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Wow, I have really failed this blog. I meant to write an entry every week or so, but with the start of school that quickly went out the window. However, with 2 months under my belt now, I have a much better idea and handling about the regimen. And most importantly, I have SUCCESS!! :D But I'll get into that later in this post.

I think I'll start by giving a brief overview of the last month and a half. I've been following the regimen as well as possible. I've probably skipped a few days total since I started. 3 weeks in or so I wasn't seeing as much progress as I would've liked. (Patience is a virtue, but sometimes it escapes me. especially when it comes to my skin!) So, I upped the amount of treatment I was using, which is part of the regimen and I also started using the treatment twice a day instead of once at night. This seemed to help clear me up a bit more, but unfortunately my skin (particularly my problem areas) was getting VERY dry. Now this might have been partly my fault..I might have jumped too quickly into the twice a day and larger amount of product, maybe I needed to ease my skin into the treatment more slowly. I tried different things for another week or so, but my skin was still incredibly dry (although definitely clearer). In my previous blog posts I raved about how dewy and moist my face was so when the dryness came along (like every other acne treatment I've tried) I was very disappointed! However, throughout my life I've had a history of sensitive skin. Nothing serious at all, but enough to make me question the twice a day regimen for me. So, I decided to go back to using the treatment once a day. Within a week my skin was back to feeling and looking soft/dewy.

These 2 months have definitely been a roller coaster. Some days I'd feel like I was making progress and others seemed like hopeless hot messes. If this had been Proactiv, or some other questionable acne treatment advertised through an infomercial, I probably would've given up. It was pretty bad. However, I really do appreciate this website and the support system that seems to exist within it. It doesn't force the product down your throat and through other sources (like youtube) I've really heard great things. So, that's part of the reason why I kept up the routine. And I still had product left in my kit, so why not get my money's worth, right?

So, here is the part I've been waiting to talk about. After 2 months of doubting and waiting and discouragement, I am finally finding SUCCESS. My skin is clearer than it's been in I have no idea how long. At least two years if not much longer. Last week I actually stopped wearing foundation makeup, which to me is extremely huge and epic. I remember a month ago or so dreaming of what it would be like to be one of those girls who could get out of bed and walk out the door and look good doing it. Now, I'm not entirely there yet, but the fact that I haven't been using a layer of foundation on my face every morning is a huge step for me. In the past 2 weeks I've been using eye liner+mascara and Prescriptives Illuminating Cream Powder. This particular product is supposed to be worn under foundation. It's translucent and I just feel like it reduces under eye darkness and redness from healing acne. I guess it's like my stepping stone from getting off of foundation. But like I said, It's translucent so there is absolutely no coverage and I don't wear concealer. My skin is still healing everyday and I do tend to get a pimple every other day or so, but they are not deep or painful and tend to go away in a day. Like literally a day..spotted at night and nearly gone in the morning. (so amazing) That's one of the best results I've found within this product. My previous problem area (around my mouth) is better than I have seen it in SO LONG. It's still not perfect, but it's healed significantly and I'm not having massive breakouts anymore. I really wish I had a before picture and a now picture to show off. I really should've done that. I'm so happy with my face.

I could go on and on and I'll definitely keep posting on how my skin evolves. ( I did purchase the AHA+, but I have yet to use it, so maybe I'll try that out and see what happens..) I would like to air out a couple problems that I'm still having trouble with regarding the regimen though. For one, I don't think I wait long enough between cleansing and then applying moisturizer or treatment. I need to work on that, but I am not a very punctual person and thus tend to be rushing in the morning most days. Also, when I do cleanse or apply treatment, I am not light on my finger tips. I'm not rough, but I'm not as gentle as I should be..need to work on that.

All in all, I am SO HAPPY with the progress that I've been witnessing in the past couple weeks. Oh and I totally forgot. One thing that I think is attributing to this success is the fact that I've upped the amount of treatment i'm using. I use about 2 1/4" to 2 1/2" on my index finger. Right now this seems to be the perfect amount. My skin is clear and moist! and :).

I'm really hoping people are getting as much out of this regimen as I am! Truly amazing.

Until next time.


keep on truckin' [week 2]

So, It's now been 9 days since I started on the Acne Regimen and switched makeup. The past 2 days I've been a bit upset with the look of my face, but it's no big deal. I think my face it still spending time to get rid of all the acne that was just under the surface. It's also only been a little over a week since I've switched makeup and my previous makeup created months of irritation so I can't expect that to change overnight. All in all, I'm still feeling really positive about the new regimen. I actually really enjoy doing it at night and in the morning. It's pretty soothing.

