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It's almost been a month since I started my medication. My skin is improving and the constant oiliness that I experienced for most of my life is completely gone. The scars are healing well and combined with the continuance of my Obagi treatment, my complexion is looking great!

So far so good.


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Claravis - Day 11

Day 11 and I'm starting to experience some dryness except for my nose and very dry lips. All the acne is calm and the cyst I had a few days ago has gone down. No moods, just a bit tired.

All is well.

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Day 7 - Claravis

My skin is still oily - not as bad though. I did have a cyst come up on my chin today. However all the other acne seems to be calming down. One thing I did note today was the need for lip balm. My lips are constantly chapped and peeling. I have been working out regularly and have not experienced the body aches I was forewarned about.

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Day 6 - Claravis

Today my skin seemed more oily than usual. When is this drying and lip chapping supposed to begin? I have broken out with a few pimples. I've had very slight headaches. Nothing extreme.

Hoping for the magic to begin.

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Day 1 - Claravis

Hi -

I am a 43 year old woman who has had acne for years. My teenage years were acne filled. It affected my self confidence and self esteem. Although I got over most of that when older - whenever I got a bad breakout - it didn't matter how smart or successful I was at my job - I felt like an ugly duckling.

I tried it all and my dermatologist felt that with my age, and I'm empty-nesting with no intention of having more children that Accutane (Claravis) would be a good try.

I've read blogs and peoples experiences that have made me comfortable to try this treatment. So - I thought I'd share my experience as well.

My doctor had me on the Obagi treatment for one my prior to Claravis. It had great results but not without a lot of peeling, pain and itchiness. The scars have lightened but the acne prevailed.

So here I am Day 1 on Claravis. Nothing sensational other than at the start of the day I had that tight feeling of when you wash your face but the tightness lasted longer than usual. I didn't oil up as much - but by the end of the day I was close to the shine that I'm used to experiencing.

I saw that my urine was dark. I'll have to ask the doctor about that.

Stay tuned.


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