace n Love!

Still hating acne =)

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