While writing this I'm actually going back and forth from the bathroom cleansing and then waiting for my skin to dry and going back, etc. I just stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself straight on and thought "you know, my acne really isn't that bad". And, it's really not. I need to remember that.

On this week

Pros: I'm really liking my new Prescriptives makeup. The liquid foundation feels light and the bronzer gives me some nice liveliness/color. Also, using a brush to apply my foundation is really a revelation in how I do my makeup. It feels so much cleaner. I've been washing my brush after each application too, which makes me feel even better about the cleanliness factor.

Again, my skin is so moist! It's really wonderful, seeing as I've always struggled with a dry-er face. I'm actually so moisturized that these days I'm real shiny. This might be because sometimes I can't wait for the moisturizer to dry completely before I start putting on my makeup. My boyfriend has noted a couple times this week that my skin is "glowing". He is really taken aback by it, which I find really sweet. So much for going for a matte look then, right? Hehe

Cons: I failed to work out at all this week! What the hell. My boyfriend and I gorged on shitty food this weekend. Actually, we do this just about every weekend. He eats like an absolute health god on the weekdays (along with working out 5 days a week...damn does it show :cool:) and so he allows himself the weekend to drink and eat to his heart's bliss. I do this right smack along with him, which I would feel fine about just as long as I put in the hours and the great food during the week. Mind you, I do eat pretty fucking well compared to others, but I'd still like to be eating even better. Also, I need to get more sleep!

PS. To counter what I just wrote.. Today I ran 3 miles (2 of which were barefoot) and I bought the Vibram FiveFingers that I'll be testing out for the first time tomorrow. I'm really excited about strengthening my feet and running as close to barefoot as I can in an urban environment. I should note that the 2 miles in barefoot I ran today were on the treadmill!

Maybe I should start blogging about my food&exercise as well since that is such a key part of healthy skin.

until next time.. :turtle:



So, today is day 4 of my new acne regimen. I started on Sunday, August 23rd after receiving all of Dan's supplies (Cleanser, BP, Moisturizer, AHA+, Jojoba Oil). I decided to go all out and buy all of his recommended products for the full-on experience. So far, I am pleasantly surprised. I know it's only day 4 and my skin probably hasn't become accustomed to the new regimen, and i tend to get really excited about new skin-clearing attempts, but really.

Thoughts so far: I've used BP before and it's made my skin VERY dry and peely. Right now my skin is nothing of the sort. I use the moisturizer and jojoba oil at night. I really think it's doing wonders. I wake up dewy and my skin seems very moisturized throughout the day after doing my morning regimen as well.

- I've been pleasantly surprised by the fact that I have not had any new pimples form since I started on this new regimen. Well, my problem area (this includes that area around my mouth: lower cheeks, chin) have kind of worsened, but in a getting-all-the-gunk-out-now sort of way. So, that doesn't really concern me. Usually, I'll come to find a new pimple daily, but nothing.

Another huge effect I think is the fact that I just (as of Monday) switched makeup. Previously I was using Neutrogena Skin-Clearing liquid foundation. I honestly think this has been the cause of most of my acne within the past few months. The active acne-fighting ingredient is Salicylic Acid, which I really feel was just irritating my skin. I have now switched to Prescriptives makeup. I actually ended up spending a whopping $140 at the Prescriptives in Carsons because the woman spent about 30 minutes with me and quite truly sold me. I also had done a lot of research online about Prescriptives and the fact that a lot of their makeup is oil-free and non-comedogenic really did me in. All in all I bought their All Mineral Liquid Foundation, bronzer, their Magic Illuminating Cream (I'll only wear that for special occasions), and a foundation brush. So far, I am quite pleased with the coverage.

I'm feeling pretty good about how this is all working out at the moment.

stay tuned...:cool:

Oh. and one more thing. I'm really trying to be exact as possible with the regimen. I think this whole idea of being very gentle to my skin is somewhat of a revelation for me. It makes a lot of sense and I've heard it said before, but I've never really processed it in the same way. I was told not to be rough on my skin but then I would go home and rub like hell when I washed my face and mutilate it pimple popping. Almost like I needed to take myself out on myself to maybe make myself feel better? I'm not quite sure. But applying BP and moisturizer so lightly that you can hardly see the skin move under my hands (as shown in Dan's tutorial video) is really relaxing and makes me feel good about myself. Silly, I know. It forces me to pay attention to the redness and bumps with care. Good thing.

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