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2 weeks b4 i start accutan

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starting accutane.

september 14 i go back to the doctor to get my prescription for accutane. yaayy! Ive done alot of research here lately on this oh so powerful drug. Ive suffered from acne for about 5 years now, and ive let it hold me back in so many situations. I can not wait until i start the treatment and start my new journey with clear skin. I dont like to look at people when i talk to them, go out in the day time, be out to long. Just starting college and still feel like im in highschool because im doing exactly what i did there and be lonely and sad looking. which im really not but i dont want to meet new people because i dont want them to look at my acne!! ugh acne is soo frustrating! any advice for when i start please let me know. imma just keep my head up but i know its going to be ruff in the beginning. :cool:

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