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The new 'new plan'

Heh, okay, in my very first entry Elaine wrote a comment, and I contacted her. She said that dairy maybe could be the cause I have bad skin. So I stopped drinking milk in some days, but seriously... I can't live without milk.. I love it :turtle: So instead.... I've made a plan for the 5 days... NO SWEETS, COOKIES, ICECREAM ETC. AT ALL!! But but but... I've allowed myself to eat at little bit, when I'm hanging out with my friends :cool: . Just a little bit

Besides hoping it'll give me better skin, I hope I'll also lose some pounds xP

By the way, Elaine also told me, that I should check my products for something called sodium laureth sulfate (i think) because it could make my skin worse. The soap I used contains sls, and since I'm not using it any more, I think I can see a little improvement :silenced:


New plan

Okay, if you have read my last blog entry, you know that I was thinking about asking my parents about going on accutane (or now you know :cool: ). But after I wrote that, I started searching for information about accutane, and I realized that Accutane wasn't something I should try.So now, I'm back to where I started... Maybe I should just pick all my spots, and live with the ugly scars I'll get. Because on my cheeks, I have these ugly things, that just won't go away!!! They have been there for about 2 years, so I think that they won't come back.Anyway, enough about acne...I just got my new cellphone today!!It's the new Sony Ericsson w715 (google it, it's the grey one)Isn't it just... BEAUTIFUL?I'm sooo happy, because I was sooo tired of my old ugly phone, a Samgsung e370 (google it too)Isn't it just... UGLY?!Lol, on my old phone, I could only have 7-8 songs, but now I have 8gb!


So, this is who I am

Okay, my first entry in this blog. Hopefully I won't let it die, but keep posting when new things happen in my life.

First of all, my name is Mille, i'm 15 and from Denmark. The last years, I've felt ugly almost everyday. I'm soooo tired of it, so now I have decided to something... You know, just something, instead of sitting and feel bad about myself.

In the beginning of this year, I went to a skin doctor for the first time. I was really sceptical of the things she gave me.... And of course, it didn't work. After using it for a month, I stopped, and went back to Basiron. At least, that keeps the big pimples away... She did suggest accutane, but after reading the folder I got, I was sure I didn't want to try it, and my parents were really glad I didn't...

But now, I keep getting more and more days, where I'm so depressed because of my skin (i have alot of ugly spots on my cheeks, that have been there for 2 years or something!) Just looking at my friends great skin, makes me angry - it's so unfair! I want to feel beautiful like them!

Therefore, I have decided to have a talk with my parents to night, about getting a new skin doctor and try accutane. Wish me luck :cool:

